The Booker nominations and winners 1969-2013 (273 titles)

I've read or listened to these 137

Iris Murdoch The Nice and the Good nom 1969 2014 Riveting
J. G. Farrell Troubles won 1970 2014 Simply amazing
Shirley Hazzard The Bay of Noon nom 1970 2010 A woman falls in love with a city. Beautiful.
Elizabeth Taylor Mrs Palfry at the Claremont nom 1971 2013 Compelling look at old age
David Storey Pasmore nom 1972 2007 an intense look at one man's dissolution. creepy!
Beryl Bainbridge The Dressmaker nom 1973 2005 interesting characters, but this book not as good as her later efforts.
Beryl Bainbridge The Bottle Factory Outing nom 1974 2005 wonderfully written, funny and moving
Ruth Prawer Jhabvala Heat and Dust won 1975 2011 Interesting story but with a weak ending.
Brian Moore The Doctor's Wife nom 1976 2005 sad, but well written and enjoyable
Penelope Fitzgerald The Bookshop nom 1978 2007 short, sad and sweet
Jane Gardam God on the Rocks nom 1978 2012 An interesting, complicated little jewell
Penelope Fitzgerald Offshore won 1979 2007 funny and interesting
V.S. Naipul A Bend in the River nom 1979 2008 interesting but off-putting
Fay Weldon Praxis nom 1979 2013 angry but engaging
J.L. Carr A Month in the Country nom 1980 2011 a perfect gem of a book
Alice Munro The Beggar Maid nom 1980 2012 masterful
Ian McEwan The Comfort of Strangers nom 1981 2005 creepy. disturbing. awful.
Muriel Spark Loitering With Intent nom 1981 2005 barely interesting. too light.
D. M. Thomas The White Hotel nom 1981 2013 somewhat amazing
Thomas Keneally Schindler's Ark won 1982 2005 rivetting. A must read.
Peter Carey Illywhacker nom 1982 2008 Just silly. not worth it
Graham Swift Waterland nom 1983 1990 pretty good
Anita Brookner Hotel du Lac won 1984 2003 enjoyed it
Penelope Lively According to Mark nom 1984 2005 great characters!
J. G. Ballard Empire of the Sun nom 1984 2005 almost a young adult book
Kinglsey Amis The Old Devils won 1986 2013 not bac, not good
Penelope Lively Moon Tiger won 1987 2004 Absolutely fascinating. Very well written
Bruce Chatwin Utz nom 1988 2012 Brief and Enjoyable
Kazuo Ishiguro The Remains of the Day won 1989 2014 Thoroughly enjoyable
A. S. Byatt Possession won 1990 1991 loved it
Beryl Bainbridge An Awfully Big Adventure nom 1990 2003 liked it alot
Mordecai Richler Solomon Gursky was Here nom 1990 2011A real mess
Ben Okri The Famished Road won 1991 2012Tough but worth it
Martin Amis Time's Arrow nom 1991 1992 disappointing. His worst, in my opinion
Roddy DoyleThe Vannom 1991 2009 A joy to read
Barrt UnsworthSacred Hungerco-won 1992 2009 Liked it alot
Michael OndaatjeThe English Patientco-won 1992 2010 a slog
Ian McEwanBlack Dogsnom 19922014short but still too long
Roddy DoylePaddy Clark Ha Ha Hawon 1993 2009 Disappointing
James Kelman How Late it Was, How Late won 1994 2005 A wild post-modern ride
Pat Barker The Ghost Road won 1995 2005 Intense and gut-wrenching
Barry Unsworth Morality Play nom 1995 2005 A delightful read
Salmon Rushdie The Moor's Last Sight nom 1995 2013 more irritating than enjoyable
Graham Swift Last Orders won 1996 2004 Very Moving
Beryl Bainbridge Every Man For Himself nom 1996 2005 Very Entertaining
Arundhati Roy The God of Small Things won 1997 2006 Brilliant work of art
Mick Jackson The Underground Man nom 1997 2013 Weird and unsatisfying
Tim Parks Europa nom 1997 2010 Readable but not edifying
Bernard MacLaverty Grace Notes nom 1997 2010 very well written and interesting
Jim Crace Quarantine nom 1997 2014 a somber tale of Christ's 40 days in the desert
Ian McEwan Amsterdam won 1998 2003 liked it alot
Patrick McCabe Breakfast on Pluto nom 1998 2005 Painful and Disgusting
Magnus Mills The Restraint of Beasts nom 19982008 Slightly Kafkaesque
Julian Barnes Englnd, England nom 19982008 dissapointing
J.M Coetzee Disgrace won 1999 2005 Well written but depressing
Margaret Atwood The Blind Assassin won 2000 2004 well written but not to my taste
Michael Collins The Keepers of Truth nom 2000 2003 liked it very much
Kazuo Ishiguro When We Were Orphans nom 2000 2005 a disappointment
Peter Carey True History of the Kelly Gang won 2001 2004 Interesting but not great
Ian McEwan Atonement nom 2001 2003 very much enjoyed it
David Mitchell number9dream nom 2001 2004 liked it alot
Rachel Seiffert The Dark Roomnom 2001 2011 stark and compelling
Andrew Miller Oxygennom 2001 2012 moderately moving
Ali Smith Hotel Worldnom 2001 2013 unexpectedly delightful
Yann Martel Life of Pi won 2002 2004 Absolutely loved it!
