As of May 28, 2019. 3334 albums (not listed below: 844 classical albums)

Rock/Pop (872)

                       10,000 Maniacs                      Blind Man's Zoo                                    Elektra               960815-1
                       10,000 Maniacs                      In My Tribe                                        Elektra               960738-1
                       10,000 Maniacs                      The Wishing Chair                                  Elektra               60428-1
                       A-ha                                Hunting High and low                               Warner Bros           25300-1
                       ABBA                                Arrival                                            Atlantic              SD18027
                       ABBA                                Super Trouper                                      Atlantic              SD16023
                       ABBA                                The Album                                          Atlantic              SD19164
                       ABBA                                The Magic of Abba                                  K-Tel                 NU1510
                       ABBA                                Voulez-Vouser                                      Atlantic              SD16000
                       ABBA                                The Singles the first ten years (2 record set)     Atlantic              80036-1-G
                       ABBA                                The Visitors                                       Atlantic              SD19332
                       ABBA                                Greatest Hits                                      Atlantic              SD18189
                       ABC                                 How to be a Zillionaire                            Mercury               824 904
Bryan                  Adams                               Into the Fire                                      A&M                   SP3907
                       Aerosmith                           Toys In the Attic                                  Columbia              PC33479
The                    Alan Parsons Project                Eye in the Sky                                     Ariola                204666
Greg                   Allman                              Laid Back                                          Capricorn             CP0116
The                    Allman Brothers                     Brothers and Sisters                               Capricorn             CP0111
The                    Allman Brothers                     Brothers of the Road                               Arista                AL9564
The                    Allman Brothers                     Idlewild South                                     ATCO                  SD33-342
The                    Allman Brothers                     Win Lose or Draw                                   Capricorn             CP0156
The                    Allman Brothers                     Wipe the Windows Check the Oil (2 Record set)      Capricorn             2CX0177
The                    Allman Brothers                     At Fillmore East (2 record set)                    Capricorn             2CX0131
The                    Allman Brothers                     Beginnings (2 record set)                          Capricorn             2CX0132
The                    Allman Brothers                     Allman Joys Early Allman                           Diali                 DL6005
                       America                             America                                            Warner Bros           2576
The                    Animals                             Best of                                            ABKCO                 AB4324
The                    Animals                             Best of Vol. II                                    Polydor               422-827916
The                    Animals                             The Animals                                        MGM                   E/SE 4264
The                    Animals                             The Most of                                        Music for Pleasure    MFP5218
The                    Animals                             Winds of Change (2 record set)                     MGM                   SE-4484
The                    Animals                             Animalization                                      MGM                   E43844
The                    Animals                             The Twain Shall Meet                               MGM                   SE4537
The                    Animals                             Animalism                                          MGM                   E4414
                       Asia                                Alpha                                              Geffen                GHS4008
                       Asleep At the Wheel                 Served Live                                        Capitol               ST-11945
The                    Association                         and then along comes                               Valiant               VLS25002
The                    Association                         Birthday                                           Warner Bros           1733
The                    Association                         Insight Out                                        Warner Bros           1696
The                    Association                         Rennaissance                                       Valiant               VLS25004
                       Atlanta Rhythm Section              A Rock and Roll alternative                        Polydor               PD-1-6080
The                    B-52s                               Cosmic Thing                                       Reprise               1-25854
                       Bachman-Turner Overdrive            Bachman-Turner Overdrive                           Mercury               SRM-1-673
                       Bananarama                          Bananarama                                         Polygram              422-820036
The                    Band                                Cahoots                                            Capitol               SMAS651
The                    Band                                Northern Lights - Southern Cross                   Capitol               ST11440
The                    Band                                Stage Fright                                       Capitol               SW-425
The                    Band                                The Last Waltz (3 record set)                      Warner Bros           3WS3146
The                    Band                                Music From Big Pink                                Capitol               SKAO2965
The                    Bangles                             All Over the Place                                 Columbia              BFC39220
The                    Bangles                             Different Light                                    Columbia              AL40039
The                    Bachelors                           Presenting: the Bachelors                          London                LL3353
The                    Beach Boys                          All Summer Long                                    Capitol               T2110
The                    Beach Boys                          Best of                                            Capitol               R123946
The                    Beach Boys                          Endless Summer                                     Capitol               SVBB-11307
The                    Beach Boys                          Friends                                            Reprise               2MS2167
The                    Beach Boys                          Little Deuce Coupe                                 Pickwick              SPC-3562
The                    Beach Boys                          M.I.U. Album                                       Reprise               MSK2268
The                    Beach Boys                          Summer Days (and summer nights!)                   Capitol               T2354
The                    Beach Boys                          Surfin' Safari                                     Capitol               ST1808
The                    Beach Boys                          Surfin' USA                                        Capitol               ST1890
The                    Beach Boys                          Christmas Album                                    Capitol               SM2164
The                    Beach Boys                          Surfer Girl                                        Pickwick              SPC-3351
The                    Beach Boys                          Pet Sounds                                         Capitol               T2458
The                    Beach Boys                          Light Album                                        Caribou               JZ35752
The                    Beach Boys                          Good Vibrations                                    Capitol               ST44246
The                    Beach Boys                          Concert                                            Capitol               STAO2198
The                    Beach Boys                          Surfer Girl                                        Capitol               SM1981
The                    Beatles                             1962-1966 (record two of a 2 record set)           Apple                 SKBO3403
The                    Beatles                             Abbey Road                                         Apple                 SO-383
The                    Beatles                             Again                                              Apple                 SW-385
The                    Beatles                             Beatles '65                                        Capitol               T2228
The                    Beatles                             Beatles VI                                         Capitol               T2358
The                    Beatles                             Help                                               Capitol               SMAS2386
The                    Beatles                             Introducing the Beatles (no jacket)                VJ                    VJLP1062
The                    Beatles                             Rubber Soul                                        Capitol               T2442
The                    Beatles                             Second Album                                       Capitol               T2080
The                    Beatles                             Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band                Capitol               SMAS2653
The                    Beatles                             Something New                                      Capitol               T2108
The                    Beatles                             Songs Pictures and Stories                         VJ                    VJLP1062
The                    Beatles                             The Beatles/1967-1970 (2 record set)               Apple                 SKRO3404
The                    Beatles                             Meet the Beatles                                   Capitol               ST2047
The                    Beatles                             Yesterday and Today                                Capitol               T2553
The                    Beatles / Frank Ifield              Jolly What!                                        Vee Jay               VJLP1085
The                    Beau Brummels                       Introducing                                        Autumn                103
The                    Beau Brummels                       Sing                                               Post                  6000
Jeff                   Beck                                Jeff Beck Tim Bogert Carmine Appice                Epic                  KE32140
Jeff                   Beck                                Truth / Beck-ola (2 record set)                    Epic                  BG33779
Jeff                   Beck                                Wired                                              Epic                  PE33849
Jeff                   Beck                                Flash                                              Epic                  FE39483
Jeff                   Beck Group                          Rough and Ready                                    Epic                  KE30973
Jeff                   Beck Group                          Jeff Beck Group                                    Epic                  KE31331
The                    Bee Gees                            Children of the World                              RSO                   RSI3003
The                    Bee Gees                            Best of                                            RSO                   SO874
Pat                    Benetar                             Crimes of Passion                                  Chrysalis             CHR1275
Pat                    Benetar                             Get Nervous                                        Chrysalis             CHR1396
Pat                    Benetar                             Precious Time                                      Chrysalis             CHR1346
Pat                    Benetar                             Seven the Hard Way                                 Chrysalis             OV41507
Pat                    Benetar                             Tropico                                            Chrysalis             FV41471
Chuck                  Berry                               After School Session                               Chess                 LP-1426
Chuck                  Berry                               Bio                                                Chess                 CH50043
Chuck                  Berry                               Chuck Berry in London                              Chess                 LP-1495
Chuck                  Berry                               Concerto in B Goode                                Mercury               SR61223
Chuck                  Berry                               Fresh Berry's                                      Chess                 L1498
Chuck                  Berry                               Golden Hits                                        Mercury               SR61103
Chuck                  Berry                               Hail Hail Rock and Roll                            MCA                   6217
Chuck                  Berry                               Johnny B. Goode                                    Pickwick              SPC-3327
Chuck                  Berry                               New Juke Box Hits                                  Chess                 LP-1458
Chuck                  Berry                               One Dozen berrys                                   Chess                 LP-1432
Chuck                  Berry                               Rockin' at the hops                                Chess                 LP-1448
Chuck                  Berry                               St. Louis to Liverpool                             Chess                 LP-1488
Chuck                  Berry                               Chuck Berry and His Friends (3 record set)         Aristocrat            BR-100
Chuck                  Berry                               The London Chuck Berry Sessions                    Chess                 CH60020
                       Big Wheelie and the Hubcaps         Solid Grease!                                      Bandstand             1001
The                    Blazers                             Rock and Roll                                      Harmony               HL7103
                       Blind Faith                         Blind Faith                                        ATCO                  SD33-304B
                       Blondie                             Eat to the Beat                                    Chrysalis             CHE-1225
                       Blondie                             The Best of Blondie                                Chrysalis             CHR-1337
                       Blood, Sweat and Tears              Blood, Sweat and Tears                             Columbia              CS9720
                       Blood, Sweat and Tears              Blood, Sweat and Tears 3                           Columbia              KC30090
                       Blood, Sweat and Tears              Blood, Sweat and Tears 4                           Columbia              KC30590
Mike                   Bloomfield and Al Kooper            Live Adventures (2 record set)                     Columbia              KGP6
                       Bloomfield, Kooper, Stills          Super Session                                      Columbia              CS9701
                       Blue Cheer                          Blue Cheer                                         Philips               PHS600333
                       Blue Cheer                          New! Improved!                                     Philips               PHS600305
                       Bobby & The Midnights               Bobby & The Midnights                              Arista                AL9568
The                    BoDeans                             Looking In                                         Slash                 25629-1
Gary (U.S.)            Bonds                               The Greatest hits of Gary (U.S.)Bonds              Legrand               LLP 3003
U.S.                   Bonds                               Dance Til Quarter to Three                         Legrand               LLP 3001
Karla                  Bonoff                              Karla Bonoff                                       Columbia              JC34672
                       Boston                              Boston                                             Epic                  34188
                       Boston                              Third Stage                                        MCA                   6188
David                  Bowie                               Changesonebowie                                    RCA Victor            AQL1-1732
David                  Bowie                               Let's Dance                                        EMI                   R153730
David                  Bowie                               Never Let Me Down                                  EMI                   PJ-17267
The                    Box Tops                            The Box Tops                                       Bell                  6011-S
Edie                   Brickell & New Bohemians            Shooting Rubber Bands at the Stars                 Geffen                24192
                       Brownsville Station                 A Night on the Town                                Big Tree              BTS2010
                       Buffalo Springfield                 Buffalo Springfield                                ATCO                  SD33-200
                       Buffalo Springfield                 Retrospective The Best of                          ATCO                  SD33-283
Cindy                  Bullens                             Desire Wire                                        United Artists        LA933H
                       Bunky and Jake                      Bunky and Jake                                     Mercury               SR61142
Kate                   Bush                                Hounds of Love                                     EMI                   ST17171
The                    Byrds                               Further Along                                      Columbia              KC31050
The                    Byrds                               Younger than Yesterday                             Columbia              CL2642
J J                    Cale                                Really                                             Shelter               SW6912
Jim                    Capaldi                             Oh How We Danced                                   Island                SW-9314
                       Capitol Regiment Band               Greatest hits of John Philip Sousa                 Stereo Gold Award     GA-17
The                    Captain & Tennille                  Love Will Keep Us Together                         A&M                   SP4552
The                    Carpenters                          A Song For You                                     A&M                   SP3511
The                    Carpenters                          Carpenters                                         A&M                   SP3502
The                    Carpenters                          Passage                                            A&M                   SP4703
The                    Carpenters                          Ticket to Ride                                     A&M                   SP4205
The                    Cars                                Candy-o                                            Elektra               5E-507
The                    Cars                                Door to Door                                       Elektra               E1-60747
The                    Cars                                Heartbeat City                                     Elektra               60296
The                    Cars                                Panorama                                           Elektra               5E414
The                    Cars                                Shake it Up                                        Elektra               5E-567
The                    Cars                                The Cars                                           Elektra               6E-135
                       Chad & Jeremy                       Yesterday's Gone                                   World Artists         WAM2002
Chubby                 Checker                             Let's Twist Again                                  Parkway               P-7004
Chubby                 Checker                             Twist with Chubby Checker                          Parkway               P-7001
Chubby                 Checker                             Your Twist Party                                   Parkway               P-7007
Chubby                 Checker                             For Your Swingin' Dance Party Vol 2                Parkway               P-7003
Chubby                 Checker                             The Change has Come                                MCA                   5291
Tubby                  Chess & Hia Candy Stripe Twisters   Do "The Twist"                                     Grand Prix            K-187
                       Chicago                             Chicago (2 record set)                             Columbia              KGP24
The                    Chiffons                            Sweet Talkin' Guy (in wrong jacket)                Laurie                LLP2036
The                    Chordettes                          Close Harmony                                      Cadence               CLP1002
The                    Chordetttes                         The Chordetttes                                    Cadence               CLP 3001
Lou                    Christie                            Lou Christie Strikes Again                         Roulette              SR-25332
Eric                   Clapton                             461 Ocean Boulevard                                RSO                   SO4801
Eric                   Clapton                             Backless                                           RSO                   RS1-3039
Eric                   Clapton                             Behind the Sun                                     Warner Bros           25166
Eric                   Clapton                             Eric Clapton                                       ATCO                  SD33-329
Eric                   Clapton                             History of Eric Clapton                            ATCO                  SD2-803
Eric                   Clapton                             Just One Night                                     RSO                   RS-2-4202
Eric                   Clapton                             Slowhand                                           RSO                   RS-1-3030
Eric                   Clapton                             There's One in Every Crowd                         RSO                   SO4806
Eric                   Clapton                             Derek & the Dominoes In Concert (2 record set)     RSO                   SO2-8800
Eric                   Clapton                             Another Ticket                                     RSO                   RX-1-3095
Eric                   Clapton                             At His Best (2 record set)                         Polydor               PD3503
Petula                 Clark                               Greatest Hits volume 1                             Warner Bros           WS1765
Petula                 Clark                               These are my Songs                                 Warner Bros           WS1698
Petula                 Clark                               Downtown                                           Warner Bros           1590
Petula                 Clark                               My Love                                            Warner Bros           1630
Petula                 Clark                               I Know a Place                                     Warner Bros           1598
The                    Clash                               Combat Rock                                        Epic                  FE37689
Joe                    Cocker                              Joe Cocker                                         A&M                   SP4368
Joe                    Cocker                              Joe Cocker!                                        A&M                   SP4224
Joe                    Cocker                              Mad Dogs & Englishmen (2 record set)               A&M                   SP6002
                       Coldplay                            Viva La Vida                                       Capitol               50992
Phil                   Collins                             Face Value                                         Atlantic              SD16029
Phil                   Collins                             No Jacket Required                                 Atlantic              7A181240
Ry                     Cooder                              Paris, Texas                                       Warner Bros           25270-1E
                       Country Joe and the Fish            I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die                      Vanguard              VSD79266
                       Country Joe and the Fish            The Life and Times of Country Joe and the Fish     Vanguard              VSD27/28
The                    Cowboy Junkies                      The Trinity Session                                RCA Victor            8568-1-R
Papa John              Creach                              Filthy!                                            Grunt                 FTR1009
                       Cream                               Disraeli Gears                                     ATCO                  SD33-232
                       Cream                               Fresh Cream                                        ATCO                  33-206
                       Cream                               Live Cream                                         ATCO                  SD33-328
                       Cream                               Live Cream Volume II                               ATCO                  SD7005
                       Cream                               The Early Cream                                    Springboard           SPB-4037
                       Creedence Clearwater Revival        Creedence Clearwater Revival                       Fantasy               8382
                       Creedence Clearwater Revival        Bayou Country                                      Fantasy               8387
                       Creedence Clearwater Revival        Chronicle (20 greatest hits; 2 record set)         Fantasy               CCR-2
                       Creedence Clearwater Revival        Cosmo's Factory                                    Fantasy               8402
                       Creedence Clearwater Revival        Green River                                        Fantasy               F-2745
                       Creedence Clearwater Revival        Pendulum                                           Fantasy               8410
                       Creedence Clearwater Revival        Willie and the Poor Boys                           Fantasy               8397
The                    Crew Cuts                           Rock and Roll Bash                                 Mercury               MGW12125
Steve                  Cropper                             Playin' My Thang                                   MCA                   5171
Steve                  Cropper                             With a Little Help From My Friends                 Volt                  VOS6006
David                  Crosby                              If I Could Only Remember my Name                   Atlantic              SD7203
                       Crosby Stills & Nash                Crosby Stills & Nash                               Atlantic              SD8229
                       Crosby Stills & Nash                CSN                                                Atlantic              SD19104
                       Crosby Stills & Nash                Daylight Again                                     Atlantic              SD19360
                       Crosby Stills Nash & Young          So Far                                             Atlantic              SD19119
                       Crosby Stills Nash & Young          4 Way Street                                       Atlantic              SD2-902
The                    Cyrkle                              Neon                                               Columbia              CS9432
The                    Cyrkle                              Red Rubber Ball                                    Columbia              CL2544
The                    Dave Clark Five                     Having a Wild Weekend                              Epic                  LN24162
The                    Dave Clark Five                     Chaquita/In Your Heart                             Cortleigh             1073
The                    Dave Clark Five                     Coast to Coast                                     Epic                  LN24128
The                    Dave Clark Five                     Glad All Over                                      Epic                  LN24093
The                    Dave Clark Five                     Weekend in London                                  Epic                  LN24139
The                    Dave Clark Five                     I Like It Like That                                Epic                  LN24178
The                    Dave Clark Five                     Weekend in London                                  Epic                  BN26139
Joey                   Dee and his Starlighters            Doin' the Twist                                    Roulette              R25166
                       Deep Purple                         The Book of Taliesyn                               Tetragrammaton        T-107
                       Deep Purple                         Who Do We Think We Are                             Warner Bros           BS2678
The                    Del Vikings                         Come Go with the Del Vikings                       Luniverse             LP1000
                       Delaney & Bonnie                    Home                                               Stax                  STS2026
                       Delaney & Bonnie                    Motel Shot                                         ATCO                  SD33-358
                       Delaney & Bonnie                    To Bonnie From Delaney                             ATCO                  SD33-3241
                       Delaney & Bonnie & Friends          On Tour With Eric Clapton                          ATCO                  SD33-326
                       Depeche Mode                        People are People                                  Sire                  25124-1
                       Dexys Midnight Runners              Too-Rye-Ay                                         Mercury               SRM-1-4069
                       Dexys Midnight Runners              Don't Stand Me Down                                Mercury               822989
Bo                     Diddley                             16 All-Time Greatest Hits                          Checker               2989
Bo                     Diddley                             Breaking Through the B.S.                          Triple X              51017
Bo                     Diddley                             Go Bo Diddley                                      Checker               1436
                       Dion and the Belmonts               Presenting Dion and the Belmonts                   Laurie                1002
                       Dion and the Belmonts               A Teenager in Love (3 of 4 record set - no box)    Juke Box              95140
                       Dire Straits                        Alchemy (2 record live set)                        Warner Bros           W1-25085
                       Dire Straits                        Brothers in Arms                                   Warner Bros           235264
                       Dire Straits                        Dire Straits                                       Warner Bros           BSK3266
                       Dire Straits                        Love Over Gold                                     Warner Bros           23728-1
The                    Divinyls                            What a Life!                                       Chrysalis             FV41511
Fats                   Domino                              A Lot of Dominos!                                  Imperial              9127
Fats                   Domino                              Fats Domino                                        Liberty               LWB509958
Fats                   Domino                              Sings Million Record Hits	                      Imperial              12103
Fats                   Domino                              Cookin With Fats (2 record set)                    United Artists        UALA122F2
Fats                   Domino                              Getaway with                                       ABC-Paramount         T-90167
The                    Doors                               Alive She Cried                                    Elektra               60269
The                    Doors                               Strange Days                                       Elektra               EKS-74014
The                    Doors                               LA Woman                                           Elektra               EKS-75011
The                    Doors                               The Doors                                          Elektra               EKS-74007
The                    Doors                               The Soft Parade                                    Elektra               EKS-75005
Lee                    Dorsey                              Ride Your Pony                                     Amy                   8010
The                    Dovells                             All the Hits                                       Parkway               P-7010
The                    Dovells                             Biggest Hits                                       Wyncote               W9114
The                    Drongos                             The Drongos                                        Proteus               001
                       Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show      Doctor Hook                                        Columbia              C30898
Les                    Dudek                               Say no More                                        Columbia              PC34397
The                    Duprees                             You Belong To Me                                   Coed                  LPC905
                       Duran Duran                         Arena                                              Capitol               DD2
                       Duran Duran                         Seven and the Ragged Tiger                         Tritec                ST-12310
Ian                    Dury and the Blockheads             Do It Yourself                                     Epic                  JE36104
                       Dynasty                             Your Piece of the Rock                             RCA                   JD-11540
The                    Eagles                              Hotel California                                   Asylum                6E 103
The                    Eagles                              The Long Run                                       Asylum                5E-508
Sheena                 Easton                              Best Kept Secret                                   EMI                   ST-17101
Duane                  Eddy                                Dance With the Guitar Man                          RCA Victor            LPM-2648
Duane                  Eddy                                Have Twangy Guitar Will Travel                     Jamie                 JPL3000
                       Electric Flag                       A Long Time Comin'                                 Columbia              CS9597
The                    Electric Prunes                     Mass in F minor                                    Reprise               RS6275
The                    Electric Prunes                     The Electric Prunes                                Reprise               R-6248
The                    Electric Prunes                     Underground                                        Reprise               RS6262
Mama Cass              Elliot                              Dream a Little Dream                               Dunhill               DS50040
                       Emerson Lake and Palmer             Trilogy                                            Atlantic              CS-19123
                       Emerson Lake and Palmer             Works (2 record set)                               Atlantic              SD2-7000
                       Emerson Lake and Palmer             Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That…          Manticore             MC3-200
                       Emerson Lake and Palmer             Emerson Lake and Palmer                            Cotillion             SD9040
                       Emerson Lake & Powell               Emerson Lake & Powell                              Polygram              8292971Y1
                       Eon                                 Basket Case (EP)                                   Columbia              74313
Gloria                 Estefan and Miami Sound Machine     Let it Loose!                                      Epic                  OE40769
Gloria                 Estefan and Miami Sound Machine     Primitive Love                                     Epic                  BF40131
                       Eurythmics                          Be Yourself Tonight                                RCA Victor            AJL1-5429
                       Eurythmics                          Savage                                             RCA Victor            6794-1-R
The                    Everly Brothers                     Reunion Concert live at Albert Hall 9/23/1983      Arcade                ADEH129
The                    Everly Brothers                     The Everly Brothers' Best (outer edge broken off)  Cadence               CLP3025
Mariane                Faithful                            Mariane Faithful                                   London                LL3423
Mariane                Faithful                            Go Away From My World                              London                LL3452
Georgie                Fame                                Get Away                                           Imperial              LP9331
Georgie                Fame                                The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde                     Epic                  BN26368
Georgie                Fame                                Yeh Yeh                                            Imperial              LP92982
                       Fat Mattress                        Fat Mattress                                       ATCO                  SD33-309
Climie                 Fisher                              Everything                                         Capitol               C1-90514
The                    Fixx                                Reach the Beach                                    MCA                   5419
The                    Flamingos                           The Flamingos                                      End                   304
                       Fleetwood Mac                       Fleetwood Mac                                      Reprise               MS2226
                       Fleetwood Mac                       Future Games                                       Reprise               RS6465
                       Fleetwood Mac                       Heroes are Hard to Find                            Reprise               MS2196
                       Fleetwood Mac                       Mirage                                             Warner Bros           23607-1
                       Fleetwood Mac                       Mystery to Me                                      Reprise               MS2158
                       Fleetwood Mac                       Penguin                                            Warner Bros           MS2138
                       Fleetwood Mac                       Rumors                                             Warner Bros           BSK3010
                       Fleetwood Mac                       Tango in the Night                                 Warner Bros           25471
                       Fleetwood Mac                       Tusk                                               Warner Bros           2HS3350
                       Fleetwood Mac                       Bare Trees                                         Reprise               MSK2278
The                    Fleetwoods                          The Very Best of                                   United Artists        LA-344-E
                       Foghat                              Energized                                          Bearsville            BR6950
The                    Fools                               Life Sucks Then You Die (12 inch single)           PVC                   3902
Steve                  Forbert                             Jackrabbit Slim                                    Nemperor              36191
                       Foreigner                           Agent Provocateur                                  Atlantic              781999-1
                       Foreigner                           Double Vision                                      Atlantic              SD19999
                       Foreigner                           Foreigner 4                                        Atlantic              SD16999
The                    Four Coins                          In Shangri-la                                      Epic                  LN 3445
The                    Four Seasons                        Story (2 record set)                               Private Stock         PS7000
Peter                  Frampton                            Frampton Coes Alive!                               A&M                   SP3703
Peter                  Frampton                            I'm In You                                         A&M                   SP4704
                       Fraser & Debolt                     with Ian Gunther                                   Columbia              C30381
                       Freddy & the Dreamers               I'm Telling You Now                                Tower                 DT5003
                       Freddy & the Dreamers               Do the Freddie                                     Mercury               SR61026
Glen                   Frey                                No Fun Aloud                                       Asylum                E1-60129
Peter                  Gabriel                             Peter Gabriel                                      Atlantic              SD19181
Peter                  Gabriel                             Peter Gabriel                                      Mercury               SRM1-3848
Peter                  Gabriel                             Security                                           Geffen                GHS2011
Peter                  Gabriel                             So                                                 Geffen                GHS24088
Rory                   Gallagher                           Sinner and Saint                                   Polydor               PD6510
The                    Gang of Four                        Another Day Another Dollar                         Warner Bros           MINI 3646
Jerry                  Garcia                              Run for the Roses                                  Arista                AL9603
Gale                   Garnett                             My Kind of Folk Song                               RCA Victor            LPM-2833
Al                     Garry and orch                      Rhythm n Blues                                     Parade                Sp201
                       Genesis                             A Trick of the Tail                                Atlantic              SD38-101
                       Genesis                             And Then There Were Three                          Atlantic              SD19173
                       Genesis                             Duke                                               Atlantic              SD16014
                       Genesis                             Gensis                                             Atlantic              A1-80116
                       Genesis                             Invisible Touch                                    Atlantic              81641-1-E
                       Genesis                             The Lamb Lies Down on broadway                     ATCO                  SD2-401
                       Gerry and the Pacemakers            Greatest Hits                                      Laure                 SLP2031
David                  Gilmour                             About Face                                         Columbia              FC39296
The                    Go-Gos                              Beauty and the Beat                                IRS                   SP70021
The                    Go-Gos                              Vacation                                           IRS                   SP70031
                       Grand Funk Railroad                 Caught in the Act (2 recrd set)                    Capitol               SABB-11445
The                    Grassroots                          Let's Live For Today                               Dunhill               50020
The                    Grateful Dead                       America n Beauty                                   Warner Bros           WS1893
The                    Grateful Dead                       Best of                                            Warner Bros           W2764
The                    Grateful Dead                       Grateful Dead                                      Warner Bros           WS1689
The                    Grateful Dead                       Greateful Dead (1 record missing)                  Warner Bros           2WS1935
Nick                   Gravenites                          My Labors                                          Columbia              CS9899
The                    Guess Who                           Best of                                            RCA Victor            LSPX-1004
Van                    Halen                               1984 (no jacket)                                   Warner Bros           23985
George                 Harrison                            George Harrison                                    Dark Horse            DHK3255
George                 Harrison                            Wonderwall Music                                   Apple                 ST-3350
George                 Harrison                            All Things Must Pass (3 record box)                Apple                 ST-3350
Corey                  Hart                                First Offense                                      EMI                   ST17117
Nancy Sinatra and Lee  Hazelwood                           Nancy & Lee                                        Reprise               RS6273
                       Heart                               Bad Animals                                        EMI                   PJ12546
                       Heart                               Bebe Le Strange                                    Epic                  FE36371
                       Heart                               Dog and Butterfly                                  Portrait              FR35555l
                       Heart                               Dreamboat Annie                                    Mushroom              MRS-5005
                       Heart                               Heart                                              Capitol               ST12410
                       Heart                               Heart (sides 3 & 4 only)                           Epic                  KE236888
                       Heart                               Little Queen                                       Portrait              JR34799
                       Heart                               Magazine                                           Mushroom              MRS-5008
                       Heart                               Passion Works                                      Epic                  OE38800
Levon                  Helm                                and the RCO all stars                              ABC                   AA-1017
Jimi                   Hendrix                             Band of Gypsys                                     Capitol               STAO472
Jimi                   Hendrix                             Instrunental                                       Music for Pleasure    2M046-94370
Jimi                   Hendrix                             Soundtrack from the film Jimi Hendrix              Warner Bros           2RS6481
Jimi                   Hendrix                             The Cry of Love                                    Reprise               MS2034
Jimi                   Hendrix Experience                  Are You Experienced?                               Reprise               R6261
Don                    Henley                              Building the PErfect Beast                         Geffen                GHS24026
                       Herman's Hermits                    The Best of                                        MGM                   E-4315
                       Herman's Hermits                    There's A Kind of Hush All Over the World          MGM                   E-4438
                       Herman's Hermits                    Introducing                                        MGM                   E/SE-4282
                       Herman's Hermits                    Hold On!                                           MGM                   E/SE-4342
                       Herman's Hermits                    Blaze                                              MGM                   E/SE-4478
The                    Hollies                             Greatest Hits                                      Imperial              LP-12350
The                    Hollies                             Stop! Stop! Stop!                                  Imperial              LP-9339
The                    Hollies                             Evolution                                          Epic                  BN26315
Buddy                  Holly                               20 Golden Greats                                   MCA                   MCA-1484
Buddy                  Holly                               The Buddy Holly Story                              Coral                 CRL57279
Buddy                  Holly                               Reminscing                                         Coral                 CRL57426
Buddy                  Holly                               A Rock & Roll Collection (2 record set)            MCA                   MCA2-4009
Buddy                  Holly and the Crickets              Buddy Holly and the Crickets                       Coral                 CRL57405
Bruce                  Hornsby                             The Way it is                                      RCA Victor            AFL1-5094
The                    Human League                        Dare                                               A&M                   SP-4892
The                    Human League                        Hysteria                                           A&M                   4923
                       Humble Pie                          Performance Rockin' the Fillmore (2 record set)    A&M                   SP3506
                       INXS                                The Swing                                          ATCO                  90160-1
                       It's a Beautiful Day                Today                                              Columbia              KC32181
                       J Geils Band                        Freeze Frame                                       EMI                   R140223
                       J Geils Band                        The Morning After                                  Atlantic              SD8297
The                    Jacks                               Jumpin with the Jacks                              Crown                 CLP5021
Tommy                  James & the Shondells               Greatest Hits (no jacket)                          AdamVIII              A8028
Tommy                  James & the Shondells               The Best of                                        Roulette              SR42040
The                    James Gang                          Passin' Through                                    ABC                   ABCX760
The                    James Gang                          Thirds                                             ABC                   ABCX721
The                    James Gang                          Yer' Album                                         Bluesway              BLS-6034
                       Jan & Dean                          Deadman's Curve                                    United Artists        LT-999
                       Jan & Dean                          The Jan & Dean Story                               Ruby                  RR3-4080
                       Jan & Dean                          Ride the Wild Surf                                 Liberty               LRP3368
                       Jay & The Americans                 Sands of Time                                      United Artists        UAS6671
                       Jefferson Airplane                  Surrealistic Pillow                                RCA Victor            LSP-3766
                       Jefferson Airplane                  The Worst of                                       RCA Victor            LSP-4459
                       Jefferson Airplane                  Jefferson Airplane                                 Epic                  OE45271
                       Jefferson Starship                  Dragon Fly                                         Grunt                 BFL1-0717
                       Jefferson Starship                  Earth                                              Grunt                 BXL1-2515
                       Jefferson Starship                  Red Octopus                                        Grunt                 BFL1-0999
                       Jefferson Starship                  Knee Deep in the Hoopla                            Grunt                 BXL1-5488
                       Jefferson Starship                  No Protection                                      Grunt                 64131-G
                       Jethro Tull                         A Passion Play                                     Chrysalis             CHR1040
                       Jethro Tull                         Aqualung                                           Chrysalis             FV41044
                       Jethro Tull                         Benefit                                            Chrysalis             6400
                       Jethro Tull                         Heavy Horses                                       Chrysalis             CHR1175
                       Jethro Tull                         Jethro Tull                                        Reprise               6336
                       Jethro Tull                         Living in the Past (2 record Set)                  Chrysalis             2CH1035
                       Jethro Tull                         Stormwatch                                         Chrysalis             CHR1238
                       Jethro Tull                         The Broadsword and the Beast                       Chrysalis             CHR1380
                       Jethro Tull                         Thick as a Brick                                   Warner Bros           MS2072
                       Jethro Tull                         Songs From the Wood                                Chrysalis             CHR1132
Joan                   Jett                                Bad Reputation                                     Boardwalk             NB127065
Janis                  Joplin                              In Concert (2 record set)                          Columbia              C2X31160
Janis                  Joplin                              Pearl                                              Columbia              KC30322
Janis                  Joplin                              I Got Dem ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama!             Columbia              KCS9913
Janis                  Joplin (Big Brother & Hldg Co)      Big Brother & the Holding Company                  Columbia              10205
Janis                  Joplin (Big Brother & Hldg Co)      Cheap Thrills                                      Columbia              KCS9700
                       Journey                             Raised on Radio                                    Columbia              OC39936
Paul                   Kantner                             Blows Against the Empire                           RCA Victor            LSP4448
                       KC and the Suinshine Band           KC and the Suinshine Band                          TK                    603
                       KGB (Kennedy, Goldberg, Bloomfield) KGB                                                MCA                   2166
                       Kingfish                            Kingfish                                           Round                 RX-LA564
The                    Kinks                               Greatest Hits                                      Precision             KINK2
The                    Kinks                               Kink-Size                                          Reprise               R-6158
The                    Kinks                               Low Budget                                         Arista                AB4240
The                    Kinks                               Sleepwalker                                        Arista                4106
The                    Kinks                               The Kink Chronicles                                Reprise               2XS6454
The                    Kinks                               Second Time Around                                 RCA Victor            AFL1-3520
The                    Kinks                               Misfits                                            Arista                4167
The                    Kinks                               Face to Face                                       Reprise               R-6228
                       Klaatu                              Klaatu                                             Capitol               ST-11542
The                    Knickerbockers                      Lies                                               Challenge             CH622
Billy J.               Kramer                              I'll Keep You Satisfied                            Imperial              LP9273
Cyndi                  Lauper                              She's So Unusual                                   Columbia              FR 38930
                       Led Zeppelin                        Led Zeppelin                                       Atlantic              SD8216
                       Led Zeppelin                        Led Zeppelin II                                    Atlantic              SD8236
Alvin                  Lee                                 Ride On                                            RSO                   RS13049
Alvin                  Lee and Mylon LeFevre               On the Road to Freedom                             Columbia              KC32729
Brenda                 Lee                                 This is Brenda                                     Decca                 DL4082
John                   Lennon                              Mind Games                                         Capitol               SN16068
John                   Lennon                              Rock 'n' Roll (no jacket)                          Capitol               SN16069
John                   Lennon and Yoko Ono                 Double Fantasy                                     Geffen                GHS2001
The                    Lettermen                           Close-Up                                           Capitol               SWBB-251
The                    Lettermen                           In Concert                                         Capitol               T1936
Jerry Lee              Lewis                               Jerry Lee Lewis                                    Elektra               6E-184
Jerry Lee              Lewis                               Jerry Lee's Greatest!                              Sun                   1265
Jerry Lee              Lewis                               Rural Route #1                                     Pickwick              JS-6120
Jerry Lee              Lewis                               Jerry Lee Lewis                                    Sun                   108
Huey                   Lewis and the News                  Fore!                                              Chrysalis             OV41534
Huey                   Lewis and the News                  Picture This                                       Chrysalis             FV41340
Huey                   Lewis and the News                  Small World                                        Chrysalis             FV41622
Huey                   Lewis and the News                  Sports                                             Chrysalis             FV41412
                       Lighthouse                          One Fine Morning                                   Evolution             3007
                       Little Feat                         Dixie Chicken                                      Warner Bros           BS2686
                       Little Feat                         Feats Don't Fail Me Now                            Warner Bros           BS2784
                       Little Feat                         The Last Record Album                              Warner Bros           BS2884
                       Little Richard                      The Fabulous Little Richard                        Specialty             2104
                       Little Richard                      Greatest Hits recorded live                        Okeh                  14121
Los                    Lobos                               By The Light Of The Moon                           Warner Bros           25523-1
Los                    Lobos                               How Will the Wolf Survive?                         Warner Bros           25177-1
                       Loggins & Messina                   Finale (2 record set)                              Columbia              34167
                       Loggins & Messina                   Loggins & Messina (no jacket - in Sitting In jkt)  Columbia              C31044
                       Loggins & Messina                   Sitting In                                         Columbia              KC31748
                       Lone Justice                        Lone Justice                                       Geffen                GHS24060
Trini                  Lopez                               At PJs                                             Reprise               R-6093
Trini                  Lopez                               By Popular Demand: More Trini Lopez                Reprise               RS-6103
Trini                  Lopez                               Live at Basin St. East                             Reprise               RS6134
Trini                  Lopez                               The Rhythm & Blues Album                           Reprise               RS6171
                       Loverboy                            Loverboy                                           Columbia              JC36762
                       Loverboy                            Lovin' Every Minute of it                          Columbia              FC39953
The                    Lovin' Spoonful                     Daydream                                           Kama Sutra            KLP8051
The                    Lovin' Spoonful                     Do you believe in magic                            Kama Sutra            KLP8050
The                    Lovin' Spoonful                     Hums of the Lovin Spoonful                         Kama Sutra            KLP8054
                       Lynyrd Skynyrd                      One More From the Road (2 recod set)               MCA                   MCA2-6001
                       Lynyrd Skynyrd                      Gimmi Back My Bullets                              MCA                   2170
                       Lynyrd Skynyrd                      Lynyrd Skynyrd pronounced leh-nerd skin-nerd       MCA                   363
The                    Mamas and Papas                     20 Golden Hits (2 record set)                      ABC                   DSX-50145
The                    Mamas and Papas                     A Gathering of Flowers (2 record box set)          Dunhill               DS50073
The                    Mamas and Papas                     Deliver                                            Dunhill               DS50014
The                    Mamas and Papas                     Farewell to the First Golden Era                   Dunhill               DS50025
The                    Mamas and Papas                     Golden Era Vol 2                                   Dunhill               DS50038
The                    Mamas and Papas                     If You Can Believe Your Eyes and Ears              Dunhill               DS50006
The                    Mamas and Papas                     Papas and Mamas                                    Dunhill               DS50031
The                    Mamas and Papas                     People Like Us                                     Dunhill               DSX50106
The                    Mamas and Papas                     The ABC Collection                                 ABC                   AC-30005
The                    Mamas and Papas                     The Mamas and Papas                                Dunhill               DS50010
Manfred                Mann's Earth Band                   Chance                                             Warner Bros           BSK3498
The                    Mar-Kets                            Surfer's Stomp                                     Liberty               LRP3226
Dave                   Mason                               Alone Together                                     Blue Thumb            BYS-19
Dave                   Mason                               Certified Live (2 record set)                      Columbia              34174
Dave                   Mason                               Headkeeper                                         Blue Thumb            BTS34
Dave                   Mason                               It's Like You Never Left                           Columbia              KC31721
Dave                   Mason                               Let It Flow                                        Columbia              34680
Dave                   Mason                               Mariposa de Oro                                    Columbia              AL35285
Dave                   Mason                               Split Coconut                                      Columbia              PC33698
                       Material Issue                      International Pop Overthrow                        Mercury               848155
Paul                   McCartney                           McCartney                                          Apple                 STAO3363
Paul                   McCartney                           McCartney II                                       Columbia              FC36511
Paul                   McCartney and Wings                 Band on the Run                                    Apple                 SO-3415
Paul                   McCartney and Wings                 Red Rose Speedway                                  Apple                 SMAL-3409
Paul & Linda           McCartney                           Ram                                                Apple                 STMAS-3375
Don                    McLean                              American Pie                                       United Artists        5535
Delbert                McClinton                           The Jealous Kind                                   EMI                   ST12115
Delbert                McClinton                           Keeper of the Flame                                Capricorn             CPN-0223
                       Men At Work                         Business as Usual                                  Columbia              FC 37978
                       Mercy                               Love Can Make You Happy                            Warner Bros           WS1799
George                 Michael                             Faith                                              Columbia              OC40867
The                    Mighty Lemon Drops                  World Without End                                  Sire                  25701
                       Mike & The Mechanics                Mike & The Mechanics                               Atlantic              7A181287
Steve                  Miller Band                         Abracadabra                                        EMI                   ST12216
Steve                  Miller Band                         Book of Dreams                                     Capitol               R114443
Steve                  Miller Band                         Fly Like an Eagle                                  Capitol               ST11497
Steve                  Miller Band                         Number 5                                           Capitol               SKAO436
Kylie                  Minogue                             Kylie                                              Geffen                GHS24195
                       Molly Hatchett                      Flirtin with Disaster                              Epic                  36110
Eddie                  Money                               Life For the Taking                                Columbia              JC35598
The                    Monkees                             20 Golden Greats                                   Ronvo                 RTL2085
The                    Monkees                             More of the Monkees                                Colgems               COM102
The                    Monkees                             Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.           Colgems               COM104
The                    Monkees                             Headquarters                                       Colgems               COM103
The                    Moody Blues                         Days of Future Passed                              London                DES18012
The                    Moody Blues                         Go Now                                             London                PS428
The                    Motels                              All Four One                                       EMI                   ST12177
                       Mott the Hoople                     Mott the Hoople                                    Columbia              KC32425
                       Mott the Hoople                     Rock and Roll Queen                                Atlantic              SD7297
                       Mott the Hoople                     Live                                               Columbia              PC33282
                       Mountain                            Mountain Live                                      Windfall              5502
                       Mountain                            Avalanche                                          Columbia              KC33088
                       Mountain                            Flowers of Evil                                    Windfall              5501
                       Mountain                            Twin Peaks (2 record set)                          Columbia              PG32818
Ricky                  Nelson                              Ricky Sings Again                                  Imperial              9061
                       Nena                                99 Luftballoons                                    Epic                  FE39294
                       New York Rock & Roll Ensemble       Faithful Friends                                   ATCO                  SD33-294
The                    Nice                                Five Bridges                                       Mercury               SR-61295
The                    Nice                                Five Bridges and Elegy (2 record set)              Mercury               SRM26500
                       NRBQ                                Grooves in Orbit                                   Bearsville            23817
Roy                    Obrbison                            In Dreams                                          Monument              MLP8003
Ric                    Ocasek                              Beatitude                                          Geffen                GHS2022
Mike                   Oldfield                            Tubular Bells                                      Virgin                VR13-105
The                    Orlons                              The Wah-Watusi                                     Cameo                 C-1020
The                    Orlons                              All the Hits                                       Cameo                 C-1033
The                    Orlons and the Dovells              Golden Hits                                        Cameo                 C-1067
The                    Outsiders                           Time Won't Let Me                                  Capitol               T2501
Robert                 Palmer                              Heavy Nova                                         EMI                   E1-48057
Les                    Paul and Mary Ford                  Lovers' Luau                                       Columbia              CL1276
Les                    Paul and Mary Ford                  The Fabulous                                       Harmony               HL7333
Les                    Paul and Mary Ford                  The hit Makers!                                    Capitol               T416
The                    Pentangle                           The Pentangle                                      Reprise               6315
Carl                   Perkins                             Whole Lotta Shakin'                                Columbia              CL1234
Carl                   Perkins                             Greatest Hits                                      Columbia              CS9833
Steve                  Perry                               Street Talk                                        Columbia              BL39334
                       Peter & Gordon                      A World Without Love                               Capitol               T2115
                       Peter & Gordon                      I Go to Pieces                                     Capitol               T2324
                       Peter & Gordon                      True Love Ways                                     Capitol               T2368
                       Peter & Gordon                      Woman                                              Capitol               T2477
Tom                    Petty & the Heartbreakers           Damn the Torpedoes                                 Backstreet            MCA5105
Tom                    Petty & the Heartbreakers           Hard Promises                                      Backstreet            BSR5160
Tom                    Petty & the Heartbreakers           Long After Dark                                    Backstreet            BSR5360
Tom                    Petty & the Heartbreakers           You're Gonna Get It!                               Shelter               DA-52029
Tom                    Petty & the Heartbreakers           Tom Petty                                          Shelter               SRL52006
                       Pink Floyd                          Dark Side of the Moon                              Harvest               SMAS-11163
                       Pink Floyd                          Meddle                                             Harvest               SMAS832
                       Pink Floyd                          The Wall                                           Columbia              BL36184
                       Pink Floyd                          Wish You were Here                                 Columbia              JC33453
                       Pink Floyd                          Ummagumma (2 record set)                           Harvest               STBB-388
                       Pink Floyd                          The Final Cut                                      Columbia              QC38243
The                    Platters                            Encores                                            Mercury               MGW 12112
The                    Platters                            I Love You 1000 Times                              Musicor               MM1091
The                    Platters                            Encore of Golden Hits                              Mercury               MG 20472
The                    Playmates                           At Play With the Playmates                         Forum                 F9012
                       Poco                                A Good Feeling to Know                             Epic                  KE31601
The                    Police                              Ghost in the Machine                               A&M                   SP3730
The                    Police                              Outlandos d'Amour                                  A&M                   SP-4753
The                    Police                              Synchronicity                                      A&M                   SP3735
The                    Police                              Zenyatta Mondatta                                  A&M                   SP4831
The                    Pretenders                          Extemded Play                                      Warner Bros           MINI3563
The                    Pretenders                          Get Close                                          Sire                  1-25488
The                    Pretenders                          Learning to Crawl                                  Sire                  23980-1
The                    Pretenders                          Pretenders II                                      Sire                  SRK3572
The                    Pretenders                          Pretenders                                         Sire                  SRK6083
                       Procol Harum                        A Salty Dog                                        A&M                   SP4179
Gary                   Puckett & the Union Gsp             Greatest Hits                                      Columbia              CS1042
Gary                   Puckett & the Union Gsp             Woman, Woman                                       Columbia              CS9612
                       Queen                               Greatest Hits                                      Elektra               5E-564
                       Queen                               Jazz                                               Elektra               6E-166
                       Queen                               Sheer Heart Attack                                 Elektra               7E-1026
                       Queen                               The Game                                           Elektra               5E-513
                       R.E.M                               Fables of the Reconstruction                       I.R.S.                5592
                       R.E.M                               Lifes Rich Pageant                                 I.R.S.                5783
Gerry                  Rafferty                            Night Owl                                          United Artists        UA-LA958-1
Bonnie                 Raitt                               Give It Up                                         Warner Brothers       BS2643
Bonnie                 Raitt                               Green Light                                        Warner Brothers       BSK3630
Bonnie                 Raitt                               Home Plate                                         Warner Brothers       BS2864
Bonnie                 Raitt                               Nine Lives                                         Warner Brothers       25486
Bonnie                 Raitt                               Streetlights                                       Warner Brothers       BS2818
Bonnie                 Raitt                               Sweet Forgiveness                                  Warner Brothers       BS2990
Bonnie                 Raitt                               Takin My Time                                      Warner Brothers       BS2729
Bonnie                 Raitt                               The Glow                                           Warner Brothers       HS3369
Bonnie                 Raitt                               Nick of Time                                       Capitol               R154410
Boots                  Randolph                            plays 12 monstrous sax hits!                       M M                   1254
Genya                  Ravan                               Urban Desire                                       20th Century Fox      T562
The                    Rascals                             Search and Nearness                                Atlantic              SD8276
The                    Rascals                             Peaceful World (2 record set)                      Columbia              G30462
                       Redbone                             Potlatch                                           Epic                  E30109
                       Renaissance                         A Song for All Seasons                             Sire                  SRK6049
                       Renaissance                         Ashes are Burning                                  Capitol               ST-11216
                       Renaissance                         Live at Carnegie Hall (2 record set)               Sire                  SASY3902-2
                       Renaissance                         Novella                                            Sire                  SA-7526
                       Renaissance                         Scheherazade and other stories                     Sire                  SR6017
                       Renaissance                         Turn of the Cards                                  Sire                  SAS-7502
The                    Replacements                        Tim                                                Sire                  1-25330
Paul                   Revere & the Raiders                Just Like Us!                                      Columbia              CL2451
Paul                   Revere & the Raiders                Here They Come!                                    Columbia              CL2307
Johnny                 Rivers                              Changes                                            Imperial              LP12334
Johnny                 Rivers                              In Action!                                         Imperial              LP9280
Johnny                 Rivers                              The Very Best of                                   Liberty               LN510120
The                    Rolling Stones                      Between the Buttons                                London                LL3499
The                    Rolling Stones                      Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass)               London                NPS-1
The                    Rolling Stones                      Dirty Work                                         Rolling Stones        40250
The                    Rolling Stones                      Emotional Rescue                                   Rolling Stones        COC16015
The                    Rolling Stones                      Exile on Main Street (record one only)             Rolling Stones        COC-2-2900
The                    Rolling Stones                      Flowers                                            London                LL3509
The                    Rolling Stones                      Got Live if You Want it!                           London                LL3493
The                    Rolling Stones                      Steel Wheels                                       Rolling Stones        OC45333
The                    Rolling Stones                      Tattoo You                                         Rolling Stones        COC16052
The                    Rolling Stones                      Under Cover                                        Rolling Stones        90120-1
The                    Romantics                           In Heat                                            Nemperor              FZ38880
The                    Romantics                           National Breakout                                  Nemperor              ZK36881
The                    Romantics                           Strictly Personal                                  Nemperor              ARZ37435
The                    Runaways                            The Runaways                                       Mercury               SRM11090
Jennifer               Rush                                Heart over Mind                                    MCA                   BFE40825
                       Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs         Li'l Red Riding Hood                               MGM                   E/SE-4407
                       Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs         Wooly Bully                                        MGM                   ST-90422
                       Santana                             Abraxas                                            Columbia              KC 30130
                       Santana                             Amigos                                             Columbia              PC 33576
                       Santana                             Beyond Appearances                                 Columbia              FC 30527
                       Santana                             Marathon                                           Columbia              FC 36154
                       Santana                             Santana                                            Columbia              CS9781
                       Santana                             Shango                                             Columbia              FC 38122
                       Santana                             Zebop!                                             Columbia              PC37158
                       Santana                             Borboletta                                         Columbia              PC 33135
                       Santana                             Santana                                            Columbia              PC 30595
                       Santana                             Inner Secrets                                      Columbia              FC35600
Carlos                 Santana                             Havana Moon                                        Columbia              FC 38462
Carlos                 Santana                             Moonflower                                         Columbia              C2 34914
Carlos                 Santana & Buddy Miles               Live!                                              Columbia              KC31308
                       Santo & Johnny                      Come on in…                                        Canadian-American     CALP1006
                       Santo & Johnny                      Encore                                             Canadian-American     CALP1002
                       Santo & Johnny                      Santo & Johnny                                     Canadian-American     CALP1001
                       Santo & Johnny                      Hawaii                                             Canadian-American     CALP1004
                       Santo & Johnny                      The Beatles Greatest Hits                          Canadian-American     SCALP1017
Bob                    Seger                               Night moves                                        Capitol               ST11557
Bob                    Seger                               Nine Tonight (2 record set)                        EMI                   STBK-12182
Bob                    Seger                               The Distance                                       Capitol               ST-12254
Bob                    Seger                               Against the Wind                                   Capitol               S00-12041
Bob                    Seger System                        Mongrel                                            Capitol               ST499
Brian                  Setzer                              When the Sky Comes Tumblin'Down (LP single)        EMI                   SPRO-04008
The                    Shangri-Las                         The Shangri-Las                                    Red Bird              RB20-101
Dee Dee                Sharp                               All the Hits                                       Cameo                 C 1027
Dee Dee                Sharp                               It's Mashed Potato Time                            Cameo                 C 1018
The                    Shocking Blue                       The Shocking Blue                                  Colossus              CS-1000
                       Simple Minds                        Once Upon a Time                                   A&M                   SP5092
                       Simply Red                          Men and Women                                      Elektra               60727-1
The                    Sir Douglas Quintet                 Mendocino                                          Smash                 SRS67115
Patti                  Smith                               Easter                                             Arista                AB4171
The                    Smithereens                         Green Thoughts                                     EMI                   C1-18375
                       Sonny & Cher                        In Case You're in Love                             ATCO                  33-203
                       Sonny & Cher                        Look at Us                                         ATCO                  33-177
                       Sonny & Cher                        The Wonderous World of Sonny & Cher                ATCO                  33-183
                       Sonny & Cher                        All I Ever Need is You                             Kapp                  KS3660
The                    Sons of Champlin                    Loosen Up Naturally (2 record set)                 Capitol               SWBB200
                       Spanky and Our Gang                 Like to Get To Know You                            Mercury               SR61161
                       Spanky and Our Gang                 Spanky and Our Gang                                Mercury               SR61124
                       Spanky and Our Gang                 Without Rhyme or Reason                            Mercury               SR61183
                       Spirit                              Clear                                              Ode                   Z1Z 44016
                       Spirit                              Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus                    Epic                  E30267016
Dusty                  Springfield                         Dusty in Memphis                                   Atlantic              SD8214
Dusty                  Springfield                         Golden Hits                                        Phillips              PHGS600-220
Dusty                  Springfield                         You Don't Have to Say You Love Me                  Philips               PHS600-210
Bruce                  Springsteen                         Born to Run                                        Columbia              PC33795
Bruce                  Springsteen                         Darkness at the Edge of Town                       Columbia              35318
Bruce                  Springsteen                         The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street    Shuffle   Columbia              32432
Bruce                  Springsteen                         Tunnel of love                                     Columbia              OC40999
                       Stackbridge                         Pinafore Days                                      Sire                  SASD7503
Joe                    Stampley and the Uniques            Golden Hits                                        Paula                 LPS2208
The                    Standells                           Dirty Water                                        Tower                 ST5027
                       Steely Dan                          Aja                                                ABC                   AA-1006
                       Steely Dan                          Can't Buy a Thrill                                 ABC                   ABCX758
                       Steely Dan                          Countdown to Ecstacy                               ABC                   ABCX-779
                       Steely Dan                          Gaucho                                             MCA                   6102
                       Steely Dan                          Greatest Hits (2 record set)                       ABC                   AK1107-2
                       Steely Dan                          Katy Lied                                          ABC                   ABCD-846
                       Steely Dan                          Pretzel Logic                                      ABC                   ABCD-808
                       Steely Dan                          Royal Scam                                         ABC                   ABCD-931
                       Steppenwolf                         For Ladies Only                                    ABC                   DSX-50110
                       Steppenwolf                         Steppenwolf 7                                      Dunhill               DSX50090
                       Steppenwolf                         Early Steppenwolf                                  Dunhill               DS-50060
Carl                   Stevens and orch                    High Society Twist                                 Mercury               MG20664
Rod                    Stewart                             Every Picture Tells a Story                        Mercury               SRM1-609
Rod                    Stewart                             Foolish Behaviour                                  Warner Bros           HS34854
Rod                    Stewart                             Gasoline Alley                                     Mercury               SR61264
Rod                    Stewart                             Never a Dull moment                                Mercury               SRM1-646
Rod                    Stewart                             Blondes Have More Fun                              Warner Bros           BSK3261
Rod                    Stewart                             The Rod Stewart Album                              Mercury               SR61237
Stephen                Stills                              Stephen Stills 2                                   Atlantic              SD-7206
Stephen                Stills                              Manassas (2 record set)                            Atlantic              SD29030906
Stephen                Stills                              Illegal Stills                                     Columbia              PC34148
Stephen                Stills                              Thoroughfare Gap                                   Columbia              35380
Stephen                Stills                              Right By You                                       Atlantic              80177
The                    Stills-Young Band                   Long May You Run                                   Warner Bros           MS2253
                       Stoney and Meatloaf                 Stoney and Meatloaf                                Rare Earth            R528L
The                    Stray Cats                          Built for Speed                                    EMI                   ST17070
                       Supertramp                          Famous Last Words                                  A&M                   SP3732
                       Swing Out Sister                    it's better to travel                              Mercury               832 213-1
                       Swing Out Sister                    Kaleidoscope World                                 Fontana               838 293-1
                       Talking Heads                       Fear of Music                                      Sire                  SRK6076
                       Talking Heads                       Little Creatures                                   Sire                  I-25305
                       Talking Heads                       More Songs about Buldings and Food                 Sire                  SRK6058
                       Talking Heads                       Speaking in Tongues                                Sire                  1-23883
                       Talking Heads                       Stop Making Sense                                  Sire                  25186-1
The                    Talking Heads                       Remain in Light                                    Sire                  SRK6095
                       Tangerine Dream                     Hyperborea                                         Virgin                V2292
                       Tears For Fears                     Songs From the Big Chair                           Polygram              0501
Nino                   Temple & April Stevens              Hey Baby!                                          ATCO                  33-180
                       Ten Wheel Drive/Genya Ravan         Brief Replies                                      Polydor               24-4024
                       Ten Years After                     A Space in Time                                    Columbia              KC30801
                       Ten Years After                     Cricklewood Green                                  Deram                 DES18038
                       Ten Years After                     Rock and Roll Music to the World                   Columbia              KC31779
                       Ten Years After                     Positive Vibrations                                Columbia              PC32851
                       Ten Years After                     Alvin Lee & Company                                Deram                 18064
                       Ten Years After                     Sssh                                               Deram                 18029
The                    The                                 Infected                                           Epic                  BFE40471
                       They Might Be Giants                They Might Be Giants                               Bar None              72603
                       Thirty Eight Special                Special Forces                                     A&M                   SP4888
George                 Thorogood and the Destroyers        Bad to the Bone                                    EMI                   ST-17076
George                 Thorogood and the Destroyers        George Thorogood and the Destroyers                Rounder               3013
George                 Thorogood and the Destroyers        Live                                               EMI                   ST-17124
George                 Thorogood and the Destroyers        Maverick                                           EMI                   ST-517145
George                 Thorogood and the Destroyers        More George Thorogood and the Destroyers           Rounder               3045
George                 Thorogood and the Destroyers        Move It On Over                                    Rounder               3024
George                 Thorogood and the Destroyers        Better than the Rest                               MCA                   1742
George                 Thorogood and the Destroyers        Born to Be Bad                                     EMI                   46793
                       Three Dog Night                     It Ain't Easy                                      Dunhill               50078
                       Throwing Muses                      Throwing Muses                                     4AD                   CAD607CD
                       Til Tuesday                         Welcome Home                                       Epic                  FE40314
The                    Tom Tom Club                        Tom Tom Club                                       Sire                  SRK3628
                       Toto                                Toto IV                                            Columbia              37728
Pete                   Townshend                           All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes             ATCO                  SD38-149
Pete                   Townshend                           Empty Glass                                        ATCO                  SD32-100
Pete                   Townshend                           White City a novel                                 ATCO                  90473-1
Pete                   Townshend                           Who Came First                                     Polydor               2485208
Pete                   Townshend                           Deep End Live!                                     ATCO                  7 90553-1
Pete                   Townshend                           Face the Face/ Won't Get Fooled Again              ATCO                  O-96833
Pete                   Townshend and Ronnie Lane           Rough Mix                                          MCA                   2295
                       Traffic                             Last Exit                                          United Artists        UAS6702
                       Traffic                             On the Road  (record one only)                     Island                90059
                       Traffic                             Shoot out at the Fantasy Factory                   Island                SW9323
                       Traffic                             The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys                  Island                90026
                       Traffic                             Traffic                                            Island                90059
                       Traffic                             When the Eagle Flies                               Asylum                7E-1020
                       Traffic                             John Barleycorn Must Die                           United Artists        UAS5504
Pat                    Travers Band                        Crash and Burn                                     Polydor               PD16262
The                    Tremeloes                           Here Comes My Baby                                 Epic                  LN24310
Robin                  Trower                              For Earth Below                                    Chrysalis             CHR1073
The                    Tymes                               So Much in Love                                    Parkway               P-7032
                       U2                                  The Joshua Tree                                    Island                90581
                       U2                                  The Unforgettable Fire                             Island                90231-1
                       U2                                  War                                                Island                90067
Ritchie                Valens                              Ritchie Valens                                     Del-Fi                DFLP1201
Ritchie                Valens                              Ritchie (no jacket)                                Del-Fi                DFLP1225
                       Vanilla Fudge                       In the Beginning                                   ATCO                  SD33-278
                       Vanilla Fudge                       Vanilla Fudge (no jacket)                          ATCO                  SD33-224
The                    Vapors                              New Clear Days                                     United Artists        LT1049
                       various                             12 Top Hits                                        Tops                  L1510
                       various                             A Prarie Home Companion Anniversary Album          none                  PHC404
                       various                             American Hot Wax                                   A&M                   SP6500
                       various                             Big Hot Rod Hits!                                  Capitol               T2024
                       various                             Collector's Records of the 50s and 60s Vol II      Leslie                LES4009
                       various                             Dance A-Go-Go with the Stars                       Wyncoate              SW9111
                       various                             Disco Party                                        Adam VIII Ltd         A8021
                       various                             Discotheque with the Stars                         Wyncote               W9125
                       various                             Golden Days of British Rock (4 record box set)     Sire                  $V8046
                       various                             Golden Hits                                        Wyncote               W-9012
                       various                             Greatest Rock & Roll Hits                          Dynamic House         CR1006
                       various                             hits by Platters, Diamonds, Crewcuts, Gaylords     Mercury               MG20213
                       various                             Hits I Forgot to Buy                               Swan                  LP512
                       various                             Leaders of the Pack Vol 1                          Laurie                LES4049
                       various                             Mickie Most presents English In-Groups             MGM                   MS-577
                       various                             Phil Spector's Christmas Album                     Passport              PB3604
                       various                             Rock & Roll Party starring Frankie Lymon           Guest Star            G1406
                       various                             Rock Around the Clock (3 record set)               AdamVIII              A-8025
                       various                             Super Rock (2 record set)                          Columbia              G30121
                       various                             The 1969 Warner/Reprise Songbook (2 record set)    Warner Bros           PRO331
                       various                             The 1969 Warner/Reprise Record Show (2 record set) Warner Bros           PRO336
                       various                             The 1970 Warner/Reprise Big Ball (2 record set)    Warner Bros           PRO358
                       various                             I Dig Rock 'n roll!                                Score                 4002
                       various                             Murray the K live from the Brooklyn Fox            KFM                   1001
                       various Syracuse Bands              The Album                                          DMR                   107094X
                       various Utica Bands                 The Best of Twist-a-Rama U.S.A.                    Twistarama            1000
The                    Ventures                            The Ventures a go-go                               Dolton                BLP2037
The                    Ventures                            Walk Don't Run vol. 2                              Dolton                BST8031
The                    Viscounts                           Harlem Nocturne                                    Amy                   8008
Rick                   Wakeman                             The Six Wives of Henry VIII                        A&M                   SP4361
                       We Five                             You Were on my Mind                                A&M                   LP111
Bob                    Weir                                Heaven Help the Fool                               Arista                AB4155
Tim                    Weisberg                            Hurtwood Edge                                      A&M                   SP4352
                       West, Bruce & Laing                 Whatever Turns You On                              Columbia              KC32216
The                    Who                                 By the Numbers                                     MCA                   2161
The                    Who                                 Face Dances                                        WB records            HS3516
The                    Who                                 It's Hard                                          WB records            1-23731
The                    Who                                 Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy                         Decca                 DL79184
The                    Who                                 Quadrophenia (2 record set)                        MCA                   MCA2-10004
The                    Who                                 Tommy (2 record set)                               Decca                 DXSW7205
The                    Who                                 Who Are You                                        MCA                   3050
The                    Who                                 Who's Next                                         Decca                 DL79182
The                    Who                                 Hooligans (2 record set)                           MCA                   MCA2-12001
Wendy O.               Williams                            W.O.W.                                             Passport records      PB6034
J. Frank               Wilson and the Cavaliers            Last Kiss                                          Josie                 JGM4006
                       Wings                               At the Speed of Sound                              Capitol               SW-11525
                       Wings                               Back to the Egg                                    Columbia              FC36057
                       Wings                               London Town                                        Capitol               SW-11777
                       Wings                               Venus and Mars                                     Capitol               SMAS11419
                       Wings                               Wings over America (3 record set)                  Capitol               SWCO-11593
Edgar                  Winter                              Jasmine Nightdreams                                Blue Sky              PZ33483
Johnny                 Winter                              Captured Live                                      Blue Sky              PZ33944
Johnny                 Winter                              John Dawson Winter III                             Blue Sky              PZ23392
Johnny                 Winter                              Johnny Winter and                                  Columbia              C30221
Johnny                 Winter                              Live Johnny Winter and                             Columbia              C304758
Johnny                 Winter                              Nothin' But the Blues                              Blue Sky              PZ34813
Johnny                 Winter                              Second Winter (2 record set)                       Columbia              KCS9947
Johnny                 Winter                              Still Alive and Well                               Columbia              KC32188
Johnny                 Winter                              White Hot and Blue                                 CBS                   JZ35475
Johnny                 Winter                              Johnny Winter                                      Columbia              CS9826
Steve                  Winwood                             Arc of a Diver (no jacket)                         Island                ILPS9576
Steve                  Winwood                             Back in the High Life                              Island                25448
Steve                  Winwood                             Roll With It                                       Virgin                90946-1
Steve                  Winwood                             Steve Winwood                                      Island                ILPS9494
Steve                  Winwood                             Talking Back to the Night                          Ariola                LC0407
Steve                  Winwood                             Winwood and Friends                                Springboard           SPB4040
Peter                  Wolf                                Lights Out                                         EMI                   SJ-17121
Bill                   Wyman                               Monkey Grip                                        Rolling Stones        COC79100
                       XTC                                 Oranges and Lemons                                 Geffen                GHS24218
The                    Yardbirds                           Eric Clapton & the Yardbirds                       Springboard           SPB4036
The                    Yardbirds                           Having a Rave Up                                   Epic                  LN24177
                       Yes                                 Yes                                                Atlantic              SD8243
The                    Youngbloods                         Good and Dusty                                     Warner Bros           BS2566
The                    Youngbloods                         Elephant Mountain                                  RCA Victors           LSP-4150
Frank                  Zappa                               Chunga's Revenge                                   Reprise               2030
Frank                  Zappa                               Freak Out!                                         Verve                 V6-5005-2
Frank                  Zappa                               200 Motels                                         United Artists        UAS9956
                       ZZ Top                              Afterburner                                        Warner Bros           R164042
                       ZZ Top                              Deguelo                                            Warner Bros           HS3361
                       ZZ Top                              El Loco                                            Warner Bros           BSK3593
                       ZZ Top                              Eliminator                                         Warner Bros           R134129
                       ZZ Top                              Fandango                                           London                PS656
                       ZZ Top                              Rio Grande Mud                                     London                XPS612
                       ZZ Top                              Tejas                                              London                R132110
                       ZZ Top                              Tres Hombres                                       London                XPS631