Rohinton Mistry Family Matters nom 2002 2004 A Dickens like fun read
William Trevor The Story of Lucy Gault nom 2002 2005 enjoyable. Recalls Thomass Hardy
Carol Shields Unless nom 2002 2005 well written and very moving
Sarah Waters Fingersmith nom 2002 2010 a thrilling page turner
Tim Winton Dirt Music nom 2002 2010interesting but somber
DBC Pierre Vernon God Little won 2003 2004 It was somewhat good
Zoe Heller Notes on a Scandal nom 2003 2004 Well written but repulsive
Margaret Atwood Oryx and Crake nom 2003 2004 very well written but severely depressing
Monica Ali Brick Lane nom 2003 2004 mildly enjoyed it
Damon Galgut The Good Doctor nom 2003 2004 It was fairly good
Clare Morrall Astonishing Splashes of Colour nom 2003 2005 I enjoyed it
Alan Hollinghurst The Line of Beauty won 2004 2005 Interesting but not great. Very gross
David Mitchell Cloud Atlas nom 2004 2004 It was outstanding!
Colm Toibin The Master nom 2004 2004 A real snoozer
Achmat Dangor Bitter Fruit nom 2004 2005 A very good read
Gerard Woodward I'll Go To Bed at Noon nom 2004 2005 not bad
Sarah Hall The Electric Michaelangelo nom 2004 2005 interesting writing style
John Banville The Sea won 2005 2005 well written and short
Kazuo Ishiguro Never Let Me Go nom 2005 2005 subtly fascinating
Zadie Smith On Beauty nom 2005 2005 absolutely delightful
Sebastian Barry A Long Long Way nom 2005 2005 very moving
Julian Barnes Arthur & George nom 2005 2006 fascinating
Ali Smith The Accidental nom 2005 2006 a near miss
Kiran DesaiThe Inheritance of Losswon 20062006unsatisfying
Sarah WatersThe Night Watchnom 20062006interesting
Edward St AubynMother's Milknom 20062006very entertaining
M.J. HylandCarry Me Downnom 20062006enjoyed it thorougly
Kate GrenvilleThe Secret Rivernom 20062006extremely educational
Hisham MatarIn the Country of Mennom 20062007emotionally involving
Anne EnrightThe Gatheringwon 20072007well written but not enlightening
Ian McEwanOn Chesil Beachnom 20072007nasty and short
Lloyd JonesMister Pipnom 20072007remarkable achievement
Moshim HamidThe Reluctant Fundamentalistnom 20072007not especially good
Nicola BarkerDarkmansnom 20072008a wonderful wild ride
Indra SinhaAnimal's Peoplenom 20072008moving
Aravind AdigaThe White Tigerwon 20082008a strong social indictment
Steve ToltzA Fraction of the Wholenom 20082008not good
Sebastian BarryThe Secret Scripturenom 20082008well written and moving
Amitav GhoshSea of Poppiesnom 20082009Wonderful
Linda GrantThe Clothes on Their Backsnom 20082009Enjoyable
Philip HensherThe Northern Clemencynom 20082009Nothing special
Hilary MantelWolf Hallwon 20092009very educational
Sarah WatersThe Little Strangernom 20092009Creepy ghost story
J. M. CoetzeeSummertimenom 20092010Pretty good
A. S. ByattThe Children's Booknom 20092010Wise and Wonderful
Simon MawerThe Glass Roomnom 20092010Almost excellent
Adam FouldsThe Quickening Mazenom 20092010Very sad
Howard JacobsonThe Finkler Questionwon 20102010Enjoyable
Andrea LevyThe Long Songnom 20102010Entertaining
Peter CareyParrot and Olivier in Americanom 20102010Mildly Amusing
Tom McCarthyCnom 20102010Pynchonesque, but not enough so
Emma DonoghueRoomnom 20102010Intense first half
Damon GalgutIn a Strange Roomnom 20102010Powerful and absorbing
Julian BarnesThe Sense of an Endingwon 20112011Literary and well written
Carol BirchJamrach's Menagerienom 20112011A very good read
A.D. MillerSnowdropsnom 20112011Quick and OK
Stephen KelmanPidgeon Englishnom 20112011Good book with a bad ending
Patrick DeWittThe Sisters Brothersnom 20112011Thoroughly satisfying
Esi EdugyanHalf-Blood Bluesnom 20112012Disappointing
Hilary MantelBring up the Bodieswon 20122012Fascinating continuation to Henry VIII story
Tan Twan EngThe Garden of Evening Mistsnom 20122012meditative history lesson
Deborah LevySwimming Homenom 20122013a quick read, not too bad
Alison MooreThe Lighthousenom 20122013abstraactly interesting
Jeet ThayilNarcopolisnom 20122012unreadable
Will SelfUmbrellanom 20122013unreadable
Eleanor CattonThe Luminarieswon 20132013a long interesting tale
Colm ToibinThe Testament of Marynom 20132013mercifully short
NoViolet BulawayoWe Need New Namesnom 20132013brutally frank
Ruth OzekiA Tale for the Time Beingnom 20132013interesting but somewhat slow going
Jim CraceHarvestnom 20132013a morality tale from the middle ages
Jhumpa LahiriThe Lowlandnom 20132013well written and moving
Karen Joy FowlerWe Are All Completely Beside Ourselvesnom 20142014compelling