Jazz (681)

Cannonball             Adderly                             Takes Charge                                       Riverside             12-303
Larry                  Adler                               Harmonica                                          London                PS920
Mose                   Allison                             Mose Alive!                                        Atlantic              SD1450
Mose                   Allison                             Lessons in Living                                  Elektra               60237
Mose                   Allison                             V-8 Ford Blues                                     Epic                  BN26183
Mose                   Allison                             Wild Man on the Loose                              Atlantic              SD1456
Mose                   Allison                             Mose Allison (2 record set)                        Prestige              PR24002
Mose                   Allison                             I Love the Life I Live                             Columbia              CS8365
Mose                   Allison                             Young Man Mose                                     Prestige              7137
Herb                   Alpert                              What Now My Love                                   A&M                   114
Herb                   Alpert                              Whipped Cream and Other Delights                   A&M                   SP4110
Herb                   Alpert                              You Smile-The Song Begins                          A&M                   SP3620
Herb                   Alpert                              The Beat of the Brass                              A&M                   4146
                       Amherst Saxophone Quartet           An American Classic Eubie Blake                    Musical Heritage Soc  MHS4368
Gene                   Ammons                              Funky                                              Prestige              PR7083
Gene                   Ammons                              Not Really the blues                               Prestige              7060
Gene                   Ammons                              Jungel Soul!                                       Prestige              PR7257
Louis                  Armstrong                           Ambassador Satch                                   Columbia              CL840
Louis                  Armstrong                           Hello Dolly                                        Kapp                  KS3364
Louis                  Armstrong                           Louis                                              Mercury               MG21081
Louis                  Armstrong                           Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five                   Columbia              CL851
Louis                  Armstrong                           Louis Armstrong and his Hot Seven                  Columbia              CL852
Louis                  Armstrong                           Satchmo at Symphony Hall Vol. 1                    Decca                 DL8037
Louis                  Armstrong                           Satchmo The Great                                  Columbia              CL1077
Louis                  Armstrong                           Town Hall Concert Plus                             RCA Victor            LPM1443
Louis                  Armstrong                           What a Wonderful World                             ABC                   ABCS-650
Louis                  Armstrong                           Satchmo Plays King Oliver (no jacket)              Audio Fidelity        AFSD5930
Roy                    Ayers                               Virgo Vibes                                        Atlantic              1488
Chet                   Baker                               Ensemble (10 inch lp)                              Pacific Jazz          PJLP-9
Chet                   Baker                               Sings (10 inch lp)                                 Pacific Jazz          PJLP-11
Kenny                  Ball                                Midnight in Moscow                                 Kapp                  KL-1276
Gato                   Barbieri                            Fenix                                              Flying Futchman       FD10144
Gato                   Barbieri                            Chapter Two: Hasta Siempre                         ABC Impulse           AS-9263
Emile                  Barnes                              New Orleans - The Legends Live - Vol 13            Jazzology             JCE-23
Charlie                Barnet                              Cherokee                                           Sunset                SUM-1150
Charlie                Barnet                              The Complete Vol 1 1935-37 (2 record set)          Bluebird              AXM2-5526
Charlie                Barnet                              The Complete Vol 3 1939-40 (2 record set)          Bluebird              AXM2-5581
Charlie                Barnet                              The Complete Vol 5 1940-41 (2 record set)          Bluebird              AXM2-5587
Charlie                Barnet                              The Complete Vol 6 1941-42 (2 record set)          Bluebird              AXM2-5590
Count                  Basie                               Basie at Birdland                                  Roulette              SR52065
Count                  Basie                               Basie Land                                         Verve                 V6-8597
Count                  Basie                               Basie's Basement                                   Camden                CAL497
Count                  Basie                               Basie's Best                                       Harmony               HL7229
Count                  Basie                               Breakfast Dance and Barbecue                       Roulette              R52028
Count                  Basie                               Count Basie                                        Metro                 MS-516
Count                  Basie                               Count Basie Swings Joe Williams Sings              Verve                 MGV8063
Count                  Basie                               Frankly Speaking                                   Metro                 MS592
Count                  Basie                               Kansas City Suite - Benny Carter                   Roulette              R52056
Count                  Basie                               The Best of Basie Vol. 2                           Roulette              R52089
Count                  Basie                               The Count Basie Story (2 record boxed set)         Roulette              RB-1
Count                  Basie                               Basie One More Time                                Forum                 SF9060
Count                  Basie & the Mills Brothers          The Board of Directors                             Dot                   DLP25838
Sidney                 Bechet                              Jazz a la Creole                                   Jazztone              J-1213
Bix                    Beiderbecke                         1924                                               Olympic               7130
Bix                    Beiderbecke                         Bix and His Gang                                   Columbia              CL844
Tex                    Beneke                              Live Concert music made famous by Glen Miller      Warner Bros           W1428
George                 Benson                              Breezin                                            Warner Bros           BS2912
George                 Benson                              The George Benson Collection (2 record set)        Warner Bros           2HW3577
George                 Benson                              White Rabbit                                       CTI                   6015
George                 Benson                              Livin Inside Your Love (2 record set)              Warner Bros           2BSK3277
George                 Benson                              Shape of Things to Come                            CTI                   SP-3041
George                 Benson and Earl Klugh               Collaboration                                      Warner Bros           25580-1
George                 Benson and Joe Farrell              Benson and Farrell                                 CTI                   6069
Bunny                  Berigan                             The Complete Vol 1 1937 (2 record set)             Bluebird              AXM2-5584
Leonard                Bernstein                           Bernstein conducts Bernstein                       Columbia              MS6677
Bill                   Berry                               Man With a Horn                                    Parade                SP360
Eddie                  Bert                                Modern Moods                                       Jazztone              J-1223
Bill                   Black's Combo                       Solid and Raunchy                                  Hi                    HL12003
Art                    Blakey and his Jazz Messengers      Cu-Bop                                             Jubilee               1089
                       Blakey/Gillespie/Monk/Stitt         Giants of Jazz live in London 1972 (2 recd set)    Atlantic              SD2-905
Annette & Paul         Bley                                Dual Unity                                         Freedom               2383-105
Paul                   Bley                                Mr. Joy                                            Limelight             LS86060
Earl                   Bostic                              Alto-tude                                          King                  515
The                    Boswell Sisters                     1932-1934                                          Biograph              BLP-C3
Ruby                   Braff                               Swinging with Ruby Braff                           Jazztone              J-1210
Harry                  Breuer & his quintet                Mallet Magic                                       Audio Fidelity        AFLP1825
Les                    Brown                               Sentimental Journey                                Columbia              CL 649
Marion                 Brown                               Geechee Recollections                              ABC                   AS-9252
Marion                 Brown                               Three for Shepp                                    Impulse!              A-9139
Dave                   Brubeck                             Angel Eyes                                         Columbia              CS9148
Dave                   Brubeck                             At A Perfume Counter                               Crown                 CST406
Dave                   Brubeck                             Brubeck plays Brubeck                              Columbia              CL878
Dave                   Brubeck                             Countdown Time in Outer Space                      Columbia              CL1775
Dave                   Brubeck                             Gone With the Wind                                 Columbia              CL1347
Dave                   Brubeck                             Gone With the Wind and Time Out (2 recrd set)      Columbia              CG33666
Dave                   Brubeck                             Instant Brubeck                                    Harmony               HS11253
Dave                   Brubeck                             Jazz at Oberlin                                    Fantasy               3245
Dave                   Brubeck                             Jazz Goes to College                               Columbia              CL 566
Dave                   Brubeck                             Jazz Impressions of the USA                        Philips               B07243L
Dave                   Brubeck                             Jazz Impressions of Eurasia                        Columbia              CL1251
Dave                   Brubeck                             Jazz Impressions of Japan                          Columbia              CS9012
Dave                   Brubeck                             Jazz Impressions of New York                       Columbia              CS9075
Dave                   Brubeck                             Jazz: Red Hot and Cool                             Columbia              CL699
Dave                   Brubeck                             Newport 1958                                       Columbia              CL1249
Dave                   Brubeck                             Southern Scene                                     Columbia              CL1439
Dave                   Brubeck                             The Greats                                         Crown                 CST361
Dave                   Brubeck                             Time Changes                                       Columbia              CL2127
Dave                   Brubeck                             Time Further Out                                   Columbia              CS8490
Dave                   Brubeck                             Time Out                                           Columbia              CS8192
Dave                   Brubeck                             The Bossa Nova                                     Columbia              CL1998
Dave                   Brubeck                             Brubeck Time                                       Columbia              CL622
Dave                   Brubeck                             In Europe                                          Columbia              CL1168
Dave                   Brubeck and Paul Desmond            Moods and Grooves                                  Custom                CS1097
Ray                    Bryant                              Gotta Travel On                                    Cadet                 767
Ray                    Bryant                              Madison Time                                       Columbia              CL1476
Willie                 Bryant / Jimmie Lunceford           Bryant / Lunceford orchestras (2 record set)       Bluebird              AXM2-5502
Ralph                  Burns and his Ensemble              Spring Sequence                                    Jazztone              J-1228
Dave                   Burrell                             High Won - High Two                                Arista                AL1906
Kenny                  Burrell                             The Tender Gender                                  Cadet                 LP772
Kenny                  Burrell                             Man at Work                                        Cadet                 LP769
Charlie                Byrd                                at the Village Vanguard                            Riverside             RS9452
Charlie                Byrd                                Charlie's Choice                                   Offbeat Records       OJ-3007
Charlie                Byrd                                Villa Lobos Sketches of Brazil                     Columbia              CS9572
Charlie                Byrd                                Charlie Byrd trio                                  Offbeat               OJ3006
Donald                 Byrd                                Places and Spaces                                  Blue Note             LA549
Charlie                Christian                           Solo Flight (2 record set)                         Columbia              G30779
Charlie                Christian                           Charlie Christian                                  Everest               FS 219
Stanley                Clarke                              Journey to Love                                    Nemperor              NE433
Stanley                Clarke                              Modern Man                                         Nemperor              JZ35303
Stanley                Clarke                              Stanley Clarke                                     Nemperor              NE431
James                  Clay and David Newman               The Sound of the Wide Open Spaces                  Riverside             RLP12-327
Jimmy                  Cleveland                           Introducing Jimmy Cleveland                        Emarcy                36066
Rosemary               Clooney and Duke Ellington          Blue Rose                                          Columbia              CL872
Billy                  Cobham                              Shabazz                                            Atlantic              SD18139
Billy                  Cobham                              Spectrum                                           Atlantic              SD7268
Cozy                   Cole                                Cozy Cole                                          Audition              AUD33-5943
Nat King               Cole                                Unforgettable                                      Capitol               T-357
Nat King               Cole                                Vocal Classics                                     Capitol               T-591
Cozy                   Cole/Jimmy Mcpartland               After Hours (10 inch lp)                           Waldorf               MH33-162
Nat                    Cole/Lester Young/Buddy Rich        Giants Three                                       Verve                 VSPS30
Cy                     Coleman                             Cy Coleman                                         Seeco                 CELP-402
Al Jazzbo              Collins                             The East Coast Jazz Scene Vol 1                    Coral                 57035
John                   Coltrane                            Interstellar Space                                 ABC Impulse           ASD-9277
John                   Coltrane and Archie Shepp           New Thing at Newport                               Impulse               A-94
Eddie                  Condon                              Spotlight on Eddie Condon                          Design                DLP-148
Eddie                  Condon                              Treasury of Jazz                                   Columbia              CL881
Chick                  Corea                               Tap Step                                           Warner Brothers       BSK3425
Larry                  Coryell                             Lady Coryell                                       Vanguard              VSD-6509
Larry                  Coryell                             Spaces                                             Vanguard              VSD-6558
Larry                  Coryell / Philip Catherine          Splendid                                           Elektra               6E-153
The                    Count's Men                         The Count's Men                                    Jazztone              J-1220
Hank                   Crawford                            Hank Crawford's Back                               Kudu                  63.014
The                    Crusaders                           Crusaders 1 (2 record set)                         Blue Thumb            BTS6001
The                    Crusaders                           Pass the Plate                                     Chisa                 CS807
The                    Crusaders                           Scratch                                            Blue Thumb            BTS6010
The                    Crusaders                           Southern Comfort (2 record set)                    Blue Thumb            BTSY-9002-2
The                    Crusaders                           The 2nd Crusade                                    Blue Thumb            BTS7000
The                    Crusaders                           Street Life                                        MCA                   3094
The                    Crusaders                           Free as the Wind                                   ABC                   BT-6029
The                    Crusaders                           Images                                             Blue Thumb            BA-6030
The                    Crusaders                           Those Southern Knights                             MCA                   37147
King                   Curtis                              The Soul of King Curtis                            MVM                   119
James                  Dapogny                             Piano Music of Jelly Roll Morton                   Smithsonian           N003
Miles                  Davis                               At Carnegie Hall                                   Columbia              CL1812
Miles                  Davis                               Greatest Hits                                      Columbia              CS9808
Miles                  Davis                               Kind of Blue                                       Columbia              CL1335
Miles                  Davis                               Miles Davis All Stars (no jacket)                  Prestige              PRP7034
Miles                  Davis                               Porgy & Bess                                       Columbia              CL1274
Miles                  Davis                               Quite Nights                                       Columbia              PC8906
Miles                  Davis                               Round About Midnight                               Columbia              CL949
Miles                  Davis                               Miles Smiles                                       Columbia              CS9401
Miles                  Davis                               Volume 3 (10 inch lp) (no jacket)                  Blue Note             5040
Miles                  Davis                               Young Man With a Horn  (10 inch lp)                Blue Note             5013
Miles                  Davis                               Collector's Items (2 record set)                   Prestige              24022
Wild Bill              Davis                               at Birdland                                        Epic                  LN3118
                       Deodato                             Deodato 2                                          CTI                   6029
                       Deodato                             Prelude                                            CTI                   6021
Eric                   Dolphy                              Eric Dolphy (missing one record)                   Prestige              PRST-24008
Eric                   Dolphy                              The Berlin Concerts (2 record set)                 Inner City            3017
Lou                    Donaldson                           Sextet Volume 2 (10 inch lp)                       Blue Note             5055
Dorothy                Donegan                             At the Embers                                      Forum                 F9003
Dorothy                Donegan                             It Happened One Night                              Roulette              R25154
Dorothy                Donegan                             Live!                                              Capitol               T1155
Jimmy                  Dorsey                              Dixie by Dorsey                                    Columbia              CL608
Tommy                  Dorsey                              Greatest Band                                      20th Fox              TCF101-2
Tommy                  Dorsey                              Greatest Band Volume 2                             20th Fox              Fox3023
Tommy                  Dorsey                              The Complete Vol 1 1935 (2 record set)             Bluebird              AXM2-5521
Tommy                  Dorsey                              The Complete Vol 3 1936-7 (2 record set)           Bluebird              AXM2-5560
Tommy                  Dorsey                              The Complete Vol 7 1938 (2 record set)             Bluebird              AXM2-5582
Tommy & Jimmy          Dorsey                              A Backward Glance: 1924-1926                       Riverside             RLP12-834
Kenny                  Drew                                This is New                                        Riverside             RLP12-236
Kenny                  Drew / Niels Pedersen               Duo 2                                              inner city            IC2010
Billy                  Eckstine and Sarah Vaughan          Billy & Sarah                                      Lion                  L70088
Billy                  Eckstine/Sarah Vaughan              Sing the best of Irving Berlin                     Mercury               MG20316
Duke                   Ellington                           A Drum is a Woman                                  Columbia              CL951
Duke                   Ellington                           Ellington Indigoes                                 Columbia              CS8053
Duke                   Ellington                           Ellington Showcase                                 Capitol               T679
Duke                   Ellington                           Primping for the Prom                              Columbia              P13292
Duke                   Ellington                           70th Birthday Concert (2 record set)               Solid State           SS19000
Herb                   Ellis                               with Charlie Byrd                                  Columbia              CS9130
Bill                   Evans                               I Will Say Goodbye                                 Fantasy               F-9593
Bill                   Evans                               Spring Leaves                                      Milestone             M47034
Bill                   Evans                               A Simple Matter of Conviction                      Verve                 V-8675
Doc                    Evans                               Dixieland Concert (history of jazz series vol 1)   Soma                  MG1209
Art                    Farmer                              The Many Faces of Art Farmer  (no jacket)          Scepter               521
Wilton                 Felder                              Gentle Fire                                        MCA                   5406
Ella                   Fitzgerald                          At the Opera Hosue                                 Verve                 MGV-8264
Ella                   Fitzgerald                          Ella and Oscar                                     Pablo                 2310-759
Ella                   Fitzgerald                          Ella Fitzgerald                                    Metro                 M-500
Ella                   Fitzgerald                          Ella in Hamburg                                    Verve                 V6-4069
Ella                   Fitzgerald                          First Lady of Song                                 Decca                 DL8695
Ella                   Fitzgerald                          Hello Love                                         Verve                 MGV-4034
Ella                   Fitzgerald                          Hello, Dolly                                       Verve                 V-4064
Ella                   Fitzgerald                          Lullabies of Birdland                              Decca                 DL8149
Ella                   Fitzgerald                          Mack the Knife                                     Verve                 MGV-4041
Ella                   Fitzgerald                          Misty Blue                                         Capitol               ST2888
Ella                   Fitzgerald                          Newport Jazz Fest Live at Carnegie Hall 7/5/73     Columbia              32567
Ella                   Fitzgerald                          Sings Sweet Songs for Swingers                     Verve                 MGV-4032
Ella                   Fitzgerald                          sings the Cole Porter songbook (2 record set)      Verve                 MGV-4001
Ella                   Fitzgerald                          sings the Gershwin songbook                        Verve                 MGV-4013
Ella                   Fitzgerald                          sings the Gershwin songbook volume 2               Verve                 MGV-4025
Ella                   Fitzgerald                          sings the Rogers and Hart Songbook volume 2        Verve                 MGV-4023
Ella                   Fitzgerald                          Swings Lightly                                     Verve                 MGV-4021
Ella                   Fitzgerald                          Swings Lightly with Nelson Riddle                  Verve                 MGV-4054
Ella                   Fitzgerald                          The World of                                       Metro                 MS-567
Sonny                  Fortune                             Serengeti Minstrel                                 Atlantic              SD18225
Pete                   Fountain                            I Love Paris                                       Coral                 CRL57378
Pete                   Fountain                            Live Performance in New Orleans                    Pickwick              CAS752
Pete                   Fountain                            The Blues                                          MCA                   506
Russ                   Freeman /Chet Baker                 Quartet                                            Pacific Jazz          1232
Slim                   Gaillard                            Mish Mash (10 inch lp)                             Clef                  MGC-126
Erroll                 Garner                              Afternoon of an Elf                                Mercury               MG20090
Erroll                 Garner                              Campus Concert                                     MGM                   SE-4361
Erroll                 Garner                              Closeup in Swing                                   ABC Paramount         ABC395
Erroll                 Garner                              Concert by the Sea                                 Columbia              CL883
Erroll                 Garner                              Contrasts                                          Emarcy                MG36001
Erroll                 Garner                              Dreamstreet                                        ABC Paramount         ABC365
Erroll                 Garner                              Encores                                            Columbia              CL1141
Erroll                 Garner                              Erroll Garner                                      Columbia              CL535
Erroll                 Garner                              Feeling is Believing                               Mercury               SR61308
Erroll                 Garner                              Garnering                                          Emarcy                MG36026
Erroll                 Garner                              Gems                                               Columbia              CL583
Erroll                 Garner                              Gone Garner Gonest                                 Columbia              CL617
Erroll                 Garner                              Informal Piano Improvisations                      Baronet               B-109
Erroll                 Garner                              Mambo Moves                                        Mercury               MG-20055
Erroll                 Garner                              Moods                                              Mercury               MGW12134
Erroll                 Garner                              One World Concert                                  Octave                R9-6080
Erroll                 Garner                              Other Voices                                       Columbia              CL1014
Erroll                 Garner                              Paris Impressions Volume 1                         Columbia              CL1212
Erroll                 Garner                              Play it Again, Erroll (2 record set)               Columbia              PG33424
Erroll                 Garner                              Plays for Dancing                                  Columbia              CL667
Erroll                 Garner                              Soliloquy                                          Columbia              CL1060
Erroll                 Garner                              Swinging Solos                                     Columbia              CL1512
Erroll                 Garner                              That's My Kick                                     MGM                   E/SE 4463
Erroll                 Garner                              The Most Happy Piano                               Columbia              CL939
Erroll                 Garner                              The Provocative                                    Columbia              CL1587
Erroll                 Garner                              I'll Remember April (7 inch 45 rpm ep)             Columbia              B2573
Stan                   Getz                                Big Band Bossa Nova                                Verve                 VG-8494
Stan                   Getz                                Getz (2 record set)                                Prestige              PR24019
Stan                   Getz                                In Stockholm                                       Verve                 MGV-8213
Stan                   Getz                                Stan Getz Quartet                                  Jazztone              J-1230
Stan                   Getz                                Live at Montmartre (2 record set)                  Inner City            IC1040
Stan                   Getz                                The History of Stan Getz (2 record set)            Verve                 2V6S8815
Stan                   Getz                                Voices                                             Verve                 V6-8707
Stan                   Getz                                the melodic Stan Getz                              Metro                 M501
Stan                   Getz and Charlie Byrd               Jazz Samba                                         Verve                 V-8432
Stan                   Getz and Horace Sliver              Pair of Kings                                      Baronet               B-102
Stan                   Getz and Joao Gilberto              Getz / Gilberto                                    Verve                 V6-8545
Astrud                 Gilberto                            Gilberto with Turrentine                           CTI                   CTI6008
Astrud                 Gilberto                            Look to the Rainbow                                Verve                 V6-8643
Astrud                 Gilberto                            The Astrud Gilberto Album                          Verve                 V6-8608
Astrud                 Gilberto                            The Shadow of Your Smile                           Verve                 V6-8629
Dizzy                  Gillespie                           In the Beginning (2 record set)                    Prestige              24030
Jean                   Goldkette                           Dance hits of the '20s in hi-fi                    RCA Camden            CAL-558
Benny                  Goodman                             Plays World Favorites                              Westinghouse          none
Benny                  Goodman                             Swing Classics (3 record set)                      Classics Library      SRL7673
Benny                  Goodman                             Swing Into Spring                                  Columbia              XTV2899
Benny                  Goodman                             The King of Swing Vol. 1                           Columbia              CL817
Benny                  Goodman                             This is Benny Goodman (2 record set)               RCA Victor            vpm6040
Benny                  Goodman                             Treasure Chest (3 record Set)                      BookoftheMonth        71-6502
Benny                  Goodman                             Volume 5                                           Musical Heritage Soc  MHS922588Y
Benny                  Goodman                             Benny in Brussels - Volume 1                       Columbia              CL1247
Benny                  Goodman                             Complete Benny Goodman Vol I 1935 (2 record set)   Bluebird              AXM2-5505
Benny                  Goodman                             Complete Benny Goodman Vol III 1936 (2 record set) Bluebird              AXM2-5532
Benny                  Goodman                             Complete Benny Goodman Vol VI 1938  (2 record set) Bluebird              AXM2-5566
Benny                  Goodman                             Trio Quartet Quintet                               RCA Victor            LPM1226
Benny                  Goodman Orchestra                   A Toast to Benny Goodman                           Crown                 CLP5097
Benny                  Goodman Orchestra                   Tribute to Benny goodman                           Crown                 CLP5092
Benny                  Goodman with Ben Pollack            Benny Goodman with Ben Pollack 1926-31             Sunbeam               SB136
Julian                 Gould                               Honky Tonk Piano at the Golden Nugget              Design                DLP-42
Wardell                Gray                                plus Erroll Garner                                 Crown                 CST424
Grant                  Green                               Visions                                            Blue Note             BST84373
Grant                  Green                               Shades of Green                                    Blue Note             BST84413
Grant                  Green                               Alive!                                             Blue Note             BST84360
Vince                  Guaraldi                            Oh, Good Grief (no jacket)                         Warner                WS1747
Bobby                  Hackett                             Bobby Hackett Quartet                              Capitol               T1235
Peggy                  Haine                               and the Lowdown Alligator Jass Band                Wild Abandon          411
Edomnd                 Hall                                Swing Session                                      Commodore             FL30,012
Edmond                 Hall and Art Hodes                  Original Blue Note Jazz Vol 1                      Blue Note             B6504
Jim                    Hall                                Jazz Guitar                                        Pacific Jazz          1227
Jim                    Hall                                Live!                                              Horizon               SP705
Chico                  Hamilton                            A Different Journey                                Reprise               R-6078
Chico                  Hamilton                            Gogns East!                                        Warner Bros           1271
Chico                  Hamilton                            With Strings Attached                              Warner Bros           1245
Lionel                 Hampton                             Golden Vibes                                       Columbia              CL1304
Lionel                 Hampton                             Good Vibes                                         Columbia              P18074
Lionel                 Hampton                             Hamp in HiFi                                       Harmony               HL7115
Lionel                 Hampton                             Here's Gates                                       Canary                CA3019
Lionel                 Hampton                             Lionel Hampton                                     Lion                  L70064
Lionel                 Hampton                             Lionel Hampton                                     Coronet               CX159
Lionel                 Hampton                             Silver Vibes                                       Columbia              CL 1486
Lionel                 Hampton                             Soft Vibes, Soaring Strings                        Columbia              CL1651
Lionel                 Hampton                             The Great Hamp and Little T                        Coral                 757438
Herbie                 Hancock                             Future Shock                                       Columbia              FC38814
Herbie                 Hancock                             Maiden Voyage                                      Blue Note             84195
Herbie                 Hancock                             Secrets                                            Columbia              34280
Herbie                 Hancock                             Sunlight                                           Columbia              JC34907
Herbie                 Hancock                             Thrust                                             Columbia              PC32965
Herbie                 Hancock                             Head Hunter                                        Columbia              KC32731
Herbie                 Hancock                             V.S.O.P. The Quintet (2 record set)                Columbia              C234976
Herbie                 Hancock                             Mr. Hands (no jacket)                              Columbia              36578
Herbie                 Hancock                             Fat Albert Rotunda                                 Warner Bros           1834
The                    Harlem Blues & Jazz Band            The Harlem Blues & Jazz Band                       Barron                VLP 404
Barry                  Harris                              Stay Right With It (2 record set)                  Milestone             M-47050
Eddie                  Harris                              The Electrifying Eddie Harris                      Atlantic              SD1495
Coleman                Hawkins                             Timeless Jazz                                      Jazztone              J-1201
Coleman                Hawkins                             The Gilded Hawk                                    Capitol               T 819
Coleman                Hawkins and his orchestra           Capitol Jazz Classics Vol. 5                       Capitol               M-11030
Clancy                 Hayes & the Salty Dogs              Oh By Jingo                                        Delmark               DS-210
Eddie                  Heywood                             Eddie Heywood                                      Emarcy                MG-36042
Eddie                  Heywood                             Eddie Heywood                                      Wing                  MGW12137
Eddie                  Heywood                             Featuring Eddie Heywood                            Coral                 CRL57095
Eddie                  Heywood                             The Touch of Eddie Heywood                         RCA Victor            LPM-1466
Richard                Himber                              and his Ritz-Carlton Hotel Orchestra 1934-1935     Bluebird              AXM2-5520
Earl                   Himes                               My tribute to Louis                                Audiophile            AP111
Earl                   Hines                               Grand Reunion the Earl Hines Trio                  Limelight             Ls86020
Earl Fatha             Hines                               Earl Fatha Hines and his Orchestra                 Bravo                 K134
Al                     Hirt                                Best of                                            RCA Victor            LSP-3309
Al                     Hirt                                Cotton Candy                                       RCA Victor            LPM-2917
Al                     Hirt                                Floatin' Down to Cotton Town                       Vocalion              VL73907
Al                     Hirt                                Honey in the Horn                                  RCA Victor            LSP-2733
Al                     Hirt                                Swigin Dixie at Dan's Pier 600 in New Orleans      Audio Fidelity        AFSD5877
Al                     Hirt                                The high-flying trumpet of Al Hirt                 RCA Victor            PRM169
Johnny                 Hodges                              Memories of Ellington                              Norgran               MG N-1004
Johnny                 Hodges                              Duke's in Bed                                      Verve                 8203
Johnny                 Hodges & Earl "Fatha" Hines         Swing's Our Thing                                  Verve                 V6-87332
Billie                 Holiday                             A Rare Live Recording                              RIC                   M2001
Billie                 Holiday                             God Bless the Child (2 record set)                 Columbia              G30782
Billie                 Holiday                             Greatest Hits                                      MCA                   MCA-275
Billie                 Holiday                             Sings the Blues                                    Pickwick              SPC-3335
Billie                 Holiday                             Billie's Blues                                     Harmony               KH32080
Billie                 Holiday                             Volume One (10 inch lp)                            Commodore             20,005
Freddie                Hubbard                             Ride Like the Wind                                 Elektra               E1-60029
Freddy                 Hubbard                             Windjammer                                         Columbia              34166
Bobbi                  Humphrey                            Blacks and Blues                                   Blue Note             BNLA142-G
Bobbi                  Humphrey                            Satin Doll                                         Blue Note             LA-344-G
Pee Wee                Hunt                                Dance Party (no jacket)                            Capitol               ST1362
Pee Wee                Hunt                                Dixieland Detour                                   Capitol               T312
Dick                   Hyman                               Swingin' Double Date                               Lion                  L70067
Milt                   Jackson                             Feelings                                           Pablo                 2310-774
Milt                   Jackson & Count Basie               The Big Band Volume 1                              Pablo                 23810822
Ahmad                  Jamal                               Ahmad Jamal                                        Argo                  LP636
Ahmad                  Jamal                               All of You                                         Argo                  LPS691
Ahmad                  Jamal                               at the Blackhawk                                   Argo                  703
Ahmad                  Jamal                               at the Pershing Volume Two                         Argo                  LP667
Ahmad                  Jamal                               at the Pershing (no jacket)                        Cadet                 CA628
Ahmad                  Jamal                               But Not for Me                                     Argo                  LP628
Ahmad                  Jamal                               Happy Moods                                        Argo                  682
Ahmad                  Jamal                               Rossiter Road                                      Atlantic              81645-1
Ahmad                  Jamal                               The Ahmad Jamal Trio                               Epic                  LN3212
Ahmad                  Jamal                               The Piano Scene of Ahmad Jamal                     Epic                  LN3631
Ahmad                  Jamal                               with voices Cry Young                              Cadet                 LPS792
Ahmad                  Jamal                               Listen to the Ahmad Jamal Quintet                  Argo                  673
Ahmad                  Jamal                               Chamber Music of the New Jazz                      Argo                  LP602
Keith                  Jarrett                             Arbour Zena                                        ECM                   1070
Keith                  Jarrett                             Belonging                                          ECM                   1050
Keith                  Jarrett                             My Song                                            ECM                   1115
Keith                  Jarrett                             Solo Concerts                                      ECM                   1035
Keith                  Jarrett                             Staircase                                          ECM                   1090
                       Jazz Composers Orchestra            Ccl Taylor/Cherry/Rudd/Sanders/Coryell/Barbieri    JCOA                  LP1001/2
JJ                     Johnson                             A Touch of Satin                                   Columbia              CS 8537
Jonah                  Jones                               Jonah Jones Swings Etta Jones Sings                Crown                 CLP5422
Jonah                  Jones                               Jumpin' with Jonah                                 Capitol               T1039
Jonah                  Jones                               Muted Jazz                                         Capitol               T839
Quincy                 Jones                               This is how I feel about Jazz                      ABC                   ABC-149
Jonah                  Jones Quartet                       Swingin' Round the World                           Capitol               ST1237
Stanley                Jordan                              Magic Touch                                        Blue Note             BT85101
Robin                  Kenyatta                            Gypsy Man                                          Atlantic              SD1633A
Barney                 Kessel                              Guitarra                                           Camden                CAS-2404
Barney                 Kessel                              Let's Cook!                                        Contemporary          M3603
Barney                 Kessel                              Poll Winners Three!                                Contemporary          S7576
Rahsaan Roland         Kirk                                Blacknuss                                          Atlantic              SD1601
Rahsaan Roland         Kirk                                Introducing  Roland Kirk                           Argo                  689
John                   Klemmer                             Touch                                              MCA                   1654
Earl                   Klugh                               Heart String                                       United Artists        LA942H
Gene                   Krupa                               Drum Boogie (no jacket)                            Clef                  MG C-703
Gene                   Krupa and Buddy Rich                Krupa and Rich (no jacket)                         Clef                  MG C-684
                       Lambert Hendricks and Bavan         recorded live at Basin St East                     RCA Victor            LPM-2635
                       Lambert, Hendricks and Bavan        at Newport '63                                     RCA Victor            LPM2747
                       Lambert, Hendricks & Ross           Lambert, Hendricks & Ross                          Columbia              CL1403
                       Lambert, Hendricks & Ross           The Best of                                        Columbia              KC32911
Art                    Lande                               Rubisa Patrol                                      ECM                   1081
Hubert                 Laws                                Flute By-Laws                                      Atlantic              1452
Hubert                 Laws                                Make It Last                                       Columbia              38850
Hubert                 Laws                                Morning Star                                       CTI                   6022
Hubert                 Laws                                Romeo & Juliet                                     Columbia              34330
Hubert                 Laws                                Say It With Silence                                Columbia              35022
Hubert                 Laws                                The Rite of Spring                                 CTI                   6012
Hubert                 Laws                                Claude Bolling's California Suite                  Columbia              FM36691
Hubert                 Laws                                The Chicago Theme                                  CTI                   6058S1
Michel                 Legrand                             Legrand Jazz                                       Columbia              CL1250
Michel                 Legrand                             Legrand Piano                                      Columbia              CS8237
Michel                 Legrand                             Young Girls of Rochefort                           United Artists        UAS6662
John                   Lewis                               Grand Encounter: 2 degrees east / 3 degrees west   Pacific Jazz          PJ-1217
Ramsey                 Lewis                               Another Voyage                                     Cadet                 827
Ramsey                 Lewis                               Down to Earth                                      Mercury               SR60213
Ramsey                 Lewis                               Goin Latin                                         Cadet                 LP-790
Ramsey                 Lewis                               Golden Hits                                        Columbia              KC32490
Ramsey                 Lewis                               Hang on Ramsey!                                    Cadet                 LP761
Ramsey                 Lewis                               Stretching Out                                     Argo                  665
Ramsey                 Lewis                               Sun Goddess                                        Columbia              KC33194
Ramsey                 Lewis                               The In Crowd                                       Argo                  757
Ramsey                 Lewis                               Wade in the Water                                  Cadet                 774
Ramsey                 Lewis                               The Groover                                        Cadet                 CA50020
Ramsey                 Lewis                               at the Bohemian Caverns                            Cadet                 741
Ramsey                 Lewis                               Love Notes                                         Columbia              PC34696
Ramsey                 Lewis                               Maiden Voyage                                      Cadet                 811
Ramsey                 Lewis                               Three Piece Suite                                  Columbia              FC37153
Ted                    Lewis                               Ted Lewis' Orchestra 1926-1933                     Biograph              BLP-C7
Abbe                   Lincoln                             That's Him!                                        Riverside             RLP12-251
Roger                  Link                                Hot Lips: salute to  Henry Busse                   Decca                 DL4055
Mike                   Lipskin & Willie the Lion Smith     California Here I Come                             Flying Dutchman       FD-10140
Charles                Lloyd                               Forest Flower                                      Atlantic              SD1743
Gisele                 MacKenzie                           Mam'selle Gisele                                   Vik                   LX-1075
                       Mahavishnu Orchestra                Birds of Fire                                      Columbia              KC31996
Mike                   Mainieri                            Blues on the Other Side                            Argo                  706
Junior                 Mance                               Live at the Top                                    Atlantic              SD1521
Chuck                  Mangione                            70 Miles Young                                     A&M                   SP-4911
Chuck                  Mangione                            Chase the Clouds Away                              A&M                   SP-4518
Chuck                  Mangione                            Children of Sanchez                                A&M                   SP-6700
Chuck                  Mangione                            Disguise                                           Columbia              FC39479
Chuck                  Mangione                            Feels So Good                                      A&M                   SP-4658
Chuck                  Mangione                            Land of Make Believe                               Mercury               SRM-1-684
The                    Manhattan Transfer                  Bodies and Souls                                   Atlantic              80104-1
The                    Manhattan Transfer                  Coming Out                                         Atlantic              SD18183
The                    Manhattan Transfer                  Extensions                                         Atlantic              SD19258
The                    Manhattan Transfer                  Jukin                                              Capitol               ST11405
The                    Manhattan Transfer                  Live                                               Atlantic              K50540
The                    Manhattan Transfer                  Pastiche                                           Atlantic              SD19163
The                    Manhattan Transfer                  The Manhattan Transfer                             Atlantic              SD18133
The                    Manhattan Transfer                  Vocalese                                           Atlantic              81256-1
Herbie                 Mann                                Afro-Jazziac                                       Roulette              SR52122
Herbie                 Mann                                Live at the Whiskey A Go Go                        Atlantic              SD1536
Herbie                 Mann                                Mississippi Gambler                                Atlantic              SD1610
Branford               Marsalis                            Royal Garden Blues                                 Columbia              FC40363
Wynton                 Marsalis                            Black Codes (From the Underground)                 Columbia              FC40009
Wynton                 Marsalis                            Hot House Flowers                                  Columbia              39530
Wynton                 Marsalis                            Standard Time Vol. 1                               Columbia              FC-40461
Wynton                 Marsalis                            Think of One                                       Columbia              FC38641
The                    Mastersounds                        Jazz Showcase introducing the Mastersounds         World Pacific         PJM-403
Les                    McCann and Eddie Harris             Swiss Movement                                     Atlantic              SD-1537
Clyde                  McCoy                               Sugar Blues                                        Capitol               T311
Gary                   McFarland                           Point of Departure                                 Impulse!              A-46
Gary                   McFarland                           Soft Samba                                         Verve                 8603
Jimmy                  McGriff                             I've Got a Woman                                   Sue                   1012
Dave                   McKenna                             Cookin' At Michael's Pub                           Halcyon               #108
John                   McLaughlin                          Electric Guitarist                                 Columbia              JC35326
John                   McLaughlin                          Friday Night in San Francisco                      Columbia              FC37152
John                   McLaughlin                          Passion Grace & Fire                               Columbia              FC38645
Jackie                 McLean                              It's Time                                          Blue Note             BST-84179
Jackie                 McLean                              Right Now                                          Blue Note             BST-84125
Jimmy & Marion         McPartland                          play TV thremes                                    Design                DCF1032
Marian                 McPartland                          From This Moment On                                Concord               CJ86
Marian                 McPartland                          Now's the Time                                     Halcyon               HAL115
Marian                 McPartland                          The Marian McPartland Trio                         Capitol               T785
Marian                 McPartland                          A Fine Romance                                     Improv                7115
Carmen                 McRae                               Something to Swing About                           Kapp                  KL-1169
Pat                    Metheny                             80/81 (two record set)                             ECM                   1180
Pat                    Metheny                             American Garage                                    ECM                   1-1155
Glen                   Miller                              Complete Glen Miller Vol 1 1938-39 (2 record set)  Bluebird              AXM2-5512
Glen                   Miller                              Complete Glen Miller Vol 2 1939 (2 record set)     Bluebird              AXM2-5514
Glen                   Miller                              Complete Glen Miller Vol 3 1939-40 (2 record set)  Bluebird              AXM2-5534
Glen                   Miller                              Complete Glen Miller Vol 6 1940-41 (2 record set)  Bluebird              AXM2-5569
Glen                   Miller                              Complete Glen Miller Vol 9 1940-41 (2 record set)  Bluebird              AXM2-5574
Glen                   Miller                              Complete Glen Miller Vol V 1940 (2 record set)     Bluebird              AXM2-5565
Glen                   Miller                              Complete Glen Miller Vol VII 1941 (2 record set)   Bluebird              AXM2-5570
Glen                   Miller                              Shindig                                            Movietown             MTM1003
                       Mills Blue Rhythm Band              Keep the Rhythm Going 1934-1936                    Jazz Archives         JA-10
Charles                Mingus                              Mingus Three                                       Jubilee               JLP1054
Charles                Mingus                              Better Git it in your Soul (2 record set)          Columbia              CG 30628
The                    Modern Jazz Quartet                 Fontessa                                           Atlantic              1231
The                    Modern Jazz Quartet                 No Sun in Venice                                   Atlantic              1284
The                    Modern Jazz Quartet                 One Never Knows                                    London                SAH-K-6029
The                    Modern Jazz Quartet                 The Modern Jazz Quartet                            Atlantic              1265
The                    Modern Jazz Quartet                 The Modern Jazz Quartet (2 record set)             Prestige              24005
The                    Modern Jazz Quartet                 The Modern Jazz Quartet with Orchestra             Atlantic              1359
The                    Modern Jazz Sextet                  The Modern Jazz Sextet                             Verve                 MG V-8166
Thelonious             Monk                                Monk's Music                                       Riverside             RLP1102
Thelonious             Monk                                Vol 2 Genius of Modern Music (10 inch lp) (no jac) Blue Note             5009
Thelonious             Monk                                Greatest Hits                                      Riverside             RLP9421
Wes                    Montgomery                          Wes Montgomery                                     MGM                   GAS120
Wes                    Montgomery                          Windy                                              A&M                   MFP50436
Max                    Morath                              The Best of Scott Joplin (2 record set)            Vanguard              VSD-39/40
Lee                    Morgan                              Expoobident (no jacket)                            Vee Jay               3015
Lee                    Morgan                              Lee Morgan (2 record set)                          Blue Note             BST-84901
Lee                    Morgan                              The Sixth Sense                                    Blue Note             BST-84335
Jelly Roll             Morton                              Original Jelly Roll Blues Volume 10                Riverside             RLP9010
Jelly Roll             Morton                              Classic Piano Solos                                Riverside             RLP12-111
Gerry                  Mulligan                            Jeru                                               Columbia              CL1932
Gerry                  Mulligan                            meets Johnny Hodges                                Verve                 V5-8536
Gerry                  Mulligan Quartet                    Pacific Jazz presents                              Pacific Jazz          PJ-1228
Rose                   Murphy                              Sings Again                                        MCA                   1558
Turk                   Murphy and Wally Rose               The Music of Jelly Roll Morton (10in LP)           Columbia              CL6323
Turk                   Murphy and Wally Rose               The Music of Jelly Roll Morton                     Columbia              CL559
Peter                  Nero                                The Magic Touch                                    Spinorama             S-136
Peter                  Nero                                plays Born Free and others                         RCA Camden            CAS2139
David                  Newman                              House of David                                     Atlantic              SD1489
Red                    Nichols                             1926-1931 Rarest Brunswick Masters                 MCA                   1518
Red                    Nichols                             at Marineland                                      Capitol               T1163
Red                    Nichols                             Dixieland Dinner Dance                             Capitol               T1297
Red                    Nichols                             Hot Pennies                                        Capitol               T775
Red                    Nichols                             Meet the Five Pennies                              Capitol               T1228
Red                    Nichols                             play Blues and Old-Time Rags                       Capitol               ST2065
Lennie                 Niehaus                             Vol. 1 The Quintets                                Contemporary          C3518
Ray                    Noble                               We Danced All Night                                RCA Camden            CAL380
Knuckles               O'Toole                             South of the Border (10 inch lp)                   Waldorf Music Hall    MH33-164
King                   Oliver                              King Oliver's Jazz (10 inch lp)                    Decca                 DL5437
Lee                    Oskar                               Before the Rain                                    Elektra               6E0150
Lee                    Oskar                               Lee Oskar                                          United Artists        LA594-G
Tony                   Parenti's All-Stars                 Happy Jazz                                         Jazzology             J-1215
Charlie                Parker                              Broadcast Performances                             ESP                   ESP-BIRD-2
Charlie                Parker                              Comprehensive Live Performances Vol 1              ESP                   BIRD-1
Charlie                Parker                              The Essential Charlie Parker                       Verve                 V6-8409
Charlie                Parker                              The Fabulous Bird                                  Jazztone              J-1214
Charlie                Parker                              the genius of Charlie Parker #3 -Now's the Time    Verve                 V6-8005
Charlie                Parker                              The Savoy Sessions                                 Savoy                 SJL1107
Joe                    Pass                                Portraits of Duke Ellington                        Pablo                 2310716
Joe                    Pass                                at the Montreaux Jazz Festival 1975                Pablo                 2310-752
Les                    Paul                                Les Paul and Trio                                  Tops                  L-1602
Les                    Paul and Mary Ford                  Brazil                                             Pickwick              SPC-3122
Annette                Peacock                             I'm the One                                        RCA Victor            LSP-4578
Oscar                  Peterson                            At JATP                                            Verve                 MG V-8368
Oscar                  Peterson                            at the Concertgebouw                               Verve                 MGV-8268
Oscar                  Peterson                            Blues Etude                                        Limelight             LS86039
Oscar                  Peterson                            In Tune                                            MPS                   MC20905
Oscar                  Peterson                            Night Train                                        Verve                 SW90629
Oscar                  Peterson                            Oscar's Choice                                     MPS                   5D 052-99407
Oscar                  Peterson                            Sessions                                           Calliope              CAL3007
Oscar                  Peterson                            The Oscar Peterson Trio Plays                      Verve                 V-8591
Oscar                  Peterson                            Trio in Transition                                 Emarcy                EMS2-405
Oscar                  Peterson                            West Side Story                                    Verve                 V/V6-854
Oscar                  Peterson                            With Respect to Nat                                Limelight             LS82035
Jean-Luc               Ponty                               A Taste for Passion                                Atlantic              SD19253
Jean-Luc               Ponty                               Enigmatic Ocean                                    Atlantic              SD19110
Jean-Luc               Ponty                               Live                                               Atlantic              SD19229
                       Preservation Hall Jazz Band         Jazz at Preservation Hall                          Atlantic              SD1409
Billy                  Preston                             Wildest Organ in Town                              Capitol               SY-4644
                       Pure Dixieland Jazz                 Starring "Big Jeb Dooley" (2 record set)           Command               RSSD9832
Jean-Pierre            Rampal                              Suite for Flute and Jazz Piano                     Columbia              M33233
Otis                   Redding                             The Soul Album                                     Volt                  413
Django                 Reinhardt                           The best of                                        Capitol               TBO 10226
                       Return to Forever                   Musicmagic                                         Columbia              PC34682
                       Return to Forever                   Romantic Warrior                                   Columbia              PC34076
Lee                    Ritenour                            Captain Fingers                                    Epic                  34426
Lee                    Ritenour                            The Captain's Journey                              Elektra               6E-136
Max                    Roach and Clifford Brown            In Concert  vol. 7 (10 inch lp) (no jacket)        Gene Norman Presents  GNP-125
Wally                  Rose and Clancy Hayes               Cakewalk to Lindy Hop                              Columbia              CL782
Pee Wee                Russell                             Peewee, the great!                                 Jazztone              J-1257
Pee Wee                Russell                             Portrait of Pee Wee (no jacket)                    Counterpoint          CPT-365
The                    Salt City Six                       Dixieland aat the Roundtable                       Forum                 SF9019
Joe                    Sample                              Voices in the Rain                                 MCA                   27077
Joe                    Sample                              Oasis                                              MCA                   5481
David                  Sanborn                             Backstreet                                         Warner Bros           23906
Pharoah                Sanders                             Black Unity                                        Impulse!              AS-9219
Pharoah                Sanders                             Elevation                                          ABC                   AS-9261
Pharoah                Sanders                             Thembi                                             Impulse!              AS-9206
Pharoah                Sanders                             Spotlight on Pharoah Sanders                       UpFront               UPF-150
Carlos                 Santana/Mahavishnu John McLaughlin  Love Devotion Surrender                            Columbia              C32034
Lee                    Schaefer and Jim Hall               A Girl ad a Guitar                                 United Artists        UAS5012
Hazel                  Scott                               Swinging the Classics (two 78s)                    Decca                 18127
Shirley                Scott                               On a Clear Day                                     Impulse!              A-9109
Tom                    Scott                               New York Connection                                Ode                   SP77033
Tom                    Scott & the L.A. Express            Tom Cat                                            Ode                   SP77029
Tom                    Scott & the L.A. Express            Tom Scott and the LA Express                       Ode                   SP77042
Artie                  Shaw                                Complete Artie Shaw Vol 1 1938-39 (2 record set)   Bluebird              AXM2-5517
Artie                  Shaw                                Complete Artie Shaw Vol IV 1940-41 (2 record set)  Bluebird              AXM2-5572
Artie                  Shaw                                Complete Artie Shaw Vol 7 1939-45 (2 record set)   Bluebird              AXM2-5580
George                 Shearing                            It's Real George                                   Coronet               CX-272
George                 Shearing                            San Francisco Scene                                Capitol               T1715
Don                    Shirley                             Pianist Extraordinary                              Cadence               3048
Bobby                  Short                               My Personal Property                               Atlantic              SD1689
Alan                   Silva                               Celestial Communications Orchestra - Seasons       BYG                   529342-43-44
Horace                 Silver                              The Jody Grind                                     Blue Note             BLP4250
Sonny                  Simmons                             Staying On the  Watch                              ESP                   1030
Jimmy                  Smith                               Christmas '64                                      Verve                 V68604
Jimmy                  Smith                               Got My Mojo Working                                Verve                 V8641
Jimmy                  Smith                               Hoochie Coochie Man                                Verve                 V8667
Jimmy                  Smith                               Jimmy Smith /Dave "Baby" Cortez                    Premier               PS-9027
Jimmy                  Smith                               Live at the Village Gate                           Metro                 M-521
Jimmy                  Smith                               Midnight Special                                   Blue Note             4098
Jimmy                  Smith                               Organ Grinder Swing                                Verve                 V6-8628
Jimmy                  Smith                               Plays                                              Crown                 CST469
Jimmy                  Smith                               Plays the Standards                                Sunset                SUM-1175
Jimmy                  Smith                               The Cat                                            Verve                 V6-8587
Jimmy                  Smith                               The Incredible                                     Blue Note             4200
Jimmy                  Smith                               Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?                    Verve                 V6-8583
Jimmy                  Smith                               Don Gardner trio featuring Jimmy Smith             Guest Star            1434
Lonnie Liston          Smith                               Reflections of a Golden Dream                      Flying Dutchman       BDL1-1460
Jimmy                  Smith & Dave "Baby" Cortez          Organ Greats                                       Design                DLP-203
Muggsy                 Spanier                             Muggsy Spanier                                     Everest               FS226
Muggsy                 Spanier                             Plays Dixieland Jazz                               Craftsmen             C8046
Muggsy                 Spanier                             Ragtime Band                                       Camden                QJ-25341
Muggsy                 Spanier and Sidney Bechet           Ragtime Jazz                                       Olympic               7113
Kay                    Starr and Erroll Garner             Singin and Swingin                                 Crown                 CLP5003
Dakota                 Staton                              The Late Late Show                                 Capitol               T876
Dakota                 Staton                              sings Ballads and the Blues                        Capitol               ST1387
Slam                   Stewart and Bucky Pizzarelli        Dialogue                                           Stash                 ST-201
Sonny                  Stitt                               Move on Over                                       Argo                  730
Sonny                  Stitt                               Sonny Stitt                                        Argo                  629
Sonny                  Stitt                               The Sensual Sound                                  Verve                 V6-8451
                       Sweet Emma                          New Orleans' Sweet Emma and her jazz band          Preservation Hall     VPS-2
The                    Swingle Singers                     Bach's Greatest Hits                               Philips               PHS600097
Gabor                  Szabo                               Mizrab                                             CTI                   6026
Art                    Tatum                               Art Tatum Concert                                  Harmony               HL7006
Art                    Tatum                               Piano Discoveries Volume 2                         20th Fox              3033
Art                    Tatum                               The Complete Piano Discoveries (2 record set)      20th Fox              TCF-102-2
Billy                  Taylor                              Billy Taylor Trio vol 2 (10 inch lp)               Prestige              PRLP165
Cecil                  Taylor                              Conquistador!                                      Blue Note             BST84260
Cecil                  Taylor                              Nuits de la Foundation Maeght Vol 1                Shandar               SR10.011
Cecil                  Taylor                              Nuits de la Foundation Maeght Vol 2                Shandar               83508
Cecil                  Taylor                              Nuits de la Foundation Maeght Vol 3                Shandar               83509
Cecil                  Taylor                              Silent Tongues                                     Arista                AL1005
Cecil                  Taylor                              Spring of Two Blue Jays                            Unit Core             30551
Cecil                  Taylor                              Unit Structures                                    Blue Note             BLP-4237
Jack                   Teagarden                           Swinging Down in Dixie                             Golden Tone           C4097
                       Tuxedo Junction                     Tuxedo Junction                                    Butterfly             FLY004
McCoy                  Tyner                               Fly With the Wind                                  Milestone             M-9067
McCoy                  Tyner                               Inner Voices                                       Milestone             M-9079
                       various                             All Star Jazz                                      Paris                 Album3
                       various                             Big Bands Ballads and Broadway                     CBS                   PQ13227
                       various                             Blue Note Live at the Roxy                         Blue Note             BN-LA663-J2
                       various                             Blue Note's 3 Decades of Jazz vol1 (2 recd set)    Blue Note             BST89903
                       various                             Charlie Parker/Stan Getz/Wardell Gray & others     Design                DLP-183
                       various                             God ret Ye Merry Jazzmen                           Columbia              PC37551
                       various                             Great Jazz Pianists (no jacket)                    RCA Camden            CAL-328
                       various                             Grt Jzz Pnsts of our tme (Peterson/Garner/Tatum)   Camden                CAS-882(e)
                       various                             He Really Digs Jazz                                Decca                 DL8314
                       various                             Hot Clarinets 1924-1929                            Historical            HLP-25
                       various                             Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl                         Verve                 MGV8321-2
                       various                             Jazz Greats of Modern Times                        United Artists        UAS6333
                       various                             Kings of New Orleans                               Design                DLP-213
                       various                             Lusty Moods played by America's Top Jazzmen        Status                8319
                       various                             Piano Roll Discoveries                             RCA Victor            LPM-2058
                       various                             Piano Sytlists 1927-1980 (4 record set)            Franklin Mint         77-80
                       various                             The First Jazz Piano Quartet                       Warner Bros           WS1274
                       various                             The Greatest Jazz Perfs of all Time (4 rcd set)    Franklin Mint         45-48
                       various                             The Most Vol. IV                                   Roulette              R52062
                       various                             The Smithsonian Coll of Classic Jazz (6 lp box)    Columbia              P611891
                       various                             Classic Rags and Ragtime Songs                     Smithsonian           N001
                       various                             Late Ragtime Piano                                 Folkways              RF 34
                       various                             The Soul of Jazz Piano                             Riverside             S-7
                       various                             The Sound of Jazz                                  Columbia              CL1098
                       various                             This is the Blues Vol 1                            World Pacific         ST20149
                       various                             Jazz Omnibus                                       Columbia              CL1020
                       various                             Down Beat Jazz Concert                             Dot                   DLP9003
                       various                             Hi-Fi Jazz Session                                 Masterseal            MSLP5013
                       various                             Modern Jazz Greats Vol 2                           Crown                 CLP5220
                       various                             Metronome All-Stars 1956                           Clef                  MGC743
Charlie                Ventura                             plays hi-fi Jazz                                   Tops                  L1528
Joe                    Venuti/ Louis Prima                 Hi-Flootin'                                        Design                DLP54
The                    Village Stompers                    Washington Square                                  Epic                  LN24078
Eddie "Cleanhead"      Vinson                              The "Clean" Machine                                Muse                  MR5116
Fats                   Waller                              At the Organ (piano rolls 1923-7)                  Musical Heritage Soc  MHS4937Y
Fats                   Waller                              Piano Solos 1929-1941 (2 record set)               Bluebird              AXM2-5518
Fats                   Waller                              Complete Fats Waller Vol 1 1934-1935 (2 recrd set) Bluebird              AXM2-5511
Fats                   Waller                              Complete Fats Waller Vol 3 1929-1941 (2 recrd set) Bluebird              AXM2-5583
Grover                 Washington, Jr.                     Anthology                                          Elektra               960415-1-E
Grover                 Washington, Jr.                     Live at the Bijou (2 record set)                   Kudu                  3637
Grover                 Washington, Jr.                     Winelight                                          Elektra               6E-305
                       Weather Report                      8:30                                               Columbia              PC236030
                       Weather Report                      Heavy Weather                                      Columbia              PC34418
                       Weather Report                      Night Passage                                      Columbia              AL36793
Ben                    Webster                             At Work in Europe  (2 record set)                  Prestige              24031
Kitty                  White                               Cold Fire!                                         Emarcy                MG36068
Mary Lou               Williams                            First Lady of the Piano                            inner city            IC7006
Teddy                  Wilson                              Teddy Wilson                                       Everest               FS-263
Teddy                  Wilson                              The Impeccable                                     Verve                 MGV8272
Ken                    Wilson and Bill Green               Mood and Melody                                    Columbia              CL6132
Kai                    Winding                             Kai Ole                                            Verve                 V-8417
The                    Winter Consort                      Winter Consort                                     A&M                   SP4170
Lester                 Young                               Just You, Just Me                                  Charlie Parker        PLP-409