Personal Preference Ranking of the Booker Winners I've Read:

 1 Yann Martel          Life of Pi                     2002
 2 Arundhati Roy        The God of Small Things        1997
 3 A. S. Byatt          Possession                     1990
 4 J. G. Farrell        Troubles                       1970
 5 Penelope Lively      Moon Tiger                     1987
 6 Thomas Keneally      Schindler's Ark                1982
 7 Hilary Mantel        Bring up the Bodies            2012
 8 Ian McEwan           Amsterdam                      1998
 8 Kazuo Ishiguro       The Remains of the Day         1989
 9 Pat Barker           The Ghost Road                 1995
10 Barry Unsworth       Sacred Hunger                  1992
11 Graham Swift         Last Orders                    1996
12 Eleanor Catton       The Lumiaries                  2013
13 Hilary Mantel        Wolf Hall                      2009
14 Julian Barnes        The Sense of an Ending         2011
15 Kiran Desai          The Inheritance of Loss        2006
17 Aravind Adiga        The White Tiger                2008
18 James Kelman         How Late It Was, How Late      1994
19 Howard Jacobson      The Finkler Question           2010
10 Roddy Doyle          Paddy Clark Ha Ha Ha           1993
11 Anne Enright         The Gathering                  2007
12 Penelope Fitzgerald  Offshore                       1979
23 Margaret Atwood      The Blind Assassin             2000
24 Anita Brookner       Hotel du Lac                   1984
25 Ruth Prawer Jhabvala Heat and Dust                  1975
26 John Banville        The Sea                        2005
27 Michael Ondaatje     The English Patient            1992
28 Kingsley Amis        The Old Devils.                1986
29 Ben Okri,            The Famished Road              1991
20 DBC Pierre           Vernon God Little              2003
31 J.M Coetzee          Disgrace                       1999
32 Peter Carey          True History of the Kelly Gang 2001
33 Alan Hollinghurst    The Line of Beauty             2004