Soul (304)

Anita                  Baker                               Rapture                                            Elektra               960444-1
Angela                 Bofill                              Too Tough                                          Arista                AL9616
                       Booker T & The MGs                  Back to Back with the Mar-Keys                     Stax                  S720
                       Booker T & the MGs                  In the Christmas Spirit                            Stax                  S713
                       Booker T & the MGs                  The Best of                                        Atlantic              SD8202
                       Booker T & The MGs                  Universal Language                                 Asylum                7E-1093
                       Booker T & the MGs                  Up Tight (movie score)                             Stax                  STS2006
The                    Brothers Johnson                    Look Out for #1                                    A&M                   SP-4567
The                    Brothers Johnson                    Right on Time                                      A&M                   SP-1644
James                  Brown                               Thinking About Little Willie/ Few Nice Things      King                  1038
James                  Brown                               At the Garden                                      King                  1018
James                  Brown                               plays James Brown Yesterday and Today              Smash                 MGS27072
Jean                   Carn                                Happy to Be With You                               Phil. Intl. Recds     JZ34986
Clarence               Carter                              Let's Burn                                         Venture               VL1005
The                    Chambers Brothers                   A New Time A New Day                               Columbia              CS9671
The                    Chambers Brothers                   Greatest Hits                                      Columbia              C30871
The                    Chambers Brothers                   Greatest Hits (2 record set)                       Vault                 135/2
The                    Chambers Brothers                   Shout                                              Vault                 120
The                    Chambers Brothers                   The Time Has Come                                  Columbia              CL2722
Gene                   Chandler                            Live on Stage in '65                               Constellation         1425
Ray                    Charles                             A Man and his Soul (2 record set)                  ABC                   ABCS-590X
Ray                    Charles                             and the sounds of Rhtyhm and Blues                 Palace                M-724
Ray                    Charles                             Brother Ray is at it Again                         Atlantic              SD19281
Ray                    Charles                             Crying Time                                        ABC-Paramount         T-90625
Ray                    Charles                             Sweet and Sour Tears                               ABC-Paramount         480
Ray                    Charles                             Have a Smile With Me                               ABC Paramount         ST-90487
Ray                    Charles                             Invites you to Listen                              ABC-Paramount         T-91223
Ray                    Charles                             Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music         ABC                   ABC410
Ray                    Charles                             Spotlight on Ray Charles                           Design                DLP-145
Ray                    Charles                             Spotlight on Ray Charles volume 2                  Design                DLP-155
Ray                    Charles                             The Sensational Ray Charles                        Coronet               CXS187
Ray                    Charles                             What'd I Say                                       Atlantic              8029
Ray                    Charles                             Do the Twist With (no jacket)                      Atlantic              SD8054
Ray                    Charles                             The Genius Hits the Road                           ABC-Pzaramount        ABC-335
Ray                    Charles                             Soul Feelin'                                       Premier               PS9019
Ray                    Charles                             The Ray Charles Story Volume One                   Atlantic              8063
Ray                    Charles                             Friendship                                         Columbia              FC39415
Ray                    Charles / Cleo Laine                Porgy & Bess (2 record box set)                    RCA                   CPL2-1831
Ray                    Charles and Betty Carter            Ray Charles and Betty Carter                       ABC-Paramount         385
The                    Chilites                            Heavenly Body                                      20th Fox              T-619
Natalie                Cole                                Everlasting                                        Manhattan             ST-53051
The                    Commodores                          In the Pocket                                      Motown                M8-955M1
The                    Commodores                          Natural High                                       Motown                M7-902R1
Sam                    Cooke                               So Wonderful                                       Famous                F-508
Sam                    Cooke                               The Best of                                        RCA Victor            AYL1-3863
The                    Dells                               There Is                                           Cadet                 LPS-804
Sheila                 E.                                  The Glamorous Life                                 Warner Brothers       1-25107
                       Earth Wind and Fire                 Gratitude                                          Columbia              PG33694
                       Earth Wind and Fire                 Open Our Eyes                                      Columbia              KC32712
                       Earth Wind and Fire                 Raise!                                             ARC                   TC37548
                       Earth Wind and Fire                 Spirit                                             Columbia              PC34241
                       Earth Wind and Fire                 That's the Way of the World                        Columbia              PG33280
                       Earth Wind and Fire                 I Am                                               ARC                   FC35730
The                    Fifth Dimension                     Anthology 1967-1973 (2 record set)                 Rhino                 RNDA71104
The                    Fifth Dimension                     Go Where You Wanna Go                              Soul City             SCS-92000
The                    Fifth Dimension                     Greatest Hits                                      Soul City             SCS-33900
The                    Fifth Dimension                     Individually and Collectively                      Bell                  6073
The                    Fifth Dimension                     Living Together, Growing Together                  Bell                  1116
The                    Fifth Dimension                     Love's Lines angles and Rhymes                     Bell                  6060
The                    Fifth Dimension                     Portrait                                           Bell                  6045
The                    Fifth Dimension                     Reflections                                        Bell                  6065
The                    Fifth Dimension                     Stoned Soul Picnic                                 Soul City             SCS92002
The                    Fifth Dimension                     The Age of Aquarius                                Soul City             SCS-92005
The                    Fifth Dimension                     The Magic Garden                                   Soul City             SCS-92001
The                    Fifth Dimension                     Greatest Hits on Earth                             Bell                  1106
Roberta                Flack                               Blue Lights in the Basement                        Atlantic              SD19149
Roberta                Flack                               Chapter Two                                        Atlantic              SD1589
Roberta                Flack                               Featuring Donny Hathaway                           Atlantic              SD16013
Roberta                Flack                               First Take                                         Atlantic              SD8230
Roberta                Flack                               First Take                                         Atlantic              SD8230
Roberta                Flack                               Killing Me Softly                                  Atlantic              SD7274
Roberta                Flack                               Quiet Fire                                         Atlantic              SD1594
Roberta                Flack & Donny Hathaway              Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway                     Atlantic              0598
The                    Four Tops                           Anthology (3 record set)                           Motown                M9-809A3
The                    Four Tops                           Live!                                              Motown                654
The                    Four Tops                           Reach Out                                          Motown                660
The                    Four Tops                           Second Album                                       Motown                634
The                    Four Tops                           On Top                                             Motown                647
The                    Four Tops                           Catfish                                            ABC                   968
Aretha                 Franklin                            Aretha In Paris                                    Atlantic              8207
Aretha                 Franklin                            A Tribute to Dinah Washington                      Columbia              CL2163
Aretha                 Franklin                            Aretha Arrives                                     Atlantic              8150
Aretha                 Franklin                            Aretha's Greatest Hits                             Atlantic              SD8295
Aretha                 Franklin                            Hey Now Hey (The Other Side of the Sky)            Atlantic              7265
Aretha                 Franklin                            Jump to It                                         Arista                AL9602
Aretha                 Franklin                            Let Me in Your Life                                Atlantic              SD7292
Aretha                 Franklin                            Love All the Hurt Away                             Arista                AL9552
Aretha                 Franklin                            Running out of Fools                               Columbia              CL2281
Aretha                 Franklin                            Spirit in the Dark                                 Atlantic              8265
Aretha                 Franklin                            This Girl's In Love With You                       Atlantic              SD8248
Aretha                 Franklin                            Through the Storm                                  Arista                AL-8572
Aretha                 Franklin                            Two Sides of Love                                  Harmony               HS11418
Aretha                 Franklin                            Who's Zoomin' Who?                                 Arista                AL8-8286
Aretha                 Franklin                            With Everything I feel in Me                       Atlantic              SD18116
Aretha                 Franklin                            Almighty Fire                                      Atlantic              SD19161
Aretha                 Franklin                            Aretha's Jazz                                      Atlantic              81230
Aretha                 Franklin                            Sparkle                                            Atlantic              SD18176
Marvin                 Gaye                                Anthology (3 record set)                           Motown                M9791A3
Marvin                 Gaye                                Here, My Dear                                      Tamla                 T364LP2
Marvin                 Gaye                                In Our Lifetime                                    Tamla                 T8-374M1
Marvin                 Gaye                                Let's Get it on                                    Tamla                 T329V1
Marvin                 Gaye                                Midnight Love                                      Columbia              FC38197
Marvin                 Gaye                                Trouble Man                                        Tamla                 T3221
Marvin                 Gaye                                What's Going on                                    Tamla                 TS310
Marvin                 Gaye & Diana Ross                   Diana & Marvin                                     Motown                803
Marvin                 Gaye & Tammi Terrell                Greatest Hits                                      Tamla                 302
Gloria                 Gaynor                              Experience                                         MGM                   M3G4997
Gloria                 Gaynor                              Never CanSay Goodbye                               MGM                   M3G4982
Al                     Green                               I'm Still in Love With You                         London                XSHL32074
Gwen                   Guthrie                             Gwen Guthrie                                       Island                90004-1
Whitney                Houston                             Whitney                                            Arista                AL-8405
Whitney                Houston                             Whitney Houston                                    Arista                AL8-8212
Willie                 Hutch                               Soul Portrait                                      RCA Victor            LSP-4213
The                    Impressions                         The Vintage Years (2 record set)                   Sire                  SASH37172
The                    Isley Brothers                      Showdown                                           T-Neck                JZ34930
The                    Isley Brothers                      Do Their Thing                                     Sunset                SUS-5257
Chuck                  Jackson                             Going Back to Chuck Jackson                        Motown                MS687
Janet                  Jackson                             Control                                            A&M                   R-134526
Janet                  Jackson                             Control (12 inch single)                           A&M                   SP-12209
Michael                Jackson                             Ben                                                Motown                M755L
Michael                Jackson                             Got to Be There                                    Motown                M747L
Michael                Jackson                             Thriller                                           Epic                  38112
Milly                  Jackson                             Live and Uncensored (2 record set one missing)     Spring                SP-2-6725
The                    Jackson Five                        Dancing Machine                                    Motown                M6-780S1
The                    Jackson Five                        Lookin' Through the Window                         Motown                M750L
The                    Jackson Five                        Maybe Tomorrow                                     Motown                HS1844
The                    Jackson Five                        Skywriter                                          Motown                M761L
The                    Jacksons                            Destiny                                            Epic                  JE35552
The                    Jacksons                            Victory                                            Epic                  QE38946
Rick                   James                               Bustin' Out of L Seven                             Gordy                 G&-984
Rick                   James                               Street Songs                                       Gordy                 G8-1002M1
Al                     Jarreau                             All Fly Home                                       Warner Bros           BSK3229
Al                     Jarreau                             Jearreau                                           Warner Bros           23801-1
Quincy                 Jones                               The Dude                                           A&M                   SP-3721
Louis                  Jordan                              Somebody Up There Digs Me                          Mercury               MG 207242
Margie                 Joseph                              Meet Margie Joseph (no jacket)                     Volt                  VOS-6012
Eddie                  Kendricks                           At His Best                                        Tamla                 T7-354R1
Eddie                  Kendricks                           Slick                                              Tamla                 T6-356S1
Chaka                  Khan                                Destiny                                            Warner Bros           25425
Chaka                  Khan                                I Feel for You                                     Warner Bros           25162
Chaka                  Khan                                What Cha Gonna Do For Me                           Warner Bros           HS3526
Rufus w Chaka          Khan                                Ask Rufus                                          ABC                   AB975
Chaka                  Khan w Rufus                        Rags to Rufus                                      ABC                   ABCX-809
Ben E                  King                                with Average White Band                            Atlantic              SD19105
Evelyn                 King                                Get Loose                                          RCA Victor            AFL1-4337
Evelyn                 King                                I'm In Love                                        RCA Victor            AFL1-3962
Gladys                 Knight & the Pips                   2nd Anniversary                                    Buddah                BDS5639
Gladys                 Knight & the Pips                   All I Need is Time                                 Soul                  S739L
Gladys                 Knight & the Pips                   Every Beat of My Hert                              Pickwick              SPC3349
Gladys                 Knight & the Pips                   Feelin' Bluesey                                    Pickwick              SPC-3539
Gladys                 Knight & the Pips                   I Fell a Song                                      Buddah                BDS5612
Gladys                 Knight & the Pips                   It Hurts Me So Bad                                 Trip                  TLP9509
Gladys                 Knight & the Pips                   Still Together                                     Buddah                BDS5689
Gladys                 Knight & the Pips                   Visions                                            Columbia              FC-38205
Gladys                 Knight & the Pips                   How Do You Say Goodbye                             Springboard           SPB-4050
                       Kool and the Gang                   Ladies'Night                                       Dee-Lite              DSR-9513
                       Labelle                             Phoenix                                            Epic                  PE33579
                       Little Anthony and the Imperials    The Best of                                        DCP                   DCL3809
                       Little Anthony and the Imperials    Payin Our Dues                                     Veep                  VP13513
The                    Manhattans                          Greatest Hits                                      Columbia              36861
Curtis                 Mayfield                            Roots                                              Curtom                CRS8009
Curtis                 Mayfield                            Sweet Exorcist                                     Curtom                CRS8601
Marilyn                McCoo and Billie Davis Jr           I Hope We Get to Love in Time                      ABC                   AB-1026
Marilyn                McCoo and Billie Davis Jr           The Two of Us                                      ABC                   AB-1026
Harold                 Melvin & the Bluenotes              To Be True                                         Phil. Intl. Recds     KZ33148
Harold                 Melvin & the Blue Notes             Wake Up Everybody                                  Philadelphia Int      PZ33808
                       Milli Vanilli                       Girl You Know It's True                            Arista                ADI9780
The                    O'Jays                              Superbad                                           Little Star           LS-LP-1000
                       Parliament                          Up for the Down Stroke                             Casablanca            NBLP7002
Esther                 Phillips                            What a Difference a Day Makes                      Kudu                  23
Esther                 Phillips                            Alone Again, Naturally                             Kudu                  KU-09
Esther                 Phillips                            Black-Eyed Blues                                   Kudu                  KU-14
Esther                 Phillips                            Capricorn Princess                                 Kudu                  31
Esther                 Phillips                            For All We Know                                    Kudu                  KU-28
Esther                 Phillips                            From a Whisper to a Scream                         Kudu                  KU-05
Esther                 Phillips                            Live at Freddie Jett's Pied Piper, L.A.            Atlantic              SD1565
Esther                 Phillips                            You've Come a Long Way Baby                        Mercury               SRM-1-1187
Esther                 Phillips                            Confessin' the Blkues                              Atlantic              SD1680
Wilson                 Pickett                             I'm in Love                                        Atlantic              SD8175
Wilson                 Pickett                             The Exciting                                       ATCO                  8129
The                    Pointer Sisters                     Break Out                                          Planet                BEL1-5410
The                    Pointer Sisters                     Contact                                            RCA                   AJLI-5487
The                    Pointer Sisters                     Hot Together                                       RCA Victor            5609
The                    Pointer Sisters                     Special Things                                     Planet                P-9
The                    Pointer Sisters                     The Pointer Sisters                                Blue Thumb            BTS48
The                    Pointer Sisters                     Black & White                                      Planet                P-18
The                    Pointer Sisters                     So Excited                                         Planet                BXLI4355
The                    Pointer Sisters                     Steppin                                            Blue Thumb            BTSD6021
Billy                  Preston                             Late at Night                                      Motown                M7-925R1
                       Prince                              1999                                               Warner Bros           R252483
                       Prince                              Around the World in a Day                          Paisley Park          25286
                       Prince                              Controversy                                        Warner Bros           3601
                       Prince                              Purple Rain                                        Warner Bros           25116-1
Lou                    Rawls                               Carryin' On                                        Capitol               T2632
Lou                    Rawls                               Come on in, Mister Blues                           Pickwick              SPC-3156
Lou                    Rawls                               Live (2 record set)                                Phil. Intl. Recds     PZ2-35517
Lou                    Rawls                               Too Much!                                          Capitol               T2713
Lou                    Rawls                               Live                                               Capitol               T2459
Lou                    Rawls                               Soulin'                                            Capitol               ST2566
                       Raydio                              Rock On                                            Arista                AB4212
                       Raydio                              Raydio                                             Arista                AB4163
Martha                 Reeves                              Martha Reeves                                      MCA                   MCA-414
Martha                 Reeves & the Vandellas              Anthology (2 record set)                           Motown                M7-778R2
Martha                 Reeves & the Vandellas              Dancing in the Street                              Pickwick              SPC-3386
Lionel                 Richie                              Can't Slow Down                                    Motown                6059MI
Smokey                 Robinson                            A Quiet Storm                                      Tamla                 T8-337S1
Smokey                 Robinson                            Big Time                                           Tamla                 T6-355S1
Smokey                 Robinson                            Warm Thoughts                                      Tamla                 T8-367M1
Smokey                 Robinson and the Miracles           Anthology (3 record set)                           Motown                M793R3
Smokey                 Robinson and the Miracles           Away We A Go-go                                    Tamla                 271
Smokey                 Robinson and the Miracles           Make it Happen                                     Tamla                 11067
Smokey                 Robinson and the Miracles           Greatest Hits from the Beginning (2 record set)    Tamla                 254
                       Rose Royce                          Rose Royce II In Full Bloom                        Whitfield             WH 3074
Patrice                Rushen                              Posh                                               Elektra               6E-602
Brenda                 Russell                             Brenda Russell                                     Horizon               Sp-739
                       Sam & Dave                          Best of                                            Atlantic              81279-1-Y
                       Shalamar                            Big Fun                                            Solar                 BXL1-3479
                       Shalamar                            Disco Gardens                                      Solar                 BZL1-2895
                       Shalamar                            Three for Love                                     Solar                 BZL1-3577
The                    Shirelles                           Greatest Hits                                      Scepter               507
The                    Shirelles                           Swing the Most                                     Scepter               4001
                       Sister Sledge                       We Are Family                                      Atlantic              SD5209
Percy                  Sledge                              When A Man Loves a Woman                           Atlantic              8125
Percy                  Sledge                              The Best of (no jacket)                            Atlantic              SD 8210
                       Sly & the Family Stone              Dance to The Music                                 Epic                  BN 26371
                       Sly & The Family Stone              Fresh                                              Epic                  KE32134
                       Sly & The Family Stone              There's a Riot Going On                            Epic                  KE30986
                       Sly & the Family Stone              Small Talk                                         Epic                  PE32930
                       Sly & The Family Stone              Stand!                                             Epic                  BN26456
Melvin                 Sparks                              Melvin Sparks '75                                  Westbound             W-204
The                    Spinners                            8                                                  Atlantic              SD19146
The                    Spinners                            From Here to Eternally                             Atlantic              SD19219
The                    Spinners                            Spinners                                           Atlantic              SD7256
The                    Spinners                            Yesterday, Today and Tommorrow                     Atlantic              SD19100
The                    Spiral Staircase                    More than Yesterday                                Columbia              CS9852
The                    Staple Singers                      Turniong Point                                     Private!              FZ3944660
Donna                  Summer                              A Love Trilogy                                     Oasis                 OCLP5004
Donna                  Summer                              Bad Girls (2 record set)                           Casablanca            NBLP-2-7150
Donna                  Summer                              Cats Without Claws                                 Geffen                GHS24040
Donna                  Summer                              On The Radio (Greatest Hits - 2 records)           Casablanca            NBLP-2-7191
Donna                  Summer                              Once Upon a Time... (2 records)                    Casablanca            NBLP-2-7078
Donna                  Summer                              The Wanderer                                       Geffen                GHS2000
Donna                  Summer                              She Works Hard for the Money                       Mercury               812265-1
Donna                  Summer                              Love to Love You Baby                              Oasis                 OCLP5003
Donna                  Summer                              I Remember Yesterday                               Casablanca            NBLP-7056
Diana Ross & the       Supremes                            Anthology (3 record set)                           Motown                M9-794A3
Diana Ross & the       Supremes                            Love Child                                         Motown                670
The                    Supremes                            A' Go-Go                                           Motown                649
The                    Supremes                            Greatest Hits                                      Motown                2-663
The                    Supremes                            I hear a Symphony                                  Motown                643
The                    Supremes                            More Hits by                                       Motown                627
The                    Supremes                            Touch                                              Motown                M737
The                    Supremes                            Where Did Our Love Go                              Motown                621
Diana Ross & the       Supremes with the Temptations       TCB                                                Motown                682
Diana Ross & the       Supremes with the Temptations       Together                                           Motown                MS692
                       Syreeta                             Stevie Wonder presents Syreeta                     Motown                M6-80cu8S1
Johnnny                Taylor                              One Step Beyond                                    Stax                  STS-2030
The                    Temptations                         Reunion                                            Gordy                 6008GL
The                    Temptations                         Gettin' Ready                                      Gordy                 GLP918
The                    Temptations                         Solid Rock                                         Gordy                 G961L
The                    Temptations                         Do the Temptations                                 Gordy                 G6975S1
Ike & Tina             Turner                              Juke Box Giants                                    Phoenix               P20-607
Ike & Tina             Turner                              Nuff Said                                          United Artists        UAS-5530
Ike & Tina             Turner                              Workin' Together                                   Liberty               LST-7650
Ike & Tina             Turner                              Her Man...His Woman                                Capitol               ST-571
Ike & Tina             Turner                              Feel Good                                          United Artists        UAS-5598
Tina                   Turner                              Break Every Rule                                   Capiltol              PJ12530
Tina                   Turner                              Private Dancer                                     Capitol               ST-12330
The                    Tymes                               The Sound of the Wonderful Tymes                   Parkway               P-7038
Luther                 Vandross                            Never Too Much                                     Epic                  FF37451
                       various                             A Motown Christmas                                 Motown                M795V2
                       various                             Kings and Queens of Soul                           Columbia              DS567
                       various                             Mowtown Love Collection                            K-Tel                 NU9041
                       various                             New Orleans Funk                                   Soul Jazz             SJR LP185
                       various                             New Orleans Rhythm & Blues Anniversary Album       DeseDays              101
                       various                             Original Gold Soul                                 Mercury               SRM2600
                       various                             Stand By Me (motion picture soundtrack)            Atlantic              81677-1-E
                       various                             The Greatest Rock & Roll                           Atlantic              8001
                       various                             Washington Committee (Wilson Pickettt et al)       Double L              DL-2302
                       various                             The Stax/Volt Revue Volume 2                       Stax                  722
                       various                             Wattstax                                           Stax                  STS-2-3010
                       various                             The History of Rhythm & Blues Vol 1 (1947-1952)    Atlantic              8161
                       various                             The History of Rhythm & Blues Vol 2 (1953-1955)    Atlantic              8162
Jr.                    Walker & the All Stars              Live!                                              Soul                  705
Jr.                    Walker & the All Stars              Peace and Understanding is Hard to Find            Soul                  S738L
                       War                                 Greatest Hits                                      United Artists        UALA648-G
Johnny Guitar          Watson                              A Real Mother For Ya                               DJM                   DJLPA-7
Johnny Guitar          Watson                              Aint That a Bitch                                  Kessler-Grass         DULPA-3
Johnny Guitar          Watson                              The Very Best                                      MCA                   5273
Vanessa                Williams                            The Right Stuff (12 inch single)                   Polygram              887386
Bill                   Withers                             The Best of                                        Sussex                SRA8037
Stevie                 Wonder                              12 Year Old Genius                                 Tamla                 240
Stevie                 Wonder                              Hotter than July                                   Tamla                 T8-373M1
Stevie                 Wonder                              I Was Made to Love Her                             Tamla                 2279
Stevie                 Wonder                              Inner Visions                                      Tamla                 T326V1
Stevie                 Wonder                              Looking Back (3 record set)                        Motown                M804LP3
Stevie                 Wonder                              Music of My Mind                                   Tamla                 T314L
Stevie                 Wonder                              MY Cherie Amour                                    Tamla                 296
Stevie                 Wonder                              Selections from The woman in Red                   Motown                6108ML
Stevie                 Wonder                              Songs in the Key of Life                           Tamla                 T13-340C2
Stevie                 Wonder                              Talking Book                                       Tamla                 T319L
Stevie                 Wonder                              The Secret Life of Plants (2 Record Set)           Tamla                 T13-371C2
Stevie                 Wonder                              Fulfingness' First Finale                          Tamla                 T633251
Stevie                 Wonder                              Characters                                         Motown                6248ML

Folk (215)

Eric                   Andersen                            Today is the Highway                               Vanguard              VRS9157
Joan                   Baez                                5                                                  Vanguard              VSD79160
Joan                   Baez                                Any Day Now (2 record set)                         Vanguard              VSD79306/7
Joan                   Baez                                Baptism                                            Vanguard              VSD7925
Joan                   Baez                                Blessed are...                                     Vanguard              VSD6570/1
Joan                   Baez                                Blowin' Away                                       Portrait              PR34697
Joan                   Baez                                David's Album                                      Vanguard              VSD-79308
Joan                   Baez                                Diamonds & Rust                                    A&M                   SP-4527
Joan                   Baez                                Farewell, Angelina                                 Vanguard              VSD79200
Joan                   Baez                                Gulf Winds                                         A&M                   SP4603
Joan                   Baez                                In Concert                                         Vanguard              VRS-9112
Joan                   Baez                                In Concert Part 2                                  Vanguard              VRS-9113
Joan                   Baez                                Joan                                               Vanguard              VRS-9240
Joan                   Baez                                Noel                                               Vanguard              VRS9230
Joan                   Baez                                One Day at a Time                                  Vanguard              C062-91067
Joan                   Baez                                The Contemporary Ballad Book (2 record set)        Vanguard              VSD49/50
Joan                   Baez                                The Joan Baez Ballad Book (2 record set)           Vanguard              VSD41/42
Joan                   Baez                                Volume 2                                           Vanguard              VSD-2097
Joan                   Baez                                Come From the Shadows                              A&M                   SP4339
Joan                   Baez                                Joan Baez                                          Vanguard              VSD-2077
Roy                    Berkeley with Tim Woodbridge        Folk and Country Songs of the FDR Years            Longview              L241
Gordon                 Bok                                 A Tune for November                                Folk-Legacy           FSI-40
Gordon                 Bok, Ann Mayo Muir, Ed Trinkett     Turning Toward the Morning                         Folk-Legacy           FSI-56
The                    Briarwood Singers                   Introducing                                        United Artists        UAL3318
David                  Bromberg                            David Bromberg                                     Columbia              C31104
David                  Bromberg                            Midnight on the Water                              Columbia              PC33397
David                  Bromberg                            Wanted Dead or Alive                               Columbia              C32717
The                    Brothers Four                       BMOC                                               Columbia              CL 1578
The                    Brothers Four                       Cross-Country Concert                              Columbia              CL1946
The                    Brothers Four                       In Person                                          Columbia              CS8628
The                    Brothers Four                       More Big Folk Hits                                 Columbia              CL-2213
The                    Brothers Four                       Rally Round!                                       Columbia              CS8270
The                    Brothers Four                       Sing of Our Times                                  Columbia              CL2128
The                    Brothers Four                       Song Book                                          Columbia              CL 1697
The                    Brothers Four                       The Brothers Four                                  Columbia              CL1402
                       Bud & Travis                        In Person                                          Liberty               7386
Mother Maybell         Carter                              And her Autoharp                                   Smash                 MGS 27025
The                    Chad Mitchell Trio                  at the Bitter End                                  Kapp                  KL-1281
The                    Chad Mitchell Trio                  In Action                                          Kapp                  KL-1313
The                    Chad Mitchell Trio                  Mighty Day on Campus                               Kapp                  KL-1262
The                    Chad Mitchell Trio                  Reflecting                                         Mercury               MG20894
The                    Chad Mitchell Trio                  Singin' Our Minds                                  Mercury               MG20838
The                    Chad Mitchell Trio                  Slightly Irreverent                                Mercury               SR60944
The                    Chad Mitchell Trio                  That's the Way It's Gonna Be                       Mercury               SR61049
Judy                   Collins                             Bread & Roses                                      Elektra               7E-1076
Judy                   Collins                             Colors of the Day                                  Elektra               EKS-75030
Judy                   Collins                             Hard Times for Lovers                              Elektra               6E171
Judy                   Collins                             Home Again                                         Elektra               60304-1
Judy                   Collins                             In My life                                         Elektra               EKS74027
Judy                   Collins                             Judith                                             Elektra               7E-1032
Judy                   Collins                             Judy Collins 3                                     Elektra               EKL243
Judy                   Collins                             Living                                             Elektra               75014
Judy                   Collins                             Recollections                                      Elektra               EKS-74055
Judy                   Collins                             So Early in the Spring (2 record set)              Elektra               0998
Judy                   Collins                             The Judy Collins Concert                           Elektra               EKL-7280
Judy                   Collins                             True Stories and Other Dreams                      Elektra               EKS-75053
Judy                   Collins                             Whales and Nightingales                            Elektra               EKS-75010
Judy                   Collins                             Who Knows Where the Time Goes                      Elektra               EKS-74033
Judy                   Collins                             Wildflowers                                        Elektra               EKS-74012
Judy                   Collins                             Judy                                               Elektra               DS500
Judy                   Collins                             Fifth Album                                        Elektra               EKS-7300
Lonnie                 Donnegan                            An Englishman Sings American Folk Songs            Mercury               MG20229
                       Fairport Convention                 Leige & Lief                                       A&M                   SP4257
Mimi & Richard         Farina                              Celebrations for a Grey Day                        Vanguard              VRS-9174
Mimi & Richard         Farina                              The Best of (2 record set)                         Vanguard              VSD21/22
Mimi                   Farina and Tom Jans                 Take Heart                                         A&M                   SP4310
The                    Gallows Singers                     Swingin'                                           DCP International     DCL804
Arlo                   Guthrie                             Outlasting the Blues                               Warner Bros           K56658
Arlo                   Guthrie                             Running Down the Road                              Reprise               6346
Arlo                   Guthrie                             The Best of                                        Warner Bros           BSK3117
Arlo                   Guthrie                             Washington County                                  Reprise               6411
Arlo                   Guthrie                             Alice's Restaurant                                 Reprise               6267
Woodie                 Guthrie                             1940-1946                                          Warner Bros           BS2999
Woodie                 Guthrie                             Bound for Glory                                    Folkways              FA2481
Woodie                 Guthrie                             The Legendary Woodie Guthrie                       Tradition             2058
Woodie                 Guthrie                             Songs to Grow On (10 inch lp)                      Folkways              FC7005
Tim                    Hardin                              This is Tim Hardin                                 Atco                  33-210
John                   Hartford                            John Hartford                                      RCA Victor            LSP-4156
The                    Highwaymen                          Hootenanny                                         United Artists        UAL3294
The                    Highwaymen                          March on Brothers                                  United Artists        UAL3245
The                    Highwaymen                          The Highwaymen                                     United Artists        UAL3125
                       Ian & Sylvia                        Four Strong Winds                                  Vanguard              VRS9133
                       Ian & Sylvia                        Ian & Sylvia                                       Vanguard              VRS9109
                       Ian & Sylvia                        Lovin' Sound                                       MGM                   E4388
                       Ian & Sylvia                        Nashville                                          Vanguard              VSD-79284
                       Ian & Sylvia                        Northern Journey                                   Vanguard              VSD-79154
                       Ian & Sylvia                        Play One More                                      Vanguard              VRS-9215
                       Ian & Sylvia                        Early Morning Rain                                 Vanguard              VRS9175
Burl                   Ives                                Manhattan Troubadoour                              United Artists        UAL3145
Burl                   Ives                                Return of the Wayfaring Stranger                   Columbia              CL 1459
Burl                   Ives                                Shall We Gather at the River                       Word                  WST-8339
Burl                   Ives                                Sings for Fun                                      Decca                 DL8248
Burl                   Ives                                Spotlight on Burl Ives and the Folksingers three   Design                DLP-156
Burl                   Ives                                The Wayfaring Stranger                             Columbia              CL628
Ella                   Jenkins                             A Long Time                                        Folkways              FC7520
Charlie                King                                Feelings of Fire                                   Flying Fish           FF417
Charlie                King                                Somebody's Story                                   Rainow Snake          RSR9928
The                    Kingston Trio                       Aspen Gold                                         CBS                   P18116
The                    Kingston Trio                       At Large                                           Capitol               T1199
The                    Kingston Trio                       Best of Vol. II                                    Capitol               ST2614
The                    Kingston Trio                       Close-Up                                           Capitol               T1642
The                    Kingston Trio                       Encores                                            Capitol               DT1612
The                    Kingston Trio                       from the Hungry i                                  Capitol               T1107
The                    Kingston Trio                       Goin' Places                                       Capitol               ST1564
The                    Kingston Trio                       Here We Go Again!                                  Capitol               ST1258
The                    Kingston Trio                       Kingston Trio                                      Capitol               T996
The                    Kingston Trio                       Make Way                                           Capitol               T1474
The                    Kingston Trio                       New Frontier                                       Capitol               T1809
The                    Kingston Trio                       Sold Out                                           Capitol               T1352
The                    Kingston Trio                       Something Special                                  Capitol               T1747
The                    Kingston Trio                       Stay Awhile                                        Decca                 DL4656
The                    Kingston Trio                       Stereo Concert                                     Capitol               ST1183
The                    Kingston Trio                       String Along with                                  Capitol               T1407
The                    Kingston Trio                       Sunny Side! (no jacket)                            Capitol               ST-1935
The                    Kingston Trio                       The Best of                                        Capitol               ST1705
The                    Kingston Trio                       The Last Month of the Year                         Capitol               T1446
                       Leadbelly                           Negro Folk Songs for Young People                  Folkways              FC7533
Gordon                 Lightfoot                           Back Here on Earth                                 United Artists        UAS6672
Gordon                 Lightfoot                           Classic Lightfoot                                  United Artists        UAS-5510
Gordon                 Lightfoot                           Cold on the Shoulder                               Reprise               MS2206
Gordon                 Lightfoot                           Don Quixote                                        Reprise               MS2056
Gordon                 Lightfoot                           If You Could Read My Mind                          Reprise               6392
Gordon                 Lightfoot                           Summertime Dream                                   Reprise               MS2246
Gordon                 Lightfoot                           Sundown                                            Reprise               MS2177
Gordon                 Lightfoot                           The Way I feel                                     United Artists        UAS6587
Gordon                 Lightfoot                           Shadows                                            Warner Brothers       BSK3633
The                    Limelighters                        Fourteen 14K Folk Songs                            RCA Victor            LSP-2671
The                    Limelighters                        Sing Out!                                          RCA Victor            LPM-2445
The                    Limelighters                        The slightly fabulous                              RCA Victor            LPM-2393
The                    Limelighters                        Through Children's Eyes                            RCA Victor            LPM-2512
The                    Limelighters                        Tonight: In Person                                 RCA Victor            LSP-2272
The                    Modern Folk Quartet                 Changes                                            Warner Bros           WS1546
                       Donovan                             Wear Your Love Like Heaven                         Epic                  BN 26349
The                    New Christy Minstrels               Chim Chim Cher-ee                                  Columbia              CS9169
The                    New Christy Minstrels               Christmas with the Christies                       Columbia              CS9356
The                    New Christy Minstrels               In Person                                          Columbia              CS8741
The                    New Christy Minstrels               Land of Giants                                     Columbia              CS8987
The                    New Christy Minstrels               Ramblin'                                           Columbia              CS8855
The                    New Christy Minstrels               Tell Tall Tales                                    Columbia              CL2017
The                    New Christy Minstrels               Today                                              Columbia              CS8959
The                    New Lost City Ramblers              Remembrence of Things to Come                      Verve                 FT-3018
The                    New Wine Singers                    At the Chicago Opera House                         Vee Jay               VJS1071
Phil                   Ochs                                I Ain't A Marching Any More                        Elektra               EKS-7287
Phil                   Ochs                                Pleasures of the Harbor                            A&M                   4133
Phil                   Ochs                                Tape from California                               A&M                   SP4148
Phil                   Ochs                                All the News That's Fit to Sing                    Elektra               EKL-269
Phil                   Ochs                                In Concert (no jacket)                             Elektra               EKL-310
                       Odetta                              Odetta and the Blues                               Riverside             9417
                       Odetta                              It's a Mighty World                                RCA Victor            LPM-2792
                       Odetta                              My Eyes Have Seen                                  Vanguard              VRS9059
                       Odetta                              Odetta Sings Folk Songs                            RCA Victor            LPM2643
                       Odetta                              Odetta Sings of Many Things                        RCA Victor            LPM2923
                       Odetta                              sings the Ballad for Americans                     Vanguard              VRS9066
Tom                    Paxton                              Ramblin Boy                                        Elektra               EKS-7277
                       Peter Paul and Mary                 A Song Will Rise                                   Warner Bros           1589
                       Peter Paul and Mary                 Album                                              Warner Bros           1648
                       Peter Paul and Mary                 Album 1700                                         Warner Bros           1700
                       Peter Paul and Mary                 In the Wind                                        Warner Bros           WS1507
                       Peter Paul and Mary                 Late Agtain                                        Warner Bros           WS1751
                       Peter Paul and Mary                 Moving                                             Warner Bros           1473
                       Peter Paul and Mary                 No Easy Walk to Freedom                            Gold Castle           171-001-1
                       Peter Paul and Mary                 Peter Paul and Mary                                Warner Bros           WS1449
                       Peter Paul and Mary                 Peter Paul and Mommy                               Warner Bros           WS1785
                       Peter Paul and Mary                 Reunion                                            Warner Bros           BSK3231
                       Peter Paul and Mary                 See What Tomorrow Brings                           Warner Bros           1615
The                    Pozo-Seco Singers                   Time                                               Columbia              CL2515
The                    Pozo-Seco Singers                   I Can Make it with You                             Columbia              CL2600
John                   Renbourn                            The Lady and the Unicorn                           Reprise               6407
Jimmie                 Rogers                              Sings Folk Songs                                   Forum Circle          FC-9098
Mike                   Seeger                              The Second Annual Farewell Reunion                 Mercury               SRM1685
Pete                   Seeger                              American Folk Songs for Children                   Folkways              FC7601
Pete                   Seeger                              American Game and Activity Songs for Children      Folkways              FC7002
Pete                   Seeger                              Dangerous Songs                                    Columbia              CL2503
Pete                   Seeger                              Gazette                                            Folkways              FN2501
Pete                   Seeger                              The Bitter and the Sweet                           Columbia              CS8716
Pete                   Seeger                              We Shall overcome                                  Columbia              CL2101
Pete                   Seeger                              Strangers and Cousins                              Columbia              CL2334
Pete                   Seeger and Arlo Guthrie             Together (2 record set)                            Warner Bros           2R2214
Pete                   Seeger and Sonny Terry              Carnegie Hall Concert Dec 27 1957 (no jacket)      Folkways              FA2412
The                    Seekers                             Georgy Girl                                        Capitol               T2431
The                    Seekers                             Live!                                              Capitol               ST135
The                    Seekers                             The New Seekers                                    Capitol               T 2319
The                    Serendipity Singers                 Serendipity                                        Philips               PHS600-115
John                   Stewart                             The Phoenix Concerts Live (2 record set)           RCA Victor            CFL2--0265
Michael                Strange                             Sings Folk Songs                                   Craftsmen             C-8044
                       Swallowtail                         Swallowtail                                        Rooster               117
The                    Tokens                              The lion Sleeps Tonight                            RCA Victor            LPM2514
Mary                   Travers                             All My Choices                                     Warner Bros           BS2677
Mary                   Travers                             Circles                                            Warner Bros           BS2795
                       various                             American Folk Songs for Children (3 recd box set)  Rounder               8001-3
                       Various                             American Playparties                               Folkways              FC7604
                       various                             An Anthology of Folk Music (5 record box set)      Sine Qua Non          102
                       various                             Folk Box Vol.1 (4 record set)                      Yorkshire             27002
                       various                             Folk Festival                                      Legacy                LEG110
                       various                             Folk Song and Minstrelry (4 record box set)        Vanguard              SRL7624
                       various                             Hum-n-Strum The Best of Folk and Country           Columbia              CSP309/310
                       various                             Indian Music of the Southwest                      Folkways              FW8850
                       various                             Instrumental Music of the Southern Appalachians    Tradition             TLP1007
                       various                             Something to Sing About (3 record box set)         Milton Okun           MOS1
                       various                             The Folk All Stars                                 Columbia              CSP324
                       various                             The Sound of Folk Music                            Vanguard              SRV-125
                       various                             US Folk Singers and Balladeers (3 of 4 rec set)    Vanguard              RL-5644
                       various                             40 Great Folk Songs (4 record box set)             Vanguard              50-2031
                       various                             Newport Broadside                                  Vanguard              VRS-9144
                       various                             Going Down the Valley                              New World             NW236
The                    Weavers                             at Carnegie Hall                                   Vanguard              VRS-9010
The                    Weavers                             At Home                                            Vanguard              VRS9024
The                    Weavers                             Greatest Hits                                      Vanguard              VSD 15/16
The                    Weavers                             The Best of                                        Spinorama             S-171
The                    Weavers                             The Best of the Weavers                            Decca                 DL8893
The                    Weavers                             Weavers Gold                                       Decca                 DL4277
The                    Weavers                             Travelling On                                      Vanguard              VRS9043
Josh                   White                               the Story of John Henry                            Elektra               EKL-123
Josh                   White                               Josh White's blues                                 Mercury               MG20203
Josh                   White                               Empty Bed Blues                                    Elektra               EKL211

Songwriters (230)