I have a copy of these 94

Muriel Spark, The Public Image. nominated in 1969
Iris Murdoch, Bruno's Dream. Nominated in 1970
Mary Renault, Fire From Heaven. nominated in 1970
Nina Bawden, The Birds on the Trees. nominated in 1970
Muriel Spark, The Driver's Seat. nominated in 1970
Patrick White, The Vivisector. nominated in 1970
Doris Lessing, Briefing for a Descent into Hell. nominated in 1971
Mordecai Richler, St. Urbain's Horseman. nominated in 1971
V. S. Naipaul,In a Free State. won in 1971
Derek Robinson, Goshawk Squadron. nominated in 1971
Susan Hill, Bird of Night. nominated in 1972
Thomas Keneally, The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith. nominated in 1972
John Berger, G. won in 1972
J. G. Farrell, The Siege of Krishnapur. won in 1973
Iris Murdoch, The Black Prince. nominated in 1973
C.P. Snow, In Their Wisdom, nominated in 1974
Nadine Gordimer, The Conservationist co-won in 1974
Thomas Keneally, Gossip from the Forest. nominated in 1975
William Trevor, The Children of Dynmouth. nominated in 1976
David Storey, Saville. won in 1976
Paul Scott, Staying On. won in 1977
Barbara Pym, Quartet in Autumn. nominated in 1977
Penelope Lively, The Road to Lichfield. nominated in 1977
Kingsley Amis, Jake's Thing. nominated in 1978
Andre Brink, Rumours of Rain. nominated in 1978
Iris Murdoch, The Sea, The Sea. won in 1978
Thomas Keneally, Confederates. nominated in 1979
Anita Desai, Clear Light of Day. nominated in 1980
Anthony Burgess, Earthly Powers. nominated in 1980
William Golding, Rites of Passage. won in 1980
Julia O' Faolain, No Country for Young Men.nominated in 1980
Doris Lessing, The Sirian Experiments. nominated in 1981
Molly Keane, Good Behaviour. nominated in 1981
Salman Rushdie, Midnight's Children. won in 1981
Anne Schlee, Rhine Journey. nominated in 1981
Lawrence Durrell, Constance or Solitary Practices. nominated in 1982
Timothy Mo, Sour Sweet. nominated in 1982
J. M. Coetzee, Life and Times of Michael K. won in 1983
Malcolm Bradbury, Rates of Exchange. nominated in 1983
Anita Mason, The Illusionist. nominated in 1983
Salman Rushdie, Shame, nominated in 1983
Anita Desai, In Custody, nominated in 1984
Julian Barnes, Flaubert's Parrot. nominated in 1984
David Lodge, Small World. nominated in 1984
Keri Hulme, The Bone People won in 1985
Doris Lessing, The Good Terrorist. nominated in 1985
Iris Murdoch, The Good Apprentice. nominated in 1985
Robertson Davies, What's Bred in the Bone. nominated in 1986
Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid's Tale. nominated in 1986
Kazuo Ishiguro, An Artist of the Floating World. nominated in 1986
Timothy Mo, An Insular Possession. nominated in 1986
Paul Bailey, Gabriel's Lament. nominated in 1986
Brian Moore, The Colour of Blood. nominated in 1987
Chinua Achebe, Anthills of the Savannah. nominated in 1987
Peter Ackroyd, Chatterton. nominated in 1987
Iris Murdoch, The Book and the Brotherhood. nominated in 1987
Nina Bawden, Circles of Deceit. nominated in 1987
Peter Carey, Oscar and Lucinda. won in 1988
David Lodge, Nice Work. nominated in 1988
Penelope Fitzgerald. The Beginning of Spring. nominated in 1988
Salman Rushdie, The Satanic Verses. nominated in 1988
Rose Tremain, Restoration. nominated in 1989
John Banville, The Book of Evidence. nominated in 1989
Margaret Atwood, Cat's Eye. nominated in 1989
James Kelman, A Disaffection. nominated in 1989.
Brian Moore, Lies of Silence. nominated in 1990
Penelope Fitzgerald, The Gate of Angels. nominated in 1990
Timothy Mo, The Redundancy of Courage. nominated in 1991
William Trevor, Reading Turgenev (from Two Lives). nominated in 1991
Rohinton Mistry, Such a Long Journey. nominated in 1991
Michele Roberts, Daughters of the House. nominated in 1992
Patrick McCabe, The Butcher Boy, nominated in 1992
Christopher Hope, Serenity House, nominated in 1992
David Malouf, Remembering Babylon. nominated in 1993
Tibor Fischer, Under the Frog. nominated in 1993
Carol Shields, The Stone Diaries. nominated in 1993
Michael Ignatieff, Scar Tissue. nominated in 1993
Caryl Phillips, Crossing the River. nominated in 1993
Alan Hollinghurst, The Folding Star. nominated in 1994
Jill Paton Walsh, Knowledge of Angels. nominated in 1994
Tim Winton, The Riders. nominated in 1995
Rohinton Mistry, A Fine Balance. nominated in 1996
Margaret Atwood, Alias Grace. nominated in 1996
Shena Mackay, The Orchard on Fire. nominated in 1996
Seamus Deane. Reading in the Dark. nominated in 1996
Madeleine StJohn, The Essence of the Thing. nominated in 1997
Beryl Bainbridge, Master Georgie. nominated in 1998
Martin Booth, The Industry of Souls. nominated in 1998
Ahdaf Soueif, The Map of Love. nominated in 1999
Michael Frayn, Headlong. nominated in 1999
Colm Toibin, The Blackwater Lightship. nominated in 1999
Anita Desai, Fasting, Feasting. nominated in 1999
Trezza Azzopardi, The Hiding Place. nominated in 2000
Matthew Kneale, English Passengers. nominated in 2000