Joan                   Armatrading                         Sleight of Hand                                    A&M                   SP-5130
Joan                   Armatrading                         The Key                                            A&M                   SP-4912
Stephen                Bishop                              Careless                                           ABC                   ABCD-954
Oscar                  Brown Jr.                           Between Heaven and Hell                            Columbia              CL1774
Jackson                Browne                              For Everyone                                       Asylum                SD-5067
Jackson                Browne                              Hold Out                                           Asylum                5E-511
Jackson                Browne                              Late for the Sky                                   Asylum                7E-1017
Jackson                Browne                              Running on Empty                                   Asylum                6E-113
Jackson                Browne                              The Pretender                                      Asylum                7F-1079
Lori                   Carson                              Shelter                                            Warner Bros           DGC-24256
Harry                  Chapin                              Living Room Suite                                  Elektra               6E-142
Elvis                  Costello                            My Aim is True                                     Columbia              35037
Elvis                  Costello                            This Years Model                                   Columbia              PC35331
Elvis                  Costello & the Attractions          Armed Forces                                       Columbia              JC35709
Elvis                  Costello & the Attractions          Get Happy!!                                        Columbia              JC36347
Elvis                  Costello & the Attractions          Imperial Bedroom                                   Columbia              FC38157
Elvis                  Costello & the Attractions          The Best of                                        Columbia              FC40101
Jim                    Croce                               I Got a Name                                       ABC                   ABCD797
Jim                    Croce                               Life and Times                                     ABC                   X-769
Jim                    Croce                               You Don't Mess Around With Jim                     ABC                   X-756
John                   Denver                              Greatest Hits                                      RCA Victor            CPL1-0374
                       Donovan                             Best of                                            Hickory               LPS149
                       Donovan                             Donovan                                            Arista                AB4143
                       Donovan                             For Little Ones (disk 2 of "a G F a F to a Garden) Epic                  BN26350
                       Donovan                             Greatest Hits                                      Epic                  BXN 26439
                       Donovan                             Mellow Yellow                                      Epic                  LN 24239
                       Donovan                             Open Road                                          Epic                  E30125
                       Donovan                             Sunshine Superman                                  Epic                  BN 26217
                       Donovan                             Barabajagal                                        Epic                  BN26481
                       Donovan                             Fairy Tale                                         Hickory               LPS127
                       Donovan                             Catch the Wind                                     Hickory               LPS123
                       Donovan                             Like it is was and Evermore Shall Be               Hickory               LPS143
                       Donovan                             Slow Down World                                    Epic                  PE33945
Bob                    Dylan                               Bob Dylan/The Band (2 record set)                  Asylum                AB-201
Bob                    Dylan                               Bob Dylan                                          Columbia              CL1779
Bob                    Dylan                               Another Side                                       Columbia              CL2193
Bob                    Dylan                               Blonde on Blonde                                   Columbia              C2S841
Bob                    Dylan                               Desire                                             Columbia              PC33893
Bob                    Dylan                               Empire Burlesque                                   Columbia              FC40110
Bob                    Dylan                               Greatest Hits                                      Columbia              KCS9463
Bob                    Dylan                               Greatest Hits Vol. II (2 record set)               Columbia              PG31120
Bob                    Dylan                               Hard Rain                                          Columbia              PC34349
Bob                    Dylan                               Highway 61 Revisited                               Columbia              JC9189
Bob                    Dylan                               Infidels                                           Columbia              QC38819
Bob                    Dylan                               Nashville Skyline                                  Columbia              KCS9825
Bob                    Dylan                               New Morning                                        Columbia              KC30290
Bob                    Dylan                               Planet Waves                                       Asylum                7E-1003
Bob                    Dylan                               Street Legal                                       Columbia              JC35453
Bob                    Dylan                               The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan                         Columbia              CS8786
Bob                    Dylan                               The Times They are A-Changin'                      Columbia              CL2015
Bob                    Dylan                               John Wesley Harding                                Columbia              CL2804
Bob                    Dylan                               Blood on the Tracks                                Columbia              PC33235
Steve                  Earle                               Exit O                                             MCA                   5998
Melissa                Etheridge                           Brave and Crazy                                    Island                01285-1
John                   Fogerty                             Centerfield                                        Warner Bros           25203
Lowell                 George                              Thanks I'll Eat it Here                            Warner Bros           BSK3194
John Wesley            Harding                             Here Comes the Groom                               Sire                  26087
Richie                 Havens                              Mixed Bag                                          Verve                 FTS-3006
Richie                 Havens                              Something Else Again!                              Verve                 FTS-3034
Richie                 Havens                              Stonehenge                                         Stormy Forest         SFS-6001
Richie                 Havens                              The Great Blind Degree                             Stormy Forest         SFS-6010
                       Hedge and Donna                     Hedge and Donna                                    Capitol               ST2869
                       Hedge and Donna                     Hedge and Donna 2                                  Capitol               ST107
Janis                  Ian                                 Between the Lines                                  Columbia              PC33394
Janis                  Ian                                 For all the Seasons of Your Mind                   Verve                 FTS3017
Janis                  Ian                                 Janis Ian                                          Verve                 FTS3017
Janis                  Ian                                 Restless Eyes                                      Columbia              FC37360
Janis                  Ian                                 The Secret Life of J. Eddy Fink                    Verve                 FTS3017
Joe                    Jackson                             Beat Crazy                                         A&M                   SP-4837
Joe                    Jackson                             Jumpin' Jive                                       A&M                   SP-4871
Joe                    Jackson                             Look Sharp!                                        A&M                   SP-4743
Joe                    Jackson                             Night and Day                                      A&M                   SP-4906
Joe                    Jackson                             Big World                                          A&M                   SP-6021
Joe                    Jackson                             Body and Soul                                      A&M                   SP-5000
Billy                  Joel                                52nd Street                                        Columbia              FC35609
Billy                  Joel                                An Innocent Man                                    Columbia              QC38837
Billy                  Joel                                Glass Houses                                       Columbia              36384
Billy                  Joel                                Greatest Hits Vol I and II (2 record set)          Columbia              C240121
Billy                  Joel                                Kohuept                                            Columbia              C2X40996
Billy                  Joel                                Piano Man                                          Columbia              PC32544
Billy                  Joel                                Songs in the Attic                                 Columbia              TC37461
Billy                  Joel                                Streetlife Serenade                                Columbia              PC38146
Billy                  Joel                                The Bridge                                         Columbia              40402
Billy                  Joel                                The Nylon Curtain                                  Columbia              38200
Billy                  Joel                                The Stranger                                       Columbia              34987
Billy                  Joel                                Turnstiles                                         Columbia              33848
Rickie Lee             Jones                               Rickie Lee jones                                   Warner Bros           BSK3296
Rickie Lee             Jones                               The Magazine                                       Warner Bros           25117-1
Si                     Kahn                                New Wood                                           June Appal            JA002
Jorma                  Kaukonen with Tom Hobson            Quah                                               Grunt                 0698
Carole                 King                                Fantasy                                            Ode                   77018
Carole                 King                                Music                                              Ode                   77013
Carole                 King                                One to One                                         Atlantic              SD193446
Carole                 King                                Rhymes & Reasons                                   Ode                   SP77016
Carole                 King                                Simple Things                                      EMI                   SMAS11667
Carole                 King                                Tapestry                                           Ode                   77009
Carole                 King                                Wrap Around Joy                                    Ode                   77024
Carole                 King                                Writer                                             Ode                   SP-77006
Carole                 King                                Thoroughbred                                       ODE                   77034
Leo                    Kottke                              1971-1976                                          Capitol               ST-11576
Leo                    Kottke                              6 & 12-string guitar                               Takoma                C-1024
Leo                    Kottke                              Greenhouse                                         Capitol               ST-11000
Leo                    Kottke                              Mudlark                                            Capitol               ST-68200
Bob                    Lind                                Don't Be Concerned                                 World Pacific         WP-1841
Nick                   Lowe                                Pinker and Prouder than Previous                   Columbia              FC40381
Kate & Anna            McGarrigle                          Love Over and Over                                 Polygram              2424240
Don                    McLean                              American Pie                                       United Artists        UAS5535
                       Melanie                             Gather Me                                          Neighborhood          NRS47001
John Cougar            Mellencamp                          American Fool                                      Riva                  RVL7501
John Cougar            Mellencamp                          Nothin' Matters and What if it did                 Riva                  RVL7403
John Cougar            Mellencamp                          Scarecrow                                          Riva                  S248651M1
Joni                   Mitchell                            Blue                                               Reprise               MS2038
Joni                   Mitchell                            Clouds                                             Reprise               6341
Joni                   Mitchell                            Court and Spark                                    Reprise               7E-1001
Joni                   Mitchell                            Dog Eat Dog                                        Geffen                GHS24074
Joni                   Mitchell                            Don Juan's Reckless Daughter                       Asylum                BB701
Joni                   Mitchell                            For the Roses                                      Asylum                SD5057
Joni                   Mitchell                            Hejira                                             Elektra               7E-1087
Joni                   Mitchell                            Joni Mitchell                                      Reprise               6293
Joni                   Mitchell                            Ladies of the Canyon                               Reprise               6376
Joni                   Mitchell                            Miles of Aisles                                    Elektra               AB202
Joni                   Mitchell                            Mingus                                             Elektra               5E-505
Joni                   Mitchell                            Shadows and Light (2 record set)                   Asylum                BB7047
Joni                   Mitchell                            The Hissing of Summer Lawns                        Reprise               7E-1051
Joni                   Mitchell                            Wild Things Run Fast                               Geffen                GHS2019
Joni                   Mitchell                            Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm                         Geffen                GHS24172
Van                    Morrison                            Hard Nose the Highway                              Warner Bros           BS2712
Van                    Morrison                            Tupelo Honey                                       Warner Bros           WS1950
Van                    Morrison                            Wavelength                                         Warner Bros           BSK3212
Graham                 Nash                                Songs for Beginners                                Atlantic              SD-7201
Holly                  Near                                A Live Album                                       Redwood               3700
Holly                  Near                                Fire in the Rain                                   Redwood               RR402
Holly                  Near                                Journeys                                           Redwood               RR405
Holly                  Near                                Speed of Light                                     Redwood               RR403
Holly                  Near                                Watch Out!                                         Redwood               RR406
Randy                  Newman                              Good Old Boys                                      Warner Bros           MS2193
Randy                  Newman                              Little Criminals                                   Warner Bros           BSK3079
Randy                  Newman                              Trouble in Paradise                                Warner Bros           23755-1
Stevie                 Nicks                               Bella Donna                                        Modern                MR38-139
Stevie                 Nicks                               The Wild Heart                                     Modern                90084-1
Harry                  Nilsson                             Harry                                              RCA Victor            LSP-4197
Harry                  Nilsson                             Nilsson Schmilsson                                 RCA Victor            LSP4515
Harry                  Nilsson                             The Point                                          RCA Victor            LSPX-1003
Laura                  Nyro                                Christmas and the Beads of Sweat                   Columbia              KC30259
Laura                  Nyro                                Eli and the Thirteenth Confession                  Columbia              CS9626
Laura                  Nyro                                First Songs                                        Verve                 FTS3020
Laura                  Nyro                                Gonna Take a Miracle                               Columbia              KC30987
Laura                  Nyro                                New York Tendaberry                                Columbia              KCS9737
Laura                  Nyro                                Smile                                              Columbia              PC33912
John                   Prine                               Common Sense                                       Atlantic              SD18127
John                   Prine                               Diamonds in the Rough                              Atlantic              SD7240
John                   Prine                               Pink Cadillac                                      Asylum                6E-222
John                   Prine                               The Best of                                        Atlantic              SD18202
Lou                    Reed                                Rock n Roll Animal                                 RCA Victor            AYL1-3664
Robbie                 Robertson                           Robbie Robertson                                   Geffen                GHS24160
Tom                    Rush                                Best of                                            Columbia              PC33907
Tom                    Rush                                The Circle Game                                    Elektra               EKS-74018
Tom                    Rush                                Tom Rush                                           Columbia              CS9972
Leon                   Russell                             and the Shelter People                             Shelter               SW-8903
Leon                   Russell                             Carney                                             Shelter               SW-8911
Leon                   Russell                             Leon Russell                                       Shelter               SHE1001
Leon                   Russell                             Stop All that Jazz                                 Shelter               SR-2106
Leon and Mary          Russell                             Wedding Album                                      Paradise              PA29431
Buffy                  Sainte-Marie                        Illuminations                                      Vanguard              VSD79300
Buffy                  Sainte-Marie                        I'm Gonna Be a Country Girl Again                  Vanguard              VSD79280
Buffy                  Sainte-Marie                        It's My Way                                        Vanguard              VRS9142
Buffy                  Sainte-Marie                        Many a Mile                                        Vanguard              VSD79171
Buffy                  Sainte-Marie                        Moonshot                                           Vanguard              VSD79312
Buffy                  Sainte-Marie                        The Best of (2 record set)                         Vanguard              VSD-3/4
Buffy                  Sainte-Marie                        The Best of Volume 2 (2 record set)                Vanguard              VSD-33/34
Buffy                  Sainte-Marie                        Little Wheel Spina nd Spin                         Vanguard              VSD79211
Leo                    Sayer                               Another Year                                       Warner Bros           BS2885
Boz                    Scaggs                              Middle Man                                         Columbia              FC36106
Boz                    Scaggs                              Slow Dancer                                        Columbia              KC32760
Boz                    Scaggs                              Silk Degrees                                       Columbia              PC33820
John                   Sebastian                           John B.                                            Reprise               RS6379
John                   Sebastian                           The Four of Us                                     Reprise               MS2041
Carly                  Simon                               Another Passenger                                  Elektra               7E-1064
Carly                  Simon                               Anticipation                                       Elektra               EKS-75016
Carly                  Simon                               Boys in the Trees                                  Elektra               6E-128
Carly                  Simon                               Carly Simon                                        Elektra               EKS-74082
Carly                  Simon                               Come Upstairs                                      Warner Bros           BSK3443
Carly                  Simon                               Coming Around Again                                Arista                AL-8443
Carly                  Simon                               Hello Big Man                                      Warner Bros           23886-1
Carly                  Simon                               Hotcakes                                           Elektra               7E-1002
Carly                  Simon                               My Romance                                         Arista                AL8562
Carly                  Simon                               No Secrets                                         Elektra               EKS75049
Carly                  Simon                               Spy                                                Elektra               5E-506
Carly                  Simon                               Torch                                              Warner Bros           BSK3592
Paul                   Simon                               Greatest Hits, etc                                 Columbia              35052
Paul                   Simon                               Greatest Hits, Etc.                                Columbia              35022
Paul                   Simon                               Hearts and Bones                                   Warner Bros           23942-1
Paul                   Simon                               One Trick Pony                                     Warner Bros           HS3472
Paul                   Simon                               Paul Simon                                         Columbia              KC30750
Paul                   Simon                               Still Crazy after all these Years                  Columbia              PC3350
Paul                   Simon                               There Goes Rhymin' Simon                           Columbia              KC32280
                       Simon and Garfunkel                 Bookends                                           Columbia              KCS9529
                       Simon and Garfunkel                 Bridge Over Troubled Waters                        Columbia              KCS9914
                       Simon and Garfunkel                 Sounds of Silence                                  Columbia              CS9269
                       Simon and Garfunkel                 Wednesday Morning 3AM                              Columbia              CL2249
                       Simon and Garfunkel                 The Concert in Central Park (2 record set)         Columbia              R244006
The                    Simon Sisters                       Sing for Children                                  Columbia              CR21539
Phoebe                 Snow                                Never Letting Go                                   Columbia              JC34875
Phoebe                 Snow                                Phoebe Snow                                        Shelter               SR2109
Phoebe                 Snow                                Second Childhood                                   Columbia              PC33952
Cat                    Stevens                             Back to Earth                                      A&M                   SP4735
Cat                    Stevens                             Tea For the Tillerman                              A&M                   SP4280
Cat                    Stevens                             Teaser and the Firecat                             A&M                   SP4313
Cat                    Stevens                             Foreigner                                          A&M                   SP4391
Al                     Stewart                             24 Carrots                                         Arista                AL9520
Al                     Stewart                             Live (2 record set)                                Arista                A2L8607
Al                     Stewart                             Time Passages                                      Arista                AB4190
Al                     Stewart                             Year of the Cat                                    Janus                 JXS-7022
Richard                Thompson                            Guitar, vocal (2 record set)                       Carthage              CGLP2-4413
Suzanne                Vega                                Solitude Standing                                  A&M                   5136
Loudon                 Wainwright III                      III                                                Columbia              KC31462
Tom                    Waits                               Foreign Affairs                                    Asylum                7E-1117
Cheryl                 Wheeler                             Cheryl Wheeler                                     North Star            W0001
Neil                   Young                               After the Gold Rush                                Reprise               6383
Neil                   Young                               Everybody Knows This is Nowhere                    Reprise               6349
Neil                   Young                               Harvest                                            Warner                MS2032
Neil                   Young                               Neil Young                                         Reprise               6317
Neil                   Young                               Trans                                              Geffen                GHS2018
Neil                   Young                               Decade (2 record set)                              Reprise               K640378
Neil                   Young                               Journey Through the Past (2 record set)            Warner Bros           2XS6420
Neil                   Young and Crazy Horse               Rust Never Sleeps                                  Reprise               HS2295
Neil                   Young & the Blue Notes              This Note's For You                                Reprise               25719
Warren                 Zevon                               Excitable Boy                                      Asylum                6E-118
Warren                 Zevon                               Sentimental Hygene                                 Virgin                790603-1
Warren                 Zevon                               The Envoy                                          Asylum                60159-1

Vocalists (146)

Marge                  Anderson                            The Blues                                          Parade                SP364
The                    Andrews Sisters                     Best of (2 record set)                             MCA                   2-4024
Pearl                  Bailey                              Around the World With Me                           Guest Star            G 1400
Pearl                  Bailey                              Sings for adults only                              Roulette              R-25016
Harry                  Belafonte and Lena Horne            Porgy & Bess                                       RCA Victor            LOP-1507
The                    Buffalo Bills                       Barber Shop!                                       Columbia              CL1288
The                    Buffalo Bills                       Barbershop Favorites                               Decca                 ED-551
The                    Buffalo Bills                       Barbershop Gems                                    Decca                 ED-653
The                    Buffalo Bills                       Barbershop's Best                                  Decca                 ED-736
Irving                 Caesar                              And Then I Wrote                                   Coral                 CRL57083
Kim                    Carnes                              Mistaken Identity                                  EMI                   SO-17052
Diahann                Carroll                             Fun Life                                           Atlantic              8048
                       Cher                                Foxy Lady                                          Kapp                  KRS-5514
                       Cher                                I'd Rather Believe in You                          Warner Bros           BS2898
                       Cher                                Superpak                                           United Artists        UXS-88
                       Cher                                Superpak Vol 2                                     United Artists        UXS-94
                       Cher                                Gypsys Tramps & Thieves                            Kapp                  KRS-5549
                       Cher                                Cher                                               Imperial              9320
Rosemary               Clooney                             Rosey's Greatest Hits                              Columbia              CL1230
Rita                   Coolidge                            Anytime…Anywhere                                   A&M                   4616
Rita                   Coolidge                            Heartbreak Radio                                   A&M                   SP3727
Rita                   Coolidge                            Love Me Again                                      A&M                   4699
Rita                   Coolidge                            Nice Feeling                                       A&M                   4325
Rita                   Coolidge                            Satisfied                                          A&M                   SP4781
Rita                   Coolidge                            Fall into Spring                                   A&M                   SP3627
Rita                   Coolidge                            It's Only Love                                     A&M                   4531
Rita                   Coolidge                            Rita Coolidge                                      A&M                   SP4291
Rita                   Coolidge                            The Lady's Not For Sale                            A&M                   0598
Rita                   Coolidge and Kris Kristofferson     Natural Act                                        A&M                   SP4690
Pricilla               Coolidge-Jones                      Flying                                             Capricorn             CPN0225
Bobby                  Darin                               Darin at the Copa                                  ATCO                  33-122
Bobby                  Darin                               The Bobby Darin Story                              ATCO                  33-131
Bobby                  Darin                               This is Darin                                      ATCO                  33-115
Connie                 Francis                             at the Copa                                        MGM                   E3913
The                    Four Freshmen                       Freshmen Favorites                                 Capitol               T743
Annette                Funicello                           Italianette                                        Vista                 BV3304
Judy                   Garland                             Golden Archive Sereies                             MGM                   GAS-113
Judy                   Garland                             Judy Garland                                       MGM                   E3149
Eydie                  Gorme                               Eydie Swings the Blues                             ABC-Paramount         ABC-192
The                    Harmonizing clippers                Gay Nineties (10 inch lp)                          FDR                   MH33-183
Phil                   Harris                              Phil Harris                                        RCA Camden            CAL456
Al                     Hibbler                             Sings Love Songs                                   Verve                 MGV-4000
Lena                   Horne                               Give the lady What She Wants                       RCA Victor            LSP-1879
Lena                   Horne                               I Feel So Smoochie                                 Lion                  L70050
Lena                   Horne                               Lovely and Alive                                   RCA Victor            LSP2587
Lena                   Horne                               Swinging                                           Coronet               CX165
The                    Ink Spots                           Volume 2                                           Coronet               CXS 105
The                    Ink Spots                           America's Greatest Vocal Quartet                   Audition              5905
Damita                 Jo                                  Midnight Session                                   Epic                  LN24202
Lisa                   Kirk                                Sings at the Plaza                                 MGM                   E3737
Peggy                  Lee                                 Basin Street East                                  Capitol               T1520
Gloria                 Lynne                               I Wish You Love                                    Everest               ST90057
Mary                   Martin                              sings Richard Rogers plays                         RCA Victor            LPM-1539
Susannah               McCorkle                            How Do You Keep the Music Playing                  PAUSA                 PR-7195
Susannah               McCorkle                            The Music of Harry Warren                          inner city            IC1141
Susannah               McCorkle                            The People That You Never Get To Love              inner city            IC1151
The                    McGuire Sisters                     May You Always                                     Coral                 CRL757296
The                    Mello-Larks and Jamie               The Mello-Larks and Jamie                          Epic                  LN 1106
Mabel                  Mercer                              The Art of Mabel Mercer (2 record set)             Atlantic              2-602
Ethel                  Merman                              Merman sings Merman                                London                SMAS94871
Ethel                  Merman                              Call Me Madam                                      Decca                 DL9022
Bette                  Midler                              Bette Midler                                       Atlantic              SD7270
Bette                  Midler                              The Divine Miss M                                  Atlantic              SD7238A
Maria                  Muldaur                             Maria Mudaur                                       Warner Bros           MS2148
Maria                  Muldaur                             Southern Winds                                     Warner Bros           BSK3162
Maria                  Muldaur                             Sweet Harmony                                      Warner Bros           MS2235
Maria                  Muldaur                             Waitress in a Donut Shop                           Reprise               MS2194
Olivia                 Newton-John                         Clearly Love (no jacket)                           MCA                   2148
Olivia                 Newton-John                         Soul Kiss                                          MCA                   6151
Dick                   Powell                              Hollywood 1933-1935 (2 record set)                 Columbia              C2L44
Louis                  Prima and Keely Smith               Box of Oldies                                      Spinorama             M-74
Louis                  Prima and Keely Smith               Hey Boy! Hey Girl!                                 Capitol               T1160
Louis                  Prima and Keely Smith               Las Vegas Style                                    Capitol               T1010
Louis                  Prima and Keely Smith               Louis Prima digs Keeply Smith                      Coronet               CXS-121
Louis                  Prima and Keely Smith               on Broadway                                        Coronet               CX110
Louis                  Prima and Keely Smith               On Broadway                                        Coronet               CX110
Louis                  Prima and Keely Smith               The Call of the Wildest                            Capitol               T836
Leon                   Redbone                             Champagne Charlie                                  Warner Bros           BSK3165
Helen                  Reddy                               I Am Woman                                         Capitol               ST-11068
Della                  Reese                               A Date with Della Reese at Mr Kelly's in Chicago   Jubilee               1071
Della                  Reese                               Della                                              RCA Victor            LSP-2157
Paul                   Robeson                             at Carnegie Hall                                   Vanguard              VSD-2035-A
Linda                  Ronstadt                            a Retrospective (2 record set)                     Capitol               SKBB511629
Linda                  Ronstadt                            Cry Like a Rainstorm, Howl Like the Wind           Elektra               60872-1
Linda                  Ronstadt                            Don't Cry Now                                      Asylum                7D5064
Linda                  Ronstadt                            Hasten Down the Wind                               Asylum                7E-1072
Linda                  Ronstadt                            Heart Like a Wheel                                 Capitol               ST-11358
Linda                  Ronstadt                            Lush Life                                          Asylum                60387-1
Linda                  Ronstadt                            Mad Love                                           Asylum                5E-510
Linda                  Ronstadt                            Prisoner in Disguise                               Asylum                7E1045
Linda                  Ronstadt                            Simple Dreams                                      Asylum                6E-104
Linda                  Ronstadt                            What's New                                         Asylum                60260-1
                       Sade                                Diamond Life                                       Portrait              FR39581
                       Sade                                Promise                                            Portrait              FR40263
Nina                   Simone                              at Town Hall                                       Colpix                CP409
Nina                   Simone                              Best of                                            Philips               PHS600-298
The                    Singing Sisters of Syracuse         The Singing Sisters of Syracuse                    Century
Keely                  Smith                               I Wish You Love                                    Capitol               T914
Keely                  Smith                               Swingin' Pretty                                    Capitol               T1145
Kay                    Starr                               Movin'!                                            Capitol               T1254
Barbara                Streisand                           Greatest Hits                                      Columbia              KCS9968
Barbara                Streisand                           The Barbara Streisand Album                        Columbia              CL2007
Barbara                Streisand                           The Broadway Album                                 Columbia              40092
Barbara                Streisand                           The third Album                                    Columbia              CS8954
James                  Taylor                              Greatest Hits                                      Warner Bros           BS2979
James                  Taylor                              Sweet Baby James                                   Warner Bros           1843
James                  Taylor                              That's Why I'm Here                                Columbia              FC40052
James                  Taylor                              Walking Man                                        Warner Bros           W2794
Dick                   Todd                                Blue Orchids (2 record set)                        Bluebird              AXM2-5509
                       various                             Cole Porter (3 record boxed set)                   Columbia              C3 10842
Sarah                  Vaughan                             after hours with Sarah Vaughan                     Columbia              CL660
Sarah                  Vaughan                             at Mr. Kelly's                                     Mercury               MG20326
Sarah                  Vaughan                             at the Blue Note                                   Mercury               MG20094
Sarah                  Vaughan                             Belts the Hits                                     Coronet               CXS-277
Sarah                  Vaughan                             In the Land of Hi-Fi                               Emarcy                MG-36058
Sarah                  Vaughan                             More from Japan                                    Mainstream            MRL419
Sarah                  Vaughan                             My Heart Sings                                     Mercury               MG20617
Sarah                  Vaughan                             Sarah Swings                                       Palace                PST-673
Sarah                  Vaughan                             Sarah Vaughan and Dizzie Gillespie                 Plymouth              P-12-115
Sarah                  Vaughan                             The Columbia Years 1949-1953                       CBS                   C2 44165
Sarah                  Vaughan                             The Divine                                         Mercury               MG20540
Sarah                  Vaughan                             The Lonely Hours                                   Roulette              R52104
Sarah                  Vaughan                             The magic of                                       Mercury               MG20438
Sarah                  Vaughan                             You're Mine You                                    Roulette              SR52082
Sarah                  Vaughan                             Sings George Gershwin Volume Two                   Mercury               MG20311
Sarah                  Vaughan                             Deep Purple (7 inch 45 rpm ep)                     Columbia              B2551
Dionne                 Warwick                             Golden Hits                                        Everest               4103
Dionne                 Warwick                             Here Where There is Love                           Scepter               SRM555
Dionne                 Warwick                             Make Way                                           Scepter               523
Dionne                 Warwick                             Promises, Promises                                 Scepter               SPS571
Dionne                 Warwick                             The Sensitive Sound of                             Scepter               528
Dinah                  Washington                          A Slick Chick on the mellow side (2 record set)    Emarcy                814 184 1
Dinah                  Washington                          Dinah '62                                          Roulette              R25170
Dinah                  Washington                          I Don't Hurt Any More                              Pickwick              SPC-3230
Dinah                  Washington                          In the Land of Hi-Fi                               Emarcy                MG-36073
Dinah                  Washington                          Late Late Show                                     Mercury               MGW12140
Dinah                  Washington                          September in the Rain                              Mercury               MG20638
Dinah                  Washington                          The Dinah Washington Years (2 record box set)      Roulette              SK-104
Dinah                  Washington                          The Original Queen of Soul (2 record set)          Wing                  PKW-2-121
Dinah                  Washington                          The Queen                                          Mercury               MG20439
Dinah                  Washington                          Unforgettable                                      Mercury               MG20572
Dinah                  Washington                          What a Diff'rence a Day Makes                      Mercury               MG20479
Dinah                  Washington/Brook Benton             The Two of Us                                      Mercury               MG20588
Mae                    West                                Presenting the Fabulous Mae West                   Decca                 DL79016
Joe                    Williams                            A Man Ain't Supposed to Cry                        Roulette              R-52005
Nancy                  Wilson                              Nancy - Naturally                                  Capitol               ST2534

Comedy (141)