On the lookout for these 42

Kingsley      Amis       Ending Up                           1974
John          Arden      Silence Among the Weapons           1982
Paul          Bailey     Peter Smart's Confessions           1977
A. L.         Barker     John Brown's Body                   1970
Sybille       Bedford    Jigsaw - an Unsentimental Education 1989
Caroline      Blackwood  Great Granny Webster                1977
Elizabeth     Bowen      Eva Trout                           1970
William       Boyd       An Ice-Cream War                    1982
Andre         Brink      An Instant in the Wind              1976
George MacKay Brown      Beside the Ocean of Time            1994
J. L.         Carr       The Battle of Pollocks Crossing     1985
Justin        Cartwright In Every face I Meet                1995
Alice Thomas  Ellis      The 27th Kingdom                    1982
Barry         England    Figures in a Landscape              1969
John          Fuller     Flying to Nowhere                   1983
Romesh        Gunesekera Reef                                1994
Abdulrazak    Gurnah     Paradise                            1994
R. C.         Hutchinson Rising                              1976
Jennifer      Johnston   Shadows on Our Skin                 1977
Thomas        Kilroy     The Big Chapel                      1971
Elizabeth     Mavor      The Green Equinox                   1973
John          McGahern   Amongst Women                       1990
Stanley       Middleton  Holiday                             1974 cw
Jan           Morris     Last Letters from Hav               1985
Nicholas      Mosley     Impossible Object                   1969
P. H.         Newby      Something to Answer For             1969  w
Brian         O'Doherty  The Deposition of Father McGreevy   2000
Andrew        O'Hagan    Our Fathers                         1999
Julian        Rathbone   Joseph                              1979
Julian        Rathbone   King Fisher Lives                   1976
Bernice       Rubens     A Five Year Sentence                1978
Bernice       Rubens     The Elected Member                  1970  w
William       Trevor     Mrs Eckdorf in O'Neill's Hotel      1970
Barry         Unsworth   Pascali's Island                    1980
Marina        Warner     The Lost Father                     1988
T. W.         Wheeler    The Conjunction                     1970
G. M.         Williams   From Scenes Like These              1969
Joshua        Ferris     To Rise Again at a Decent Hour      2014
Richard       Flanagan   The Narrow Road to the Deep North   2014
Neel          Mukherjee  The Lives of Others                 2014
Ali           Smith      How to be Both                      2014
Howard        Jacobson   J                                   2014

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