Patty                  Abbott                              Have I Had You Before?                             Chess                 1450
                       Abbott & Costello                   Who's On First                                     Nostalgia Lane        NLR1001
Dayton                 Allen                               Why Not!                                           Grand Award           GA33-424
Fred                   Allen                               Down in Allen's Alley                              The Radiola Co        Release#8
                       Amos & Andy/Duffys Tavern           Radio Greats Vol. 1                                Radio Records         RG101
                       Amos 'n' Andy                       The Secret Melody                                  Radiola               MR-1074
Belle                  Barthe                              For Adults Only                                    Riot                  R301
Belle                  Barthe                              If I embarrass you tell your friends               After Hours           LAH69
Belle                  Barthe                              My Next Story is a Little Risque                   After Hours           LAH69 1/2
Shelly                 Berman                              A Personal Appearance                              Verve                 V /V-15027
Shelly                 Berman                              Inside (no jacket)                                 Verve                 MG V-15003
Shelly                 Berman                              New Sides (no jacket)                              Verve                 MG V-15036
Shelly                 Berman                              Outside                                            Verve                 MG V-15007
Shelly                 Berman                              The Edge of (no jacket)                            Verve                 MG V-15013
Shelly                 Berman                              The Sex Life of the Primate (no cover)             Verve                 V15043
The                    Bickersons                          Starring Don Ameche and Francis Langford           Columbia              CL1692
The                    Bickersons                          The Bickersons Fight Back                          Columbia              CL-1883
The                    Bickersons                          The Bickersons from 1947 and 1948                  Radiola               MR-1115
Lenny                  Bruce                               is out again                                       Philles               PHLP-4010
Lenny                  Bruce                               Interviews of Our Time                             Fantasy               7001
Ron                    Carey                               The Irreverant Comedy of                           RSVP                  EM8003
George                 Carlin                              An Evening with Wally Londo                        Little David          LD1008
George                 Carlin                              Class Clown                                        Little David          LD1004
George                 Carlin                              FM & AM                                            Little David          LD7214
George                 Carlin                              Indecent Exposure                                  Little David          LD1076
George                 Carlin                              Playin' With Your head                             Eardrum               90523-1
George                 Carlin                              Toledo Window Box                                  Little David          LD3003
George                 Carlin                              Take-offs & Put-Ons                                RCA Victor            CAS2566
                       Cheech and Chong                    Cheech and Chong                                   Ode                   SP77010
                       Cheech and Chong                    Cheech and Chong's Wedfding Album                  Ode                   SP77025
                       Cheech and Chong                    Greatest                                           Warner Bros           BSK3614
                       Cheech and Chong                    Big Bambu                                          Ode                   SP77014
                       Cheech and Chong                    Up In Smoke                                        Warner Bros           BSK3249
Doug                   Clark and the Hot Nuts              Nuts to You                                        Gross                 GR 101
Myron                  Cohen                               Everybody Gotta Be Someplace                       RCA Victor            LPM-3534
Pat                    Cooper                              Our Hero!                                          United Artists        UAL3446
Bill                   Dana                                Jose Jimenez the Astronaut                         Kapp                  KL1238
Bill                   Dana                                Jose Jiminez in Orbit                              Kapp                  KL-1257
Bill                   Dana                                Jose Jiminez Talks to Teenagers of all ages        Kapp                  KL1304
Rodney                 Dangerfield                         I Don't Get No Respect                             Arista                ABM4281
Rodney                 Dangerfield                         No Respect                                         Casablanca            NBLP7229
Phyllis                Diller                              Wet Toe in a Hot Socket                            mirrosonic            SP6002
                       Fibber Mgee & Molly                 I Can Get it For You Wholesale                     Radiola               MR-1055
W C                    Fields                              The Uncensored (3 record set)                      Murray Hill           M5467X
The                    Firesign Theater                    Don't Crush that Dwarf                             Columbia              C30102
The                    Firesign Theater                    Everything You Know is Wrong                       Columbia              KC33141
The                    Firesign Theater                    How Can You Be in Two Places at Once               Columbia              CS9884
The                    Firesign Theater                    How Time Flies                                     Columbia              KC32411
The                    Firesign Theater                    I Think We're All Bozos on this Bus                Columbia              C30737
The                    Firesign Theater                    Just Folks…a Fireside Chat                         Butterfly             FLY001
The                    Firesign Theater                    The Tale of the Giant Rat of Sumatra               Columbia              KC32730
The                    Firesign Theater                    Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him    Columbia              CL2718
Fannie                 Flagg                               My Husband Doesn't Know I'm Making This Call       Sunflower             SNF-5008
Redd                   Foxx                                Laff of the Party Volume 8                         Dooto                 DTL265
Redd                   Foxx                                The Side Splitter Vol 2                            Dooto                 DTL270
Stan                   Freberg                             The United States of America                       Capitol               W1573
David                  Frye                                Radio Free Nixon                                   Elektra               EKS-74085
Whoopie                Goldberg                            Original Broadway Show Recording                   Geffen                GHS24065
Dick                   Gregory                             East West                                          Colpix                CP420
Spike                  Jones                               Thank You, Music Lovers                            RCA Victor            LPM-2224
Gabe                   Kaplan                              Holes and Mello-Rolls                              ABC                   ABCD905
Tom                    Lehrer                              More of Tom Lehrer                                 Lehrer Records        TL102
Tom                    Lehrer                              Songs by Tom Lehrer                                Lehrer Records        TL101
Tom                    Lehrer                              That Was the Week That Was                         Reprise               R6179
                       Life With Luigi                     First show                                         Radiola               MR-1015
Moms                   Mabley                              at the Playboy Club                                Chess                 1480
Moms                   Mabley                              Breaks it Up                                       Chess                 1472
Moms                   Mabley                              Her Young Thing                                    Mercury               SR61205
Moms                   Mabley                              The Funny Sides of                                 Chess                 1482
Pigmeat                Markham                             Anything Goes                                      Chess                 1467
Steve                  Martin                              A Wild and Crazy Guy                               Warner Bros           HS3238
Steve                  Martin                              Let's Get Small                                    Warner Bros           BSK3090
Bob & Doug             McKenzie                            Great White North                                  Polygram              SRM-1-4034
Vaughn                 Meader                              The First Family                                   Cadence               CLP3060
Vaughn                 Meader                              Have Some Nuts!!!                                  Verve                 CLP3060
                       Monty Python                        The Best of Monty Python (2 record set)            GRT                   BDS5626-2
Martin                 Mull                                I'm Everyone I Ever Loved                          ABC                   AB-997
Martin                 Mull                                Sex and Violins                                    ABC                   AA-1064
The                    Muppets                             The Muppet Movie                                   Atlantic              SD15001
Eddie                  Murphy                              Comedian                                           Columbia              FC39005
Eddie                  Murphy                              Eddie Murphy                                       Columbia              FC38180
Eddie                  Murphy                              How Could it Be                                    Columbia              FC39952
                       National Lampoon                    Greatest Hits                                      Visa                  7008
Bob                    Newhart                             faces Bob Newhart                                  Warner Bros           1517
Bob                    Newhart                             The Behind the Button-Down Mind                    Warner Bros           1417
Bob                    Newhart                             The Button-Down Mind                               Warner Bros           1379
Bob                    Newhart                             The Button-Down Mind on TV                         Warner Bros           1467
Bob                    Newhart                             The Button-Down Mind Strikes Back!                 Warner Bros           1393
Bob                    Newhart                             The Windmills are Falling                          Warner Bros           1588
Mike                   Nichols & Elaine May                An Evenung with                                    Mercury               OCM2200
Mike                   Nichols & Elaine May                Examine Doctors                                    Mercury               MG20680
Mike                   Nichols & Elaine May                Improvisations to Music                            Mercury               MG20376
Mike                   Nichols & Elaine May                The Best of                                        Mercury               SR-60997
Gene                   Orndorf                             Presidential Primer                                American              LP76410
Jack                   Paar                                The Best of "What's His Name" (no jacket)          Ramrod                R-8001
Minnie                 Pearl                               Laugh-a-long with Minnie Pearl                     Hilltop               JM6014
                       Proctor & Bergman                   TV or Not TV                                       Columbia              KC32199
Richard                Pryor                               Here and Now                                       Warner Bros           23981-\
Richard                Pryor                               Live on the Sunset Strip                           Warner Bros           BSK3660
Richard                Pryor                               The Very Best of                                   Laff                  A-221
Richard                Pryor                               Black Ben the Black Smith                          Laff                  A-200
Richard                Pryor                               Wanted (2 record set)                              Warner Bros           2BSK3364
Richard                Pryor                               That N*'s Crazy                                    Partee                PBS2404
Richard                Pryor                               Outrageous                                         Laff                  A-206
Richard                Pryor                               The Wizard of Comedy                               Laff                  A-202
Richard                Pryor                               L.A. Jail                                          Tiger Lily            TL14023
Richard                Pryor                               Is it something I said?                            Reprise               MS2227
Gilda                  Radner                              Live from New York                                 Warner Bros           HS3320
Carl                   Reiner & Mel Brooks                 2000 and thirteen                                  Warner Bros           BS2741
Don                    Ricklles                            Hello Dummy!                                       Warner Bros           1745
Paddy                  Roberts                             Strictly for Grownups                              Kapp                  KDL7006
Anne                   Russell                             Sings Again?                                       Columbia              ML4733
Mort                   Sahl                                The Future Lies Ahead                              Verve                 V-15002
Mort                   Sahl                                The Next President                                 Verve                 VS-615021
Soupy                  Sales                               Do the Mouse                                       ABC Paramount         T90236
Soupy                  Sales                               The Soupy Sales Show                               Reprise               R6010
Soupy                  Sales                               Up in the Air                                      Reprise               R-6042
Allan                  Sherman                             More Folk Songs                                    Jubilee               5019
Allan                  Sherman                             My son, the celebrity                              Warner Bros           W1487
Allan                  Sherman                             My son, the folk singer                            Warner Bros           W1475
Allan                  Sherman                             My Son, the Nut                                    Warner Bros           1501
The                    Smothers Brothers                   At the Purple Onion                                Mercury               MG20611
The                    Smothers Brothers                   Mom always liked you best!                         Mercury               SR-61051
The                    Smothers Brothers                   The Two Sides of                                   Mercury               MG20675
The                    Smothers Brothers                   Think Ethnic                                       Mercury               MG20777
The                    Smothers Brothers                   Curb Your Tongue, Knave                            Mercury               SR60862
TV                     soundtrack                          Sesame Street                                      Columbia              CS1069
Lily                   Tomlin                              And That's the Truth                               Polydor               PD 5023
Lily                   Tomlin                              This is a Recording                                Polydor               24-4055
                       various                             Kings of Comedy                                    K-Tel                 NU 1180
Rusty                  Warren                              Rusty Warren Bounces Back (in a differnt jacket)   Jubilee               JGM 2039
Rusty                  Warren                              Songs for Sinners                                  Jubilee               JGM 2024
Marv                   Welch                               Spice on the Rocks                                 Wild
Pearl                  Williams                            2nd Trip Around the World                          Surprise              SUR75
Pearl                  Williams                            A Trip Around the World is Not a Cruise            After Hours           LAH-70
Robin                  Williams                            reality...what a concept                           Casablanca            NBLP7162
Flip                   Wilson                              Cowboys and Colored People                         Atlantic              SD8149
Flip                   Wilson                              The Devil Made Me Buy This Dress                   Little David          LD1000
Jonathan               Winters                             The Wonderful World of                             Verve                 V-15009
Woody                  Woodbury                            Laughing Room (no jacket)                          Sterodities           MW-2
Woody                  Woodbury                            Looks at Love and Life                             Sterodities           MW-1

Country (137)

Lynn                   Anderson                            Encore                                             Columbia              FC37354
Lynn                   Anderson                            Songs My Mother Wrote                              Chart                 CHS 1032
Chet                   Atkins                              A Session With (2 7 inch 45 rpm eps)               RCA Victor            EPB1090
Gene                   Autry                               Gene Autry's Country Music Hall of Fame Album      Columbia              CS 1035
                       Blue Ridge Mountain Boys            Hootenanny n' Blue Grass                           Time                  S2083
Elton                  Britt                               Yodel Songs                                        RCA Victor            LPM-1288
Judy                   Canova                              Country Cousin                                     Coronet               CXS-239
Judy                   Canova                              In Hi-Fi                                           Tops                  L1613
Henson                 Cargill                             On the Road                                        Buckboard             BBS-1012
Johnny                 Cash                                All Aboard the Blue Train                          Sun                   1270
Johnny                 Cash                                Gratest Hits Volumr 1                              Columbia              CL2678
Johnny                 Cash                                I Walk the Line                                    Columbia              CL2190
Johnny                 Cash                                Mean as Hell!                                      Columbia              CL2446
Johnny                 Cash                                Now There Was a Song                               Columbia              CS8254
Johnny                 Cash                                Orange Blossom Special                             Columbia              CL2309
Johnny                 Cash                                sings Hank Williams                                Sun                   SLP1245
Johnny                 Cash                                Songs of the Soil (no jacket)                      Columbia              CS8148
Johnny                 Cash                                The Fabulous Johnny Cash                           Columbia              CL1253
Johnny                 Cash                                The Heart of johnny Cash                           Columbia              STS2004
Johnny                 Cash                                The Last Gunfighter Ballad                         Columbia              34314
Johnny                 Cash                                Understand Your Man                                Harmony               KH-30916
Johnny                 Cash                                Johnny Cash                                        Sun                   LP 1220
Johnny                 Cash                                The Fabulous Johnny Cash                           Columbia              CL1305
Johnny                 Cash                                Blood Sweat and Tears                              Columbia              CS8730
Johnny                 Cash                                Ring of Fire the Best of                           Columbia              CS8853
Johnny                 Cash                                Original Golden Hits Volume I                      Sun                   100
Johnny                 Cash                                Original Golden Hits Volume II                     Sun                   101
Johnny                 Cash                                The Johnny Cash Collection Volume II               Columbia              KC30887
Johnny                 Cash                                The Johnny Cash Songbook                           Harmony               KH31602
Johnny                 Cash & June Carter Cash             Carryin' On with                                   Columbia              CL 2728
Johnny                 Cash with The Wilburn Brothers      Johnny Cash & His COuntry Cousins                  Sears                 SP-109
Rosanne                Cash                                Rhythm & Rosanne                                   Columbia              FC39463
Rosanne                Cash                                Seven Year Achee                                   Columbia              JC36965
Roy                    Clark                               The other Side of                                  Dot                   DLP25977
Patsy                  Cline                               A Portrait                                         Decca                 DL4508
Patsy                  Cline                               Golden Hits (no jacket)                            Everest               ST-90070
Patsy                  Cline                               Her Legendary Recordings                           MCA                   MSM35706
Patsy                  Cline                               Patsy Cline                                        Decca                 DL8611
Patsy                  Cline                               Sentimentally Yours                                Decca                 DL4282
Patsy                  Cline                               Showcase                                           Decca                 DL4202
Patsy                  Cline                               That's How a Heartache Begins                      Decca                 DL4586
Patsy                  Cline                               Today, Tomorrow & Forever                          Hilltop               JM-6001
Patsy                  Cline                               Stop the World and Let Me off                      Hilltop               JS-6039
The                    Country Gentlemen                   Christmas Time Back Home                           Rebel                 REB-1600
                       Cranberry Lake                      Lowdown Symphony                                   Swallowtail           ST-10
The Charlie            Daniels Band                        Saddle Tramp                                       Epic                  PE34150
Skeeter	               Davis                               The Hillbilly Singer	                              RCA Victor            LSP-4818
Eddie                  Dean                                Eddie Dean sings (no jacket)                       Crown                 5434
The                    Dixon Brothers                      Beyond Black Smoke                                 Country Turtle        CT-6000
Dave                   Dudley                              Songs about the Working Man                        Mercury               MG20899
Bill                   Emerson & His VA Mountaineers       Banjo Pickin' n' Hot Fiddlin'                      Coronet               CX200
Donna                  Fargo                               Superman                                           Pickwick              JS-6187
                       Flatt & Scruggs                     20 All Time Great  Recordings (2 record set)       Columbia              CG-30
                       Flatt & Scruggs                     Final Fling                                        Columbia              LE10105
Crystal                Gayle                               Country Pure (2 record set)                        Pair                  PDL2-1083
Crystal                Gayle                               Crystal                                            United Artists        LA614-G
Crystal                Gayle                               Crystal Gayle                                      United Artists        R133335
Crystal                Gayle                               True Love                                          Elektra               60200
Crystal                Gayle                               We Should Be Together                              United Artists        UA-LA969-H
The                    Georgia Yellow Hammers              The Moonshine Hollow Band                          Rounder               1032
Merle                  Haggard and the Strangers           I Love Dixie Blues                                 Capitol               ST-11200
Emmylou                Harris                              Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town                    Warner Bros           BSK3141
Emmylou                Harris                              Blue Kentucky Girl                                 Warner Bros           BSK3318
Emmylou                Harris                              Cimarron                                           Warner Bros           BSK3603
Emmylou                Harris                              Elite Hotel                                        Reprise               MS2236
Emmylou                Harris                              Evangeline                                         Warner Bros           23508
Emmylou                Harris                              Luxury Liner                                       Warner Bros           BSK3258
Emmylou                Harris                              Roses in the Snow                                  Warner Bros           BSK3422
Emmylou                Harris                              White Shoes                                        Warner Bros           23961-1
Emmylou                Harris                              The Ballad of Sally Rose                           Warner Bros           W1-25205
Emmylou                Harris                              Portrait/Best of                                   Warner Bros           BSK3258
                       Highwoods String Band               Dance All Night                                    Rounder               0045
                       Homer and Jethro                    Barefoot Ballads                                   RCA Victor            LPM-1412
                       Homer and Jethro                    Don't Be Cornfused                                 Guest Star            G1428
                       Homer and Jethro                    Ooh, That's Funny                                  RCA Victor            LPM-2743
                       Homer and Jethro                    Strike Back                                        RCA Victor            CAL-707
                       Hoosier Hot Shots                   Country Kiddin'                                    Spinorama             M162
Wanda                  Jackson                             Blues in My Heart                                  Capitol               ST2306
Wanda                  Jackson                             By the Time I Get to Phoenix                       Hilltop               JS-6123
George                 Jones                               My Favorites of Hank Williams                      United Artists        UAL3220
George                 Jones                               Sings Country & Western Hits                       Mercury               MG20624
Doug                   Kershaw                             Doug Kershaw                                       Warner Bros           1906
Patsy                  Klein                               Sentimentally Yours (in a different jacket)        Decca                 DL4282
Loretta                Lynn                                I Remember Patsy                                   MCA                   MCA-2265
Loretta                Lynn                                Loretta                                            Trolley Car           TC5000
Loretta                Lynn                                Loretta                                            MCA                   3217
Loretta                Lynn                                Out of My Mind and Back in My Bed                  MCA                   2330
Loretta                Lynn                                Here's Loretta Lynn                                Vocalion              VL73853
Barbara                Mandrell                            Clean Cut                                          MCA                   5474
Barbara                Mandrell                            Greatest Hits                                      MCA                   5566
Barbara                Mandrell                            Live                                               MCA                   5243
Barbara                Mandrell                            Lovers, Friends and Strangers                      MCA                   673
Barbara                Mandrell                            The Best of (2 record set)                         Pair                  PDL1079
Barbara                Mandrell                            This is                                            MCA                   672
Louise                 Mandrell                            Close Up                                           RCA Victor            MHL1-8601
Louise                 Mandrell                            Maybe My Baby                                      RCA Victor            AHL1-5454
Louise                 Mandrell                            Too Hot to Sleep                                   RCA Victor            AHL1-4820
Bill                   Monroe                              Greatest Hits                                      MCA                   MCA-17
                       Montana Slim                        Reminiscin'                                        RCA Camden            CAL-668
                       New Grass Revival                   New Grass Revival                                  Starday               SLP482-498
Buck                   Owens                               Buck Owens in London                               Capitol               ST-8-0232
Dolly                  Parton                              9 to 5 and Odd Jobs                                RCA Victor            AHL1-3852
Dolly                  Parton                              Best of                                            RCA Victor            AHL1-1117
Dolly                  Parton                              Great Balls of Fire                                RCA Victor            AHL1-3361
Dolly                  Parton                              Real Love                                          RCA Victor            AHL1-5414
Dolly                  Parton                              The Great Pretender                                RCA Victor            AHL1-4940
Dolly                  Parton                              Heart Breaker                                      RCA Victor            AYL1-3665
Dolly                  Parton                              Just Because I Am A Woman                          Pickwick              ACL-7017
Dolly                  Parton                              Here You Come Again                                RCA Victor            apl1-2544
Dolly                  Parton /Ronststadt/Harris           Trio                                               Warner Bros           25491-1
Les                    Paul and Mary Ford                  Bouquet of Roses - 12 all-time country favorites   Columbia              CL1821
Jimmie                 Rogers                              The Best of the Legendary Jimmie Rogers            RCA Victor            LPM3315
Kenny                  Rogers                              The Gambler                                        United Artists        LA834-H
Kenny                  Rogers                              Greatest Hits                                      Liberty               L00-1072
The                    Sauceman Brothers                   Early Days of Bluegrass Volume 7                   Rounder               1019
Earl                   Scruggs                             His Family and Friends                             Columbia              C30584
                       Sons of the Purple Sage             Sons of the Purple Sage with Linna Shane           Tops                  L1588
The                    Stoneman Family                     Live                                               Sunset                SUS-5203
Tony                   Trischka                            Bluegrass                                          Rounder               0048
Tanya                  Tucker                              Lovin' and Learnin'                                MCA                   MCA-2167
Tanya                  Tucker                              The Best of                                        Gusto                 P16770
                       Various                             Tarbot Anthology - Capre Breton Festival           Shag Rock             SOTH0001
                       various                             The Sound of Bluegrass                             RCA                   ACL1-0535
                       various                             The World's Greatest Bluegrass Bands (2 record se) CMH                   5900
                       various                             1976 NY State Old Tyme Fiddlers Assn Picnic        CLP                   11449
Doc                    Watson                              Memories                                           United Artists        LA423-H2
                       various                             Stars Grand Ole Opry 1926-1974 (1 of 2 record set) RCA Victor            CPL2-0466
The                    Watson Family                       Traditom                                           Topic                 12TS336
Kitty                  Wells                               Winner of Your Heart                               Decca                 DL8552
Kitty                  Wells                               Country Hit Parade                                 Decca                 DL8293
Hank                   Williams                            24 of Hank Williams' Greatest Hits                 MGM                   SE4755
Hank                   Williams                            as Luke the Drifter                                MGM                   E3267
Hank                   Williams                            Lives Again                                        MGM                   E3923
Bob                    Wills and his Texas Playboys        Western Swing Along                                Vocallion             VL73735
Tammy                  Wynette                             Greatest Hits                                      Epic                  BN26486
Tammy                  Wynette                             Stand By Your Man                                  Epic                  BN26451
Tammy                  Wynette                             The World of Tammy Wynette (2 record set)          Epic                  EGP 503

Musical (87)

                       braodway show                       The Act                                            DRG                   6106
                       broadway show                       110 in the shade                                   RCA Victor            LSO-1085
                       broadway show                       A Chorus Line                                      Columbia              PS33581
                       broadway show                       A Little Night Music                               Columbia              JS32265
                       broadway show                       All American                                       Columbia              KOL5760
                       broadway show                       Annie                                              Columbia              BL38000
                       broadway show                       Annie Get Your Gun                                 Decca                 DL79018
                       broadway show                       Anything Goes                                      Epic                  FLM13100
                       broadway show                       Ben Franklin in Paris                              Capitol               VAS2191
                       broadway show                       Cabaret                                            Columbia              KOL6640
                       broadway show                       Camelot                                            Columbia              KOL5620
                       broadway show                       Carnival                                           MGM                   0E39460C
                       broadway show                       Chicago                                            Arista                9005
                       broadway show                       Company                                            Columbia              OS3550
                       broadway show                       Damn Yankees                                       RCA Victor            AYL1-3948
                       broadway show                       Do Re Mi                                           RCA Victor            LOCD-2002
                       broadway show                       Evita                                              MCA                   11007
                       broadway show                       Fanny                                              RCA Victor            LOC-1015
                       broadway show                       Fiddler on the Roof                                RCA Victor            LSO1093
                       broadway show                       Flower Drum Song                                   Columbia              OS2009
                       broadway show                       Hair                                               RCA Victor            LSO-1150
                       broadway show                       Half a Sixpence                                    RCA Victor            LSO-1110
                       broadway show                       I Can Get it For You Wholesale                     Columbia              AKOS2180
                       broadway show                       I Do! I Do!                                        RCA Victor            LSO-1128
                       broadway show                       Jamaica                                            RCA Victor            LOC-1036
                       broadway show                       Jaques Brel is Alive and Well… (2 record set)      Columbia              D2S779
                       broadway show                       Jesus Christ Superstar (2 Record set)              Decca                 DXSA7206
                       broadway show                       King and I                                         Spinorama             MK3045
                       broadway show                       Kismet                                             Columbia              ML4850
                       broadway show                       Kiss Me Kate                                       Columbia              OS2300
                       broadway show                       Li'l Abner                                         Columbia              OL5150
                       broadway show                       Man of La Mancha                                   Kapp                  KRL-4505
                       broadway show                       Music Man                                          Capitol               WAO990
                       broadway show                       My Fair Lady                                       Columbia              OS2015
                       broadway show                       Oliver!                                            RCA Victor            LOCD2004
                       broadway show                       On Your Toes                                       Polydor               813667-1Y1
                       broadway show                       One Mo' Time                                       Warner Bros           HS34547
                       broadway show                       Peter Pan                                          RCA Victor            LOC1019
                       broadway show                       Phantom of the Opera                               Polygram              831271-1Y-2
                       broadway show                       Pippin                                             Motown                5243ML
                       broadway show                       Promises, Promises                                 United Artists        UAS9902
                       broadway show                       Roberta                                            Decca                 DLP8007
                       broadway show                       Rose-Marie                                         RCA Victor            LOP-1001
                       broadway show                       She Loves Me                                       MGM                   E4118OC-2
                       broadway show                       Show Girl                                          Forum                 SF9054
                       broadway show                       Silk Stockings                                     RCA Victor            LOC-1016
                       broadway show                       South Pacific                                      Columbia              OL4180
                       broadway show                       Stop the World, I Want to Get Off                  London                AM58001
                       broadway show                       Sunday in the Park with George                     RCA Victor            HBCI-5042
                       broadway show                       The Boys From Syracuse                             Columbia              CL847
                       broadway show                       The Fantastiks                                     MGM                   SE3872
                       broadway show                       The Pajama Game                                    Columbia              OL4840
                       broadway show                       The Sound of Music                                 Design                DCF-1001
                       broadway show                       The Wiz                                            Atlantic              SD18137
                       broadway show                       Thoroughly Modern Millie                           Decca                 DL1500
                       broadway show                       Unsinkable Molly Brown                             MGM                   E-4232
                       broadway show                       West Side Story                                    Columbia              OL5230
                       broadway show                       Brigadoon                                          Columbia              CSM 385
                       broadway show                       Carousel                                           RCA Victor            LSP-1048
                       broadway show                       Fiorello!                                          Capitol               WAO1321
                       broadway show                       Selections from Redhead                            RCA Camden            CAL521
                       broadway show                       The Most Happy Fella                               Columbia              OL5118
                       broadway show                       Finian's Rainbow                                   Columbia              ML4052
                       broadway show                       Gypsy                                              Columbia              OL5420
                       broadway show                       Funny Girl                                         Capitol               SVAS2059
movie                  soundtrack                          Alexander's Ragtime Band                           Hollywood sound stg   406
movie                  soundtrack                          Bells are Ringing                                  Capitol               W1435
movie                  soundtrack                          Can Can                                            Capitol               W1301
movie                  soundtrack                          Enter Laughing                                     Liberty               LOS-17004
movie                  soundtrack                          Fiddler on the Roof                                Liberty               LXB51041
movie                  soundtrack                          Five Easy Pieces                                   Epic                  KE30456
movie                  soundtrack                          Flying Down to Rio / Carefree                      Classic Int Filmmus   CIF3004
movie                  soundtrack                          Funny Girl                                         Columbia              BOS3220
movie                  soundtrack                          Grease (2 record set)                              RSO                   RS-2-4002
movie                  soundtrack                          Mary Poppins                                       Vista                 5005
movie                  soundtrack                          Porgy & Bess                                       Columbia              OL5410
movie                  soundtrack                          Seven Brides for 7 Brothers / Rose Marie           MGM                   SES-41-ST
movie                  soundtrack                          Singin in the rain / Easter Parade                 MGM                   SES-40-ST
movie                  soundtrack                          The Big Chill                                      Motown                6062ML
movie                  soundtrack                          The Big Easy Motion Picture Soundtrack             Antilles              AN7087
movie                  soundtrack                          The Pirate / Pagan Love Song / Hit the Deck        MGM                   SES-43-ST
movie                  soundtrack                          The Wizard of Oz                                   MGM                   E3464ST
movie                  soundtrack                          Till the Clouds Roll By / Three Little Words       MGM                   SES-45-ST
movie                  soundtrack                          West Side Story                                    Columbia              OL5670
movie                  soundtrack                          Doctor Doolittle                                   20th Century Fox      91208
tv                     soundtrack                          Aladdin                                            Columbia              CL1117
movie                  various                             Academy Award Winners from piano rolls             Biograph              BLP-1017Q

World (109)

Robert                 Alda                                Songs for Continental Lovers                       Treasure              TLP804
Alfred                 Alpaka                              South Sea Island Magic                             Decca                 DL8180
                       Baja Marimba Band                   Watch Out!                                         A&M                   118
Los                    Bandidos                            At El Toro                                         Forum                 F9066
Harry                  Belafonte                           An Evening with Belafonte                          RCA Victor            LPM1402
Harry                  Belafonte                           Belafonte                                          RCA Victor            LPM1150
Harry                  Belafonte                           Belafonte at Cargnegie Hall                        RCA Victor            LOC6006
Harry                  Belafonte                           Belafonte returns to Carnegie Hall                 RCA Victor            LOC6007
Harry                  Belafonte                           Calypso                                            RCA Victor            LPM1248
Harry                  Belafonte                           Folk songs with and Calyso with the Islanders      Coronet               CX115
Harry                  Belafonte                           In My Quiet Room                                   RCA Victor            LPM3571
Harry                  Belafonte                           Jump Up Calypso                                    RCA Victor            LPM2388
Harry                  Belafonte                           My Lord What a Mornin'                             RCA Victor            LPM2022
Harry                  Belafonte                           The Many Moods of Harry Belafonte                  RCA Victor            LPM2574
Harry                  Belafonte                           The Midnight Special                               RCA Victor            LPM2449
                       Belafonte Folk Singers              At Home and Abroad                                 RCA Victor            LPM2309
Willie                 Brady                               Songs from Erin's Green Shore                      Avoca                 AV115
Al                     Caiola                              50 Fabulous Italian Favorites                      United Artists        UAS6354
The                    Carlton Showband                    Sing Irishman Sing                                 RCA Camden            CASX-2539
The                    Chieftains                          3                                                  Shanachie             79023
The                    Chieftains                          The Chieftains 4                                   Claddagh              CC14
The                    Chieftains                          The Chieftains 5                                   Shanachie             79025
The                    Chieftains                          The Chieftains 7                                   Columbia              PC35612
Jimmy                  Cliff                               Follow My Mind                                     Reprise               MS2218
Jimmy                  Cliff                               Special                                            Columbia              PC3809902
Jimmy                  Cliff                               The Harder they Come                               Mango                 MLPS-9202
Jimmy                  Cliff                               I am the Living                                    MCA                   5153
Xavier                 Cugat                               1944-1945                                          Circle                CLP-59
Toto                   Culugno                             L'Italiano                                         Carosello             CLM1000
Johnny                 Desmond                             dreams of Paris                                    Lion                  L760061
The                    Di Mara Sisters                     Italian Songs Mama Never Taught Me                 Roulette              R25265
Les                    Djinns Singers                      60 French Girls Les Petites                        ABC-Paramount         ABC-404
The                    Dungills                            Africa Calling                                     Vee Jay               1061
                       El Mejor Mariachi del Mundo         Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitian                      Arcano                DKLT3059
                       Fajardo y sus Estrellas             Una Noche en Montmartre                            Panart                LP-3030
Archie                 Fisher                              The Man With a Rhyme                               Folk-Legacy           FSS-61
Connie                 Francis                             Sings Modern Italian Hits                          MGM                   E4102
Jaqueline              Francis                             Mademoiselle de Paris                              Columbia              CL570
Eddie                  Grant                               Going For Broke                                    Portrait              FR39261
Francois               Hardy                               Francoise                                          Four Corners          FCL-4231
Francois               Hardy                               Maid in Paris                                      Four Corners          FCS-4219
                       Haunani                             Trade Wind Islands                                 Capitol               T1203
Los                    Iracundos                           En Roma                                            RCA Victor            ECL600010
                       Irish National Orchestra and Choir  The Best of Ireland's Music Heritage               Talisman              STAL6025
The                    Irish Rovers                        All Hung Up                                        Decca                 DL75037
The                    Irish Rovers                        Greatest Hits                                      MCA                   2-4066
The                    Irish Rovers                        Live!                                              Sandcastle            SCR1032
The                    Irish Rovers                        The Life of the Rover                              Decca                 DL75157
The                    Irish Rovers                        The Unicorn                                        Decca                 DL74951
Billy                  Jackson & Billy Ross                The Misty Mountain                                 Iona                  IR005
Ella                   Jenkins                             Adventures in Rhythm                               Scholastic            SI7682
Nic                    Jones                               Penguin Eggs                                       Schanachie            79058
The                    Karmon Israeli Singers and Dancers  Folk Songs by                                      Vanguard              VSD2027
Johnny                 Kaye                                Italian Sing Along                                 Spinorama             M-84
                       Kid Creole and the Coconuts         Doppelganger                                       Sire                  23977-1
                       King Eric and his Knights           At the emerald Beach Plantation                    Elite                 ER-1
                       Kitaro                              Asia                                               Geffen                GHS24087
Michel                 Legrand                             Bonjour Paris                                      Columbia              CL947
Monique                Leyrac                              Pleins feux sur Monique Leyrac                     Columbia              FS622
The                    Lombardi Singers                    Sing Along in Italian                              ABC Paramount         320
                       Los Indios Tabajaras                Maria Elena                                        RCA Victor            LPM-2822
                       Los Indios Tabajaras                Mellow Guitar Moods                                RCA Victor            LPM-2959
Joe                    Maize and his Chordsmen             Hawaiian Dreams                                    Decca                 DL78817
Miriam                 Makeba                              Miriam Makeba                                      RCA Victor            LPM2267
Miriam                 Makeba                              The Many Vocies of                                 Kapp                  KL1274
                       Makem & Clancy                      The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem                Tradition             TLP1042
                       Makem & Clancy                      The Makem & Clancy Collection                      Shenachie             52001
                       Makem & Clancy                      The Rising of the Moon                             Tradition             TLP1006
                       Malachy Doris Celi Band             Ireland Dances                                     Spin                  3024
Letta                  Mbulu                               Letta                                              A&M                   SP-4688
The Fabulous           McClevertys                         The Fabulous McClevertys (Calypso) (no jacket)     Verve                 MGV-20348
Jose                   Melis                               of the Jack Paar Show                              MGM                   E3527
Sergio                 Mendes & Brasil '66                 Fool on the Hill                                   A&M                   SPX4160
Carlos                 Montoya                             Flamenco Guitar                                    ABC                   ABC-157
Carlos                 Montoya                             Flamenco Life                                      ABC                   ABC-191
Carlos                 Montoya                             The Incredible Carlos Montoya                      RCA Victor            LSP-2566
Ann                    Mortifee                            The Ecstasy of Rita Joe                            Kerygma               KRS-1005
                       Ossian                              Borders                                            Iona                  IR007
                       Ossian                              Light on a Distant Shore                           Iona                  IR009
                       Ossian                              Seal Song                                          Iona                  IR002
Edith                  Piaf                                More Piaf of Paris                                 Capitol               ST10203
Edith                  Piaf                                Potpurri par                                       Capitol               T10295
Edith                  Piaf                                Edith Piaf (10 inch lp)                            Columbia              XL595
                       Pipes of Pan                        at JouJouka (Brian Jones presents)                 Rolling Stones        COC49100
Paddy                  Reilly                              Paddy Reilly's Ireland Volume Two                  Harmac                HM11b
Almir                  Sater                               Brazilian Popular Music                            Continental           1.01.404.240
Andres                 Segovia                             Segovia and the Guitar                             Decca                 DL9931
Ravi                   Shankar                             Portrait of a Genius                               World-Pacific         1432
Uday                   Shankar Company                     Indian Music                                       RCA                   Vic-1371
Cheng                  Si-Sum                              Chinese Classical Flute Concertos & other favs     Everest               3458
Alan                   Sivell                              Renaissance of the Celtic Harp                     Rounder               3067
Soeur                  Sourire                             The Singing Nun                                    Philips               PCC203
Rev Francis            Strahan                             Irishg Songs from a Medieval Castle                Kencor                BMC5052
                       Sukay                               Socavon - Music of the Andes                       Flying Fish           FF351
                       Sullivan's Gypsys                   The Leprechaun                                     Emerald Gem           1032
Yma                    Sumac                               Legend of the Jivaro                               Capitol               T770
The                    Three Bells                         Les Compagnone de la Chanson                       Columbia              CL596
                       Tihati                              Bora Bora'e
                       various                             Africa in Revolutionary Music                      LSM                   R-1
                       various                             Bermudarama                                        Stanley Evans         LO8P-5104
                       various                             Great Day for the Irish                            Avoca                 AV129
                       various                             Highland Magic                                     Lismor                LILP5103
                       various                             Irish All Star Varieties volume one                Avoca                 AV124
                       various                             Japanese Folk Melodies                             Columbia              M35862
                       various                             Music of Equatorial Africa                         Folkways              FE4402
                       various                             Rockers All-Star Explosion (Reggae sampler)        Alligator             AL8310
                       various                             Songs of the Emerald Isle (2 record set)           Fairway               P13642
                       various                             Soweto Never Sleeps                                Shanachie             43041
                       various                             The Lark in the Morning                            Tradition             TLP1004

Spoken (40)

Ray                    Bradbury                            Martian Chornicles selections read by L Nimoy      Caedmon               TC1466
Robert                 Browning                            Poetry read by James Mason                         Caedmon               TC1048
William S              Burroughs                           Call Me Burroughs                                  ESP                   1050
Winston                Churchill                           The War Speeches of Winston Churchill (10 inch lp) Life
                       CBS News                            1969: A Record of the Year                         CBS
broadway               dramatic play                       The Glass Menagerie (2 record set)                 Caedmon               TRS301
Lawrence               Durrell                             Love Poems                                         Spoken Arts           SA818
T S                    Eliot                               reading Poems and Choruses                         Caedmon               TC1045
                       Escape                              Leinengen vs. the Ants                             Radiola               Release #3
Robert                 Frost                               reads his poetry                                   Caedmon               TC1060
Robert                 Frost                               reads the poems of Robert Frost                    Decca                 DL79033
Nathaniel              Hawthorne                           Two Stories read by Basil Rathbone                 Caedmon               TC1120
Frank                  Herbert                             Dune the Banquet Scene read by Herbert             Caedmon               TC1555
Frank                  Herbert                             Dune the Battles of Dune read by Herbert           Caedmon               TC1601
Jerome K               Jerome                              Three Men in a Boat                                Caedmon               TC1711
John Fitzgerald        Kennedy                             A Memorial Album                                   Diplomat              1000-A
John Fitzgerald        Kennedy                             A Memorial Album                                   Premier               2099
Edna St Vincent        Millay                              Poetry of                                          Caedmon               TC 1024
Arthur                 Miller                              After the Fall (4 record box set)                  Mercury               OCS46207
William                Shakespeare                         Hamlet - condensed                                 Living Shakespeare    5/6
William                Shakespeare                         King lear - condensed                              Living Shakespeare    3/4
William                Shakespeare                         Macbeth - condensed                                Living Shakespeare    1/2
William                Shakespeare                         Othello - condensed                                Living Shakespeare    7/8
William                Shakespeare                         Antony and Cleopatra - condensed                   Living Shakespeare    9/10
William                Shakespeare                         The Taming of the Shrew - condensed                Living Shakespeare    11/12
William                Shakespeare                         As You Like It - condensed                         Living Shakespeare    13/14
William                Shakespeare                         Twelfth Night - condensed                          Living Shakespeare    15/16
William                Shakespeare                         All's Well That Ends Well - condensed              Living Shakespeare    17/18
William                Shakespeare                         A Midsummer Night's Dream - condensed              Living Shakespeare    19/20
William                Shakespeare                         The Tempest - condensed                            Living Shakespeare    23/24
Dame Edith             Sitwell                             Homage to Dylan Thomas                             Westminster           XWN19076
Adlai E.               Stevenson                           The Man, The Candidate, the Statesman              MacMillan             AS-101
Theodore               Sturgeon                            The Fabulous Idiot                                 Caedmon               TC1634
Dylan                  Thomas                              Vol 1: A Child's Christmas in Wales and 5 poems    Caedmon               TC1002
Marlo                  Thomas and friends                  Free to be…You and Me                              Bell                  1110
J.R.R.R.               Tolkein                             Poems and Songs of Middle Earth                    Caedmon               TC1231
                       various                             The Negro People in America                        Heirloom              HLED3
                       various                             Great Moments from Old Time Radio                  Harmony               HS11353
Eudora                 Welty                               twos stories read by the author                    Caedmon               TC1626
Louis                  Zoul                                Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam                           Public Opinion        PO91869

Gospel (25)

Marian                 Anderson                            Sings (10 inch lp)                                 Royale                18105
The                    Caravans                            Anniversary Program                                Savoy                 MG3009
The                    Caravans                            Choose Ye This Day                                 Savoy                 MG3049
                       Delta Rhtym Boys                    In Sweden                                          Jubilee               1022
The                    Golden Gate Quartet                 Bones Bones Bones (78)                             Columbia              36937
Bessie                 Griffin and the Gospel Pearls       Portraits in Bronze                                Liberty               LMM-13002
The                    Harmonzing Four                     God Will Take Care of You                          Vee Jay               5009
Edwin                  Hawkins Singers                     Peace is Blowing in the Wind                       Buddah                BDS5054
Mahalia                Jackson                             Great Songs of Love and Faith                      Columbia              CS8624
Mahalia                Jackson                             Sweet Little Jesus Boy                             Columbia              CL702
Mahalia                Jackson                             Abide with Me                                      Harmony               HS11372
Mahalia                Jackson                             The Worlds Greatest Gospel Singer                  Columbia              CL644
Mahalia                Jackson                             The Best of                                        Columbia              P2 13200
Mahalia                Jackson                             Newport 1958                                       Columbia              CS 8071
Mahalia                Jackson                             Every Time I Feel the Spirit                       Columbia              CS 8443
Mahalia                Jackson                             The Power and the Glory                            Columbia              CL 1473
Mahalia                Jackson                             My Faith                                           Columbia              CL2605
The                    Jubilators                          Togetherness                                       Veep                  VPS16527
                       Mighty Clouds of Joy                Miracle Man                                        Myrrh                 MSB-6694
Billy                  Preston                             Behold!                                            Myrrh                 MSB-6605
The                    Staple Singers                      Bealtitude Resepct Yourself                        Stax                  STS3002
The                    Staple Singers                      Will The Circle Be Unbroken?                       Trip                  TLP7008
The                    Staples                             Unlock Your Mind                                   Warner Bros            BSK-3192
Sister Rosetta         Tharpe                              Spirituals in Rhythm                               Spinorama             MK3072
Clara                  Ward                                Gospel Concert                                     Dot                   DLP3138

Blues (347)

Dave                   Alexander                           The Rattler                                        Arhoolie              1067
Luther                 Allison                             Love Me Mama                                       Delmark               DS-625
Luther                 Allison                             Luther's Blues                                     Gordy                 G967V1
Luther                 Allison                             Serious                                            Blind Pig             BP2287
Luther                 Allison                             Live in Paris                                      Paris Album           PLB228501
Billy Boy              Arnold                              More Blues on the South Side                       Prestige              PR7389
Long John              Baldry                              Long John's Blues                                  United Artists        UAS-5543
Marcia                 Ball                                Hot Tamale Baby                                    Rounder               3095
                       Beausoleil                          Bayou Boogie                                       Rounder               6015
Carey                  Bell                                Last Night                                         ABC Bluesway          BLS-6079
                       Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows    One Track Mind                                     Flying Fish           FF268
King                   Biscuit Boy                         Official Music                                     Paramount             PAS5030
Elvin                  Bishop                              Big fun                                            Alligator             AL4767
Elvin                  Bishop                              Hog Heaven                                         Capricorn             0215
Elvin                  Bishop                              Hometown Boy Makes Good!                           Capricorn             0176
Elvin                  Bishop                              Juke Joint Stomp                                   Capricorn             CP0151
Elvin                  Bishop                              Raisin' Hell (2 records - one almost unplayable)   Capricorn             2CPN0185
Elvin                  Bishop                              Struttin' My Stuff                                 Capricorn             0698
The                    Blasters                            The Blasters                                       Slash                 SR-109
Mike                   Bloomfield and others               Live At Bill Graham's Fillmore West                Columbia              CS9893
Mike                   Bloomfield / John Hammond / Dr John Triumbirate                                        Columbia              C232172
                       Blues Brothers                      Briefcase Full of Blues                            Atlantic              SD19217
                       Blues Brothers                      Made of America                                    Atlantic              SD16025
The                    Blues Project                       Projections                                        Verve                 FT-3008
James                  Booker                              Classified                                         Rounder               2036
Eddie                  Boyd                                I'll Dust My Broom                                 London                PS554
Lonnie                 Brooks                              Bayou Lightning                                    Alligator             AL4714
Lonnie                 Brooks                              Turn on the Night                                  Alligator             AL4721
Big Bill               Broonzy                             Big Bill's Blues                                   Portrait              RJ44089
Charles                Brown                               One Morre For the Road                             Alligator             AL4771
Roy                    Buchanan                            Roy Buchanan                                       Polydor               PD5033
Roy                    Buchanan                            Second Album                                       Polydor               PD5046
Roy                    Buchanan                            When a Guitar Plays the Blues                      Alligator             AL4741
Paul                   Butterfield                         East West                                          Elektra               EKS-7315
Paul                   Butterfield                         Keep on Moving                                     Elektra               EKS-74053
Paul                   Butterfield                         The Best of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band        Elektra               7E-2005
Paul                   Butterfield                         The Paul Butterfield Blues Band                    Elektra               EKL294
Paul                   Butterfield                         The Ressurection of Pigboy Crabshaw                Elektra               EKS-74015
The                    Butterfield Blues Band              Live (2 record set)                                Elektra               7E2001
                       Canned Heat                         Boogie with Canned Heat                            Liberty               LST-7541
                       Canned Heat                         Collage                                            Sunset                SUS-5298
Leroy                  Carr                                Blues Before Sunrise                               Columbia              C30496
John                   Cephas & Phil Wiggins               Guitar Man                                         Flying Fish           FF470
                       Chicago Bluestars                   Coming Home (Louis Myers, Charlie Musselwhite)     Blue Thumb            BTS9
Eric                   Clapton                             Guitar Boogie                                      Pickwick              ACL-7041
William                Clarke                              Blowin' Like Hell                                  Alligator             AL4788
                       Climax Blues Band                   FM/Live (2 record set)                             Sire                  SAS-2-7411
                       Climax Blues Band                   Sense of Direction                                 Sire                  SAS7501
Albert                 Collins                             Ice Pickin'                                        Alligator             AL-4713
Albert                 Collins/ Robt Cray/ Johnny Copeland Showdown!                                          Alligator             AL4743
Joanna                 Conner                              Believe It!                                        Blind Pig             BP3289
J Lawrence             Cook                                St Lous Blues (no jacket)                          Harmony               HL7107
Johnny                 Copeland                            Copeland Special                                   Rounder               2025
Johnny                 Copeland                            Texas Twister                                      Rounder               2040
Johnny                 Copeland                            Ain't Nothin' but a Party                          Rounder               2055
James                  Cotton                              Cotton in Your Ears                                Verve                 FTS-3068
James                  Cotton                              High Energy                                        Buddah                BDS5650
James                  Cotton                              Live and on the Move (2 record set)                Buddah                BDS5661-2
James                  Cotton                              Pure Cotton                                        Verve                 FTS-3038
James                  Cotton                              Take Me Back                                       Blind Pig             BP2587
James                  Cotton                              100% Cotton                                        Buddah                BDS5620
James                  Cotton                              Mighty Long Time                                   Antones               ANT0015
Robert                 Cray                                Midnight Stroll                                    Mercury               846652-1
Robert                 Cray                                Who's Been Talkin'                                 Atlantic              A1-81730
Robert                 Cray                                False Accusations                                  Hightone              8005
                       Crowbar                             Bad Manors                                         Paramount             PAS6007
Arthur "Big Boy"       Crudup                              Super Black Blues Vol. 4                           Goody
Jimmy "Fast Fingers"   Dawkins                             Electric Blues Chicago Style Vol.4                 Goody
Jimmy "Fast Fingers"   Dawkins                             Transatlantic 770                                  Excello               EX8024
Bo                     Diddley, M Waters and Little Walter Super Blues                                        Frog                  BRP2012
Willie                 Dixon                               I Am The Blues (no jacket)                         Columbia              CS9987
Willie                 Dixon                               The Big Three Trio                                 Columbia              C46216
Bill                   Doggett                             Everybody Dance the Honky Tonk                     King                  395-531
Bill                   Doggett                             Honky Tonk Organ                                   Harmony               HS11237
Champion Jack          Dupree                              From New Orleans to Chicago                        London                PS553
The                    East Coast Piano Co.                Boogie Woogie Now                                  Sister Kate           ST802
Sleepy John            Estes                               Electric Blues Chicago Style Vol.3                 Goody
The                    Fabulous Thunderbirds               Hot Number                                         CBS                   FZ40818
The                    Fabulous Thunderbirds               Tuff Enough                                        Warner Bros           FZ40304
The                    Fabulous Thunderbirds               What's the Word                                    Chrysalis             PV41287
                       Fear Itself                         Fear Itself                                        Dot                   DLP25942
Peter                  Finger                              Bottleneck Guitar Solos                            Kicking Mule          KM116
                       Fleetwood Mac                       In Chicago (2 record set)                          Sire                  2XS6009
Lowell                 Fulson                              Hung Down Head                                     Chess                 408
Guitar Slim            Green                               Stone Down Blues                                   Kent                  KST-549
Stefan                 Grossman                            How to Play Ragtime Guitar                         Kicking Mule          KM115
Buddy                  Guy                                 A Man and the Blues                                Vanguard              VRS9272
Buddy                  Guy                                 Buddy and the Juniors                              Blue Thumb            BTS20
Buddy                  Guy                                 Doldinger Jubilee '75                              Atlantic              SD18162
Buddy                  Guy                                 Hold That Plane                                    Vanguard              VSD79323
Buddy                  Guy                                 Left My Blues in San Francisco                     Chess                 LPS1527
Buddy                  Guy                                 Pop Blues Volume 10                                BYG                   529510
Buddy                  Guy                                 This is Buddy Guy                                  Vanguard              VSD79290
Phil                   Guy                                 The Red Hot Blues                                  JSP                   1047
Buddy                  Guy & Junior Wells                  The Original Blues Brothers                        Intermedia            QS004
Juanita                Hall                                The Original Bloody Mary Sings the Blues (no jckt) Counterpoint          CPT 564
John                   Hammond                             I Can Tell                                         Atlantic              SD8152
John                   Hammond                             I'm Satisfied                                      CBS                   S65051
John                   Hammond                             Nobody But You                                     Fiend                 107
John                   Hammond                             Sooner or Later                                    Atlantic              SD8206
Johnny                 Hammond                             Gambler's Life                                     Salvation             SAL702S1
Johnny                 Hammond                             The Prophet                                        Kudu                  10
Shakey Jake            Harris                              Further On Up the Road                             World Pacific         WPS21886
Shakey Jake            Harris                              The Devil's Harmonica                              Polydor               PD5014
Johnny                 Heartsman                           Johnny's House Party (78)                          Music City            507
                       Hip Linkchain                       Change My Blues                                    Teardrop              001
Art                    Hodes                               Plain Old Blues                                    Emarcy                SRE66005
Jools                  Holland and his Millionaires        Jools Holland and his Millionaires                 IRS                   SP70502
Earl                   Hooker                              Do You Remember the Great Earl Hooker              ABC Bluesway          BLS-6072
Earl                   Hooker                              Sweet Black Angel                                  Blue Thumb            BTS-12
John Lee               Hooker                              Don't Turn Me From Your Front Door (no jacket)     ATCO                  33-151
John Lee               Hooker                              Free Beer and Chicken                              ABC                   ABCD838
John Lee               Hooker                              It Serves You Right to Suffer                      Impulse!              A-9103
John Lee               Hooker                              Endless Boogie (2 record set)                      ABC                   ABCD720
John Lee               Hooker                              Never Get out of these Blues Alive                 ABC                   ABCX736
John Lee               Hooker                              Simply the Truth                                   ABC Bluesway          BLS-6023
Lightnin'              Hopkins                             Best of                                            Tradition             1056
Lightnin'              Hopkins                             Country Blues                                      Tradition             TLP1035
Lightnin'              Hopkins                             In New York                                        Barnaby               Z30247
                       Hot Tuna                            America's Choice                                   Grunt                 BFL1-0820
                       Hot Tuna                            Burgers                                            Grunt                 FTR-1004
                       Hot Tuna                            Double Dose                                        Grunt                 2545
                       Hot Tuna                            Hot Tuna                                           RCA Victor            LSP-4353
Son                    House                               Father of the Folk Blues                           Columbia              CL2417
Paul                   Howard & Ralph Willis               Faded Picture Blues                                King                  KS1098
Alberta                Hunter                              Amtrak Blues                                       Columbia              36430
Alberta                Hunter                              with Lovie Austin and her Blues Serenaders         Riverside             RLP-9418
Ivory Joe              Hunter                              Mean Woman Blues                                   Grand Prix            K415
Alberta                Hunter                              Look for the Silver lining                         Columbia              FC38970
Alberta                Hunter                              Classic Alberta Hunter                             Stash                 ST-115
J.B.                   Hutto and the Hawks                 Masters of Modern Blues Vol 2                      Testament             T2213
Dick                   Hyman                               Gulf Coast Blues                                   Stomp Off             SOS1141
Elmore                 James                               I Need You                                         Sphere Sound          7708
Elmore                 James                               THe Blues in My Heart the Rhythym in My Soul       United Superior       US7716
Blind Lemon            Jefferson                           Volume 2                                           Milestone             MLP2007
Larry                  Johnson                             Fast & Funky                                       Blue Thumb            2001
Larry                  Johnson                             The Blues/ A New Generation                        Prestige              7472
Luther                 Johnson                             Chicken Shack                                      Muse                  5021
Robert                 Johnson                             King of the Delta Blues Singers                    Columbia              CL1654
Robert                 Johnson                             King of the Delta Blues Singers Vol II             Columbia              CL30034
Jo-Ann                 Kelly                               Jo-Ann Kelly                                       Epic                  BN26491
Albert                 King                                Born Under a Bad Sign                              Stax                  723
Albert                 King                                Door to Door - Albert King/Otis Rush               Chess                 1538
Albert                 King                                I Wanna Get Funky                                  Stax                  5505
Albert                 King                                I'll Play the Blues For You                        Stax                  3009
Albert                 King                                King Does the King's Thing                         Stax                  2015
Albert                 King                                Live Wire/Blues Power                              Stax                  2003
Albert                 King                                Lovejoy                                            Stax                  2040
Albert                 King                                Travelin to California                             King                  KSD1060
Albert                 King                                Years Gone By                                      Stax                  2010
B B                    King                                Back in the Alley                                  ABC                   BLS-6050
B B                    King                                King Size                                          ABC                   AB977
B B                    King                                Better than Ever                                   Kent                  KST-561
B B                    King                                Confessin' the Blues                               ABC                   ABCS-528
B B                    King                                From the Beginning (2 record set)                  Kent                  KST-533
B B                    King                                In London                                          ABC                   ABCX-730
B B                    King                                Indianola Missippi Seeds                           ABC                   ABCS-713
B B                    King                                Let Me Love You                                    Kent                  KST-513
B B                    King                                Live From Cook County Jail                         ABC                   ABCS-723
B B                    King                                Live at the Regal                                  MCA                   27006
B B                    King                                More B B King (no jacket)                          Crown                 5230
B B                    King                                To Know You is th Love You                         ABC                   ABCX-794
B B                    King                                Paying the Cost to be the Boss                     Pickwick              SPC-3385
Freddie                King                                Burglar                                            RSO                   SO4803
Freddie                King                                Larger than Life                                   Polydor               831816-1
Freddie                King                                Rockin' the Blues Live                             Crosscut              CCR1005
Freddie                King                                Getting Ready                                      Shelter               SHE8905
Albert                 King, Staples & Cropper             Jammed Together                                    Stax                  STS2020
                       Koerner, Ray & Glover               Lots More Blues, Rags and Hollers                  Elektra               EKS-7267
                       Leadbelly                           Leadbelly                                          Everest               FS-202
J B                    Lenoir                              Natural Man                                        Chess                 410
Julius                 Lester                              Julius Lester                                      Vanguard              79199
                       Lightnin' Slim                      Bell Ringer                                        Excello               LP-8004
                       Lightnin' Slim                      Rooster Blues                                      Excello               LP-8000
                       Lil Ed & the Blues Imperials        Lil Ed & the Blues Imperials                       Alligator             AL4772
Mance                  Lipscomb                            Trouble in Mind                                    Reprise               RS6404
                       Little Charlie & the Nightcats      The Big Break                                      Alligator             AL4776
                       Little Sonny                        New King of the Blues Harmonica                    Enterprise            ENS1005
                       Little Walter                       Confessin' the Blues                               Chess                 BRP2025
                       Little Walter                       Hate to See You Go                                 Chess                 1535
Robert Jr.             Lockwood and Johnny Shines          Hangin' On                                         Rounder               2023
                       Louisiana Red                       Louisiana Red Sings the Blues                      ATCO                  SD33-359
Big                    Maceo                               Chicago Breakdown (2 record set)                   Bluebird              AXM2-5506
Lonnie                 Mack                                Second Sight                                       Alligator             AL4750
                       Magic Slim                          Raw Magic                                          Alligator             AL4728
Taj                    Mahal                               Evolution                                          Warner Bros           BSK3094
Taj                    Mahal                               The Taj Mahal Anthology Volume 1                   Columbia              34466
Taj                    Mahal                               The Real Thing (2 record set)                      Columbia              G30619
John                   Mayall                              Back to the Roots (2 record set)                   Polydor               25-3002
John                   Mayall                              Bare Wires                                         London                PS537
John                   Mayall                              Chicago Line                                       Island                91005-1
John                   Mayall                              Empty Rooms                                        Polydor               2425-051
John                   Mayall                              Jazz Blues Fusion                                  Polydor               PD-5027
John                   Mayall                              Memories                                           Polydor               PD 5012
John                   Mayall                              Movin On                                           Polydor               PD-5036
John                   Mayall                              New Year New Band New Comany                       Blue Thumb            BTSD6019
John                   Mayall                              Ten Years are Gone (2 record set)                  Polydor               PD2-3005
John                   Mayall                              The Turning Point                                  Polydor               24-4004
John                   Mayall                              USA Union                                          Polydor               24-4022
John                   Mayall                              A Banquet in Blues                                 ABC                   ABDP958
John                   Mayall                              The Diary of a Band                                London                PS570
Big                    Maybelle                            The Okeh Sessions (2 record set)                   Epic                  E3-38456
Jimmy                  McCracklin                          Twist                                              Crown                 5244
Mississippi Fred       McDowell                            Somebody Keeps Callin' Me                          Antilles              AN7022
Brownie                McGhee                              Brownie's Blues                                    Bluesville            BV1042
Ellen                  McIlwaine                           Ellen McIlwaine                                    United Artists        LA851H
Ellen                  McIlwaine                           The Real Ellen McIlwaine                           Kot'ai                3306
The                    Mellow Fellows                      Street Party                                       Alligator             AL 4793
                       Memphis Slim                        Memphis Slim                                       Archive of Folk Music FS-215
                       Memphis Slim                        Mother Earth                                       Buddah                BDS7505
                       Memphis Slim                        South Side Reunion (with Guy and Wells)            Warner Bros           BS2646
                       Memphis Slim                        The Real Boogie Woogie                             Folkways              FG3524
Charlie                Musselwhite                         Louisianna Fog                                     Cherry Red            CR5102
Charlie                Musselwhite                         Memphis, Tennessee                                 Paramount             PAS-5012
Kenny                  Neal                                Big News from Baton Rouge                          Alligator             AL 4764
Robert                 Nighthawk                           Maters of Modern Blues Volume 4                    Testament             T-2215
The                    Nighthawks                          Open All Night                                     Adelphi               AD4105
James "St Louis Jimmy" Oden                                Goin' Down Slow                                    Prestige              BVLP1028
Johnny                 Otis                                Johnny Otis! Johnny Otis!                          Hawk Sound            HS-1001
Johnny                 Otis                                Thw Johnny Otis Show Live at Monterey!             Epic                  EG30473
The                    Palladins                           Let's Buzz                                         Alligator             AL4782
Junior                 Parker                              The Best of                                        Duke                  DLP83
Lucky                  Peterson                            Lucky Peterson                                     Alligator             AL4789
Snooky                 Pryor                               Do It If You Want To                               ABC Bluesway          BLS6076
Dave                   Ray and Tony Glover                 Ashes in my Whiskey                                Rough Trade           RUS80-1
Jimmy                  Reed                                Rockin' with Reed                                  Vee Jay               1008
Fenton                 Robinson                            Nightflight                                        Alligator             AL4736
Fenton                 Robinson                            Somebody Loan Me a Dime                            Alligator             AL4705
Jimmy                  Rogers                              Gold Tailed Bird                                   Shelter               SW8921
Otis                   Rush                                Cold Day in Hell                                   Delmark               DS-638
Magic                  Sam                                 Black Magic                                        Delmark               DS-620
Magic                  Sam                                 Blues Masters Vol 3                                Blue Horizon          BM4603
                       Savoy Brown                         Boogie Brothers                                    London                APS638
                       Savoy Brown                         Street Corner Talking                              Parrot                PAS71047
Esther Mae             Scott                               Mama Ain't Nobody's Fool                           Bomp                  One
Johnny                 Shines                              Blues Masters Vol 7                                Blue Horizon          BM4607
Johnny                 Shines                              with Big Walter Horton                             Testament             T-2217
The                    Siegel-Schwall Band                 953 West                                           Wooden Nickel         BWLI0121
The                    Siegel-Schwall Band                 Reunion Concert                                    Alligator             AL4760
The                    Siegel-Schwall Band                 Shake                                              Vanguard              VSD79289
The                    Siegel-Schwall Band                 The Siegel-Schwall Band                            Vanguard              VSD79235
The                    Silvertones                         One Chance With You                                Blind Pig             BP002-77
                       Slim Harpo                          The Best of Slim Harpo                             Excello               8010
Bessie                 Smith                               Any Woman's Blues (2 record set)                   Columbia              G30126
Bessie                 Smith                               The World's Greatest Blues Singer (2 record set)   Columbia              GP33
Bessie                 Smith                               Nobody's Blues But Mine (2 record set)             Columbia              G31093
George                 Smith                               Blues With a Feeling (Tribute to Little Walter)    World Pacific         WPS-21887
George                 Smith                               Oopin' Doopin' Doopin'                             Ace                   CH60
Otis                   Spann                               Heart Loaded With Trouble                          ABC Bluesway          BLS-6063
Otis                   Spann                               Is the Blues                                       Barnaby               Z30246
Otis                   Spann                               Nobody Knows My Trouble                            Testament             T-2211
Otis                   Spann                               The Biggest Thing Since Colossu                    Blue Horizon          BH4802
Otis                   Spann                               The Blues Never Die                                Prestige              PR7391
Otis                   Spann                               Walking the Blues (Jacket only - disk missing)     Barnaby               KZ31290
Horace                 Sprott                              Volume 3                                           Folkways              FA2652
                       Sunnyland Slim                      Slim's Got His Thing Going On                      World Pacific         WPS-21890
The                    Super Super Blues Band              Howlin' Wolf Muddy Waters Bo Diddley               Checker               LP3010
Roosevelt              Sykes                               Roosevelt Sykes in Europe                          Delmark               DS-616
Koko                   Taylor                              Jump for Joy                                       Alligator             4784
Koko                   Taylor                              Koko Taylor                                        Chess                 LPS-1532
Hound Dog              Taylor & the Houserockers           Beware of the Dog!                                 Alligator             AL4707
Sonny                  Terry                               Blues Shout (2nd side T Bone Walker)               Pickwick              SPC3173
Sonny                  Terry                               Gettogether                                        Verve                 FV9010
Sonny                  Terry                               Sonny is King                                      Prestige              1059
Sonny                  Terry and Brownie McGhee            A Long Way From Home                               ABC Bluesway          BLS-6028
Sonny                  Terry and Brownie McGhee            Brownie and Sonny                                  Everest               FS-242
Sonny                  Terry and Brownie McGhee            with Earl Hooker                                   ABC Bluesway          BLS-6059
Mudcat                 Thomas                              Backwoods Blues                                    Smash                 MGS27046
Joe                    Turner                              Rockin' the Blues                                  Atlantic              8023
                       various                             Atlantic Blues: Chicago (2 record set)             Atlantic              81697
                       various                             Atlantic Blues: Guitar (2 record set)              Atlantic              81695-1
                       various                             Atlantic Blues: Vocalists (2 record set)           Atlantic              81696
                       various                             Best of the Chicago Blues (2 record set)           Vanguard              VSD1/2
                       various                             Blues Piano Chicago Plus blues originals vol 4     Atlantic              SD7227
                       various                             Blues from Big Bill's CopaCabana                   Chess                 LPS1533
                       various                             California Blues                                   United Superior       US7780
                       various                             Chicago Blues                                      Spivey                1003
                       various                             Copulatin Blues                                    Stash                 ST-101
                       various                             Electric Blues Chicago Style                       Buddah                BDS7511
                       various                             Legendary Masters Vol 1 Rural Blues                Imperial              LM94000
                       various                             Legendary Masters Vol 2 Urban Blues                Imperial              LM94002
                       various                             Let's Get Loose                                    New World             NW290
                       various                             Living Chicago Blues Volume 5                      Alligator             AL7705
                       various                             News and the Blues                                 Roots n' Blues        46217
                       various                             Oakland Blues                                      World Pacific         WPS-21893
                       various                             Out Came the Blues                                 Decca                 DL4434
                       various                             Raw Blues                                          London                PS543
                       various                             Songs We Taught Your Mother                        Prestige              BV1052
                       various                             Straighten Up and Fly Right                        New World             NW261
                       various                             Sweet Home Chicago                                 Delmark               DS-618
                       various                             Symposium in Blues                                 RCA Victor            PRM-235
                       various                             The Anthology of British Blues Me and the Devil    Imperial              12434
                       various                             The Beginning British Blues                        Immediate             Z1252018
                       various                             The New Bluebloods                                 Alligator             AL7707
                       various                             Walking By Myself                                  Chess                 LP-1446
                       various                             Wizards from the South Side                        Chess                 CH-9102
                       various                             Heavy Hands                                        Columbia              CS1048
                       various                             Chicago/ The Blues/ Today! vol. 1                  Vanguard              VSD79216
                       various                             Chicago/ The Blues/ Today! vol. 1                  Vanguard              VRS9216
                       various                             Chicago/ The Blues/ Today! vol. 3                  Vanguard              VRS9218
                       various                             The Great Blues Men (2 record set)                 Vanguard              VSD25/26
                       various                             Chicago Blues - The Early 1950's                   Blues Classics        BC8
                       various                             Cajun Music the Early 50's                         Arhoolie              5008
                       various                             Blues Roots (2 record set)                         Poppy                 PYS60003
                       various                             A Taste of Bluesway                                Bluesway              BLS-1973
                       various                             The Blues Project                                  Elektra               EKL264
                       various                             Roots of the Blues                                 New World             NW252
                       various                             The Blues Volume 1                                 Chess                 CH-9253
                       various                             The Blues Volume 2                                 Chess                 CH-9267
                       various                             The Blues...A Real Summit Meeting (2 record set)   Buddah                BDS5144-2
Stevie Ray             Vaughan                             three songs from Couldn't stand the Weather        Epic                  AS1869
Stevie Ray             Vaughan & Double Trouble            Couldn't Stand the Weather                         Epic                  FE39304
Maurice John           Vaughn                              Generic Blues Album                                Alligator             AL4763
Joe Lewis              Walker                              The Gift                                           Hightone              8012
T-Bone                 Walker                              Stormy Monday Blues                                ABC Bluesway          BLS-6008
T-Bone                 Walker                              The Truth                                          Brunswick             B-754126
Ethel                  Waters                              Ethel Waters                                       VIK                   LX-999
Muddy                  Waters                              Can't Get No Grinding                              Chess                 50023
Muddy                  Waters                              Chess Blues Masters Series (2 record set)          Chess                 2ACMB-203
Muddy                  Waters                              Fathers and Sons                                   Chess                 600134
Muddy                  Waters                              Live at Newport                                    Chess                 1449
Muddy                  Waters                              More Real Folk Blues                               Chess                 1511
Muddy                  Waters                              Muddy Brass and the Blues                          Chess                 1507
Muddy                  Waters                              Rare and Unissued                                  Chess                 9180
Muddy                  Waters                              The Best of                                        Chess                 1427
Muddy                  Waters                              The Real Folk Blues                                Chess                 1501
Mamie                  Webster                             W.C. Handy - The Blues                             Cub                   8002
Junior                 Wells                               Blues Hit Big Town                                 Delmark               DL-640
Junior                 Wells                               Hoodoo Man Blues                                   Delmark               DS-612
Junior                 Wells                               Live at the Golden Bear                            Blue Rock             SRB-64003
Junior                 Wells                               South Side Blues Jam                               Delmark               DS-628
Junior                 Wells                               You're Tuff Enough                                 Blue Rock             SRB-64002
Junior                 Wells                               On Tap                                             Delmark               DS-635
Stevie Ray             Vaughan                             Soul to Soul                                       Epic                  FE40036
Bukka                  White                               Sky Songs                                          Arhoolie              F1019
Big Joe                Williams                            Big Joe Williams                                   Archive of Folk Music FS-218
Big Joe                Williams                            Studio Blues                                       Prestige              BV1083
Big Joe                Williams                            Super Black Blues Vol. 1                           Goody                 GY10006
Sonny Boy              Williamson                          Bummer Road                                        Chess                 1536
Sonny Boy              Williamson                          More Real Folk Blues                               Chess                 1509
Sonny Boy              Williamson                          The Real Folk Blues                                Chess                 1503
Sonny Boy              Williamson                          and the Yardbirds                                  Mercury               MG21071
Howlin                 Wolf                                Evil                                               Chess                 1540
Howlin                 Wolf                                The London Sessions                                Chess                 60008
Jimmy & Mama           Yancey                              Chicago Piano Volume 1 blues originals vol 6       Atlantic              SD7229
Johnny                 Young                               and his friends                                    Testament             T-2226
Johnny                 Young                               I Can't Keep My foot from Jumping                  ABC Bluesway          BLS-6075

